Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day After Christmas Syndrome

No surprise, but M had a day after Christmas that beat any behavior I've ever seen out of her. I kept my cool for the most part though. I tried to remember a lot of my Love and Logic things that I learned and calmly responded to her utter disrespect and rudeness with quiet words such as, "uh oh. I'm so sorry you made that choice (or you chose to behave that way). " Then I'd dole out the consequence. Bless her heart, on the day after Christmas I had to take away the entire Rose Petal Cottage and all its accessories. She was to have to do 3 chores to earn it all back, but she didn't want to, so we waited until she realized she might like to do a chore after all...much later that night.

In fact, she lost her privilege with that early in the day and it go worse! In fact, her new phrase when she is in that mood is (said with enthusiasm much like you would see in one of these princess movies she enjoys), "Never!" For example:

me: "Uh oh. I'm sorry you made that choice. That will be three minutes on the naughty spot. go on now and I'll set the timer.
m: No! I won't!
me: M. You need to get up and sit on the naughty spot now or mommy will have to get mr. sad spoon.
m: "Never!"
me: (out comes mr. sad spoon)
m: "I won't do it!"
me: carrying my almost 40 lb, 3 1/2 yr old to the spot while she is flailing.
m: She sits...kicks and has a fit, but remains there none the less.

when the time is up we typically say our apologies and briefly run through the choices that lead to the consequence. We didn't get very far with it all this time cause mr. nasty reared his ugly head again. And thus it was time for bed...with no supper mind you, but we had given her the option to make the right choice and she did not.

After taking her to her room and laying her in her bed twice and turning off the light...shutting the door all the way (listening to her tantrum) twice...hubs heard her talking out loud to herself about what the right choices would be. Then she pulled herself together, opened her door and came to me and said, "I got it together. I'm sorry that I acted so ugly. Can I please not go to bed? (mind you it is only about 5:30 or 6)"

me: "you'll have to go talk to your daddy about that.
m to her daddy:"I'm sorry for disrespectful. I got it together now. Can I please not go to bed yet? That's the right thing to say. I talked about it in my room and that's the right choices."

OF COURSE we let her say her sorries and gave her forgiveness and kisses and love. She was able to stay up a bit more for supper and some short Arthur movies that she got for Christmas. But she, herself, decided that she was tired. So last night, for the first time ever...we had both kids in bed before 8 pm. That is unheard of around here. Well, it was pretty close to that tonight as well, but she was much better behaved.

So behaved was my little girl that she did her 2 remaining chores to earn her house back. She was sweet almost all day, so I let her skip quiet time and we (just she and I) went to walmart, aldi, and starbucks. I even bought her some purple flowers she wanted (mums) cause they were 1/2 off of $5. We returned a toy that we got two of, took the cash from the return to buy some groceries for J for when we are out of town next week. We went to Starbuck cause I had a coupon for a free drink and just enough on a gift card to get M an apple juice and a sour cream donut. The whole escapade cost me a grand total of $0! Fantastic!

Friday, December 19, 2008


When you have to wake M up...she tends to be a little on the grumpy side. And that's what I got to deal with all morning. I took her to school today so hubs could get to work early (so he could sneak away to her Christmas Program at 10:30). She is decked from head to toe (minus the pink dora crocs that she insisted on wearing) in Christmas attire...but no Christmas music folks! As we were on our way to school I thought it'd be fun to hear some children's Christmas music that my SIL gave us. Boy was I wrong. She crabbed at me cause it wasn't Backyardigans. Then she says, "I don't like Christmas!" To which I replied..."That's o.k. I'll just give your presents to other children who love Christmas."
"I like presents...i just don't like Christmas."
"well," i say, "that's sad cause children that don't like Christmas don't have any need for presents."
Then I hear her quietly say, "I really do love Christmas"
"Mommy loves Christmas cause that was Jesus' birthday!"

In the same car ride she randomly says, "I wish I had a real pony. A real pony of my very own with wings that was a pegasus!"
"Really! if u did would you pick mommy up for a ride cause i've never done that before?"
"yes, but you would have to hold on his wings."

and this discussion about the best way to ride a pegasus continues on...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary

This goes out to itsamomthing. I believe its their anniversary today...AND I didn't actually post on my anniversary which was Monday the 15th, so it goes out to me and my hubs as well.

7 years has gone by mighty fast...i was tempted to say without a hitch, but that wouldn't be very true. I mean for heaven's sake! We moved every year of our marriage for the first 3 or 4 years, then came Katrina, after which multiple more moves occurred. Just before that lovely natural disaster came even lovelier M! She was but a mere 6 weeks at the time of our evacuation! Man was her nursery adorable! Actually our whole seminary apartment was pretty awesome...all decorated the way we wanted it. (All 706 sq. ft. of it!)

We've been through a lot and I have to say I wouldn't have rather been through any of it with any other person! I still think he's funny, hunky, adorable, sweet, kind, se*xy, and manly. He has come a long way, as have I I'm sure. He is so much more considerate and conscientious with me and the kids. He takes care of us. I love that. And I just wanna say that I can't wait for many more years to come.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Tid bit

M: (wearing her wedding dress up) "I have a baby boy in my womb...
me: thinking hmmm...and your getting married ok. "really?"
M: "yeah so when I push him out we can get married."
me: "oh. interesting!"
thinking that explaining how many ways this was wrong would not be worth the effort!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


"S" is for :

  1. Shhhh...because I just put the baby down for his morning nap.
  2. Sick because I have been extremely that since wed/thurs
  3. Sleepover because that is what M and her daddy played friday night with miniature marshmellows on bamboo skewers over a candle flame. they also pulled out the trundle bed and read books by the light of a camping lantern.
  4. Special, how I feel when my husband takes such care of me and the children in the wake of my illness.
  5. Sleep, something I got alot of yesterday in order to beat this illness.
  6. Sinus infection, what I think I'm being treated for, though I must say it feels alot more like the flu.
  7. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...because M is seriously into this movie.
  8. Step In Time...because this is her favorite part (you should see her interpretation of the dance!)
  9. Same...because I'm tired of seeing the same thing over and over (even though this too is one of my favorite movies)
  10. Silly, the Fred Claus movie we rented to watch last night. Good thing is was only a dollar.
  11. Santa, our tree is insanely full of presents and I'm not sure how.
  12. Santa, in whose lap M sat yesterday, made her picture and told what she wanted for Christmas at a friends birthday party.
  13. Sad, cause she can't make up her mind what she wants for Christmas so it doesn't appear that she'll be getting anything she asked for...
  14. Saint, cause that's what my friend Brooke is for stealing my M away for the day so that I could rest!
  15. Stockings, cause for the first time in my married life I actually HUNG the stockings on the mantel.
  16. Spelling, cause I'm not certain I ever knew how to spell #7 and seem to have forgotten how to spell mantle...or is it mantel.
  17. Spell Check, cause it doesn't seem to be much help on those two words.
  18. Soy, the formula I just tried out on W because he has been unbearably gassy and uncomfortable
  19. Sanity, that I apparently must have lost in thinking that going to walmart during this season was a good idea
  20. Sorry that I couldn't come up with one more to make this an even 20.

Friday, December 05, 2008

haven't posted in 8 million years

Sorry, I've been sooooo slack! Right now my kids are in a place where in they need more of me, so they come first on my priority list. Then when all is calm and quiet all I want to do is go to bed! Ha! I know you other mothers understand...can I get an amen!

Not to mention we have been in and out of town a good bit lately. What with visiting my sister, thanksgiving with the young's in b'ham, and now Christmas program in North Carolina with my parents and brother...we have kept ourselves pretty busy.

Here is an update. M is dying to be in control and it is often very unpleasant and not very pretty. It certainly makes me think of God and the way he must feel with us when we are dying to be in control. (that's next to impossible to explain to a 3 yr old). She has shown out several times while here with Nani and Cuz! Sad too cause I want to allow her time with them, but her punishment is time away. She was so close to biting me tonight in the midst of one of her fits. I gave her the look and told her to bite me and see what happens. We don't do much spanking anymore, but I've had to give her 2 good ones over the last 2 days. Boy does she have a temper. Still I think when she gets out some of the venom, she better understands that it is her choices that have brought her here and her choices that can make the situation better or worse.

On top of that, W has had issues adjusting to his formula supplements. don't get me wrong...he takes them just fine when he wants them, but he seems to have a good bit more gas, and sometimes appears to have trouble going #2! Oh boy, those of you that know may recall the major issues with that we had with M! One of my least favorite things to have to worry about and certainly one of the issues that can frazzle me the most! SIL suggested trying soy formula. That's my next step. He once was such a great sleeper. waking but once a night for a feeding and then immediately back to sleep. about 1 in 4 nights he'll still do that...but the other 4 are generally more up and down. Making a very tired mom! Shout out to itsamomthing cause I know my issues don't compare to your nights of up and down!

Other than being tired...I'm doing great! My 7 yr anniversary is coming up and hubs and I had a date...alone...dinner AND a movie all for the low price of $30.00 thanks to discounted movie tickets from our credit union and for a huge savings on a $25 off of $35 purchase at Flat Rock Grill! Nice! Free babysitting thanks to mom.

AND I'm just about ready for Christmas present wise. we try to simplify and not go overboard...but it is hard. I don't think it has much to do with the hype of commercialism as it has to do with, I just love to give gifts to the people I love...especially my children. Still, for M, I'm sure I overbought and I need to do inventory. I'll save some gifts for her birthday. For W, I didn't really know what to get and was a bit worried about have little or nothing for him under the tree. Then I went to a kids consignment sale with my mom that was unlike most I'd ever seen! I got just about everything for a dollar! most of the toys I purchased were 75% off! I'm telling you I can't wait to post a pic. I got clothes for a dollar, bottles, pacis new in their packages, and lots of baby toys and crinkle books! So now I'm excited! Just a few more gifts (mostly gift cards) and that should do it.

when I get home, I'll do my best to post a pic of all my finds from the consignment trip, and a pic of our oh so lovely tree. For now I'm off to bed, hoping for a fantastic nights sleep.

Friday, November 07, 2008

W is 4 months!

My little one is 4 how that just flies by. we had his visit and got some vaccines, but they said he isn't growing like he should be. Of course they said not to worry but bring him back in 2 weeks for a weight check. Well, what mother wouldn't worry about that. So I've been trying to figure out what is going he full after he nurses or is he not eating more cause I'm not producing any more. Seems to be the latter from what I have figured out. We've been giving him a supplemental bottle of mother's milk after he nurses. That boy can eat! Now to bring some resolution to the whole situation...He was 13.10 and 26" long. Still the sweetest happy.

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Been Missin You A Long Time...

Sorry about the length between posts. Life has been busy for sure, but when is it not with two kids. Me and the kids went on a long trip with my mom, so that was the initial delay. it was sort of unexpected. We had planned to go to NC to visit the family for all of their birthdays...and the remainder of the trip was fuzzy from there. We wanted to visit aunt minnah since she can't really break away due to medical things AND she hadn't seen W since he was born, but weren't sure how to do all that by myself.

Well it worked out that mom could come and thus she offered to come pick me up and drive me around to all these adventures. I'm so glad she did cause I don't think I could have done it alone. We had a great time seeing everyone! So fun to get M and Stone back together...they were beside themselves! Love going to Minnahs. It is always so cozy it feels like home and I never want to leave. Miss my sisters (shelby and meredith) wish they were closer.

Here's a little slideshow of our fun.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pumpkin Fun-kin

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Things about Me (W)...

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I'm three months old and I'm full of my very own personality. Things you might like to know about me are:

1. I love the fave time of the week best mom can tell, is at mom to mom. I smile and smile at the ladies. I think they like me too.

2. Dad says I really get into Bill O'Reilly with him. It calms me down.

3. I like my bouncy seat, but only if the toy/sound part is removed so I can keep dibs on mommy.

4. I love to watch my sissy when she is still long enough for me to do so.

5. Loud noises make me scared...I have a specific very sad cry for this.

6. I'm balding...but only in a ring all the way around my head.

7. I love to chew on anything...except a paci. (maybe i'll get a tooth pretty soon)

8. I don't like to be held like a baby for long. Stand me up, or turn me around. I wanna see what you see.

9. I love to have my bottom patted.

10. I love to be worn in the slings almost anytime (even during housework)

11. I love...and I mean LOVE, my mommy!

12. I'm discovering my voice and I really like to make silly, loud, high pitched squeals. It seems to get the most reaction from the grown-ups.

13. I already love blankies, but I'm not yet particular for one.

14. I already love a schedule too...I know when things are off and that is not o.k. with me.

15. I love to be outside.

Friday, October 03, 2008

What we've been up to...

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Latest from Mercy

So she is now frequently saying, "I am going to be on my best behavior today. I am going to obey all days, everydays! Anything you say...that's what I'll do."

Hahaha! If only this were actually true. But really, it shows her heart and intentions. How many times do I wake up to a new day and determine with all the vigor I can muster that I am going to obey God all days everydays! ...

This morning she said, "I'm reading my bible, so I can make good choices all the time."

And of course I was immediately pleased and convicted! I said that I was so proud and that she had a great idea. Mommy was going to read MY bible too, so that I could make good choices for my day as well.

What a girl!

Playing Catch up

I barely find time to blog anymore and I find that slightly disheartening...but on my priority list, it just falls short after the millions of other things that gals with multiple children have to do.

We are still dealing with discipline issues with M. She is doing significantly better, or at least we are more relaxed with it all cause we know how to handle it. She had an out burst yesterday after a wonderful day...we understood that because she chose to play instead of nap during quiet time that she was tired by 7pm. (approximate time of outburst). She managed it o.k. In fact, she was on the naughty spot during said event and said that she was just crying and expressing herself...she wasn't being ugly or having a fit. I told her that was acceptable. I mean a girls gotta let that out sometimes.

She started to "express herself" today at a friends house when we were to pick up so that we could go home. Anyone within earshot might have been deafened by her one long ear piercing scream. So I said, "we agreed that if you chose to disobey that we were going home, so it is now time to leave." She answered as you might expect with a NO. Which I wasn't listening to, because I proceeded to gather up our bag and baby and hit the door. You know that wasn't acceptable and she came running and started crying in sincerity. I stopped at the porch door and looked at her and gently repeated my previous statement. I hugged her and she said that she loved me...I love her too. And off we went thanking our host and apologizing for our outburst. Not too bad comparitively. She's learning to take control of her reactions. She was disappointed cause she didn't get a chance to wear the buzz lightyear costume, but I told her not to worry...we'd let her go first next time.

Now she is napping. She played quietly for awhile...I napped. Then when it was the usual time to allow her to come out of her room, I found she had climbed in her bed for a nap. How nice! A quiet house, and I've already napped! W sleeps really well during afternoon nap if he sticks to his usual schedule.

On the W front, he had a cranky spell for a few days. I think he was dealing with a little allergies or a touch of a cold. Today he has been delightful. Even at Jill's house, he slept for morning nap thanks to a bit of my favorite babywearing. Pulled out the old standby (my 6 yds of cotton guaze) and wrapped us up. He was having trouble with all the stimulation till I got the bright idea to pull a piece all the way up to cover his head. then he was out in about 1 minute. After I got M situated in her room for quiet time, he was still up and in a good mood so I didn't try to force him down for a nap. I just spent some one on one face time with him and I was much rewarded! He giggled and giggled! He likes to play little games it seems. Hearing his little giggle is better than any rush or high I could ever imagine!

On my front, I am doing well. I keep a little more to myself than I'm used to...maybe because I'm spent by the end of the day, or maybe because with a growing family I don't get alot of time to myself. I've been sewing a sleeping beauty costume for myself. Really I've just about finished. I had to recreate the thing though, cause I had the skirt already hanging in my closet, so I just needed to make the bodice. But I couldn't find a pattern for it, so I used a snow white pattern with sleeve patterns from another princess pattern. Then I had to attach partial skirt embellishment to it. And on top of that there is the white collar like thing that I have no idea, but am going to work on last. I have a wig too! How fun. I will most likely wear this for halloween, but M thinks I definitely need to be Ariel for halloween. I'm making these costumes in the hopes of one day starting a princess party business...more on that to come.

That is the latest...except to say our lease is up Dec. 1st and we are exploring our options looking for extra space. Buying isn't an option for us right now so, we are just trying to decide whether to stay put or move to something bigger that will inevitably have a higher price tag. We shall see.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Creative Discipline

Well, I think maybe I've finally had a break through on my creativity when it comes to consequences for M's misbehaving. I felt like a success yesterday when I came up with an idea after she had acted out at school on the playground. She disobeyed her teacher and then proceeded to have a tantrum and had to be carried back to class. Nice.

"Uh oh! How sad." She was supposed to do a chore to earn her TV time back that she lost at the beginning of the week due to an outburst over bath (in which she deliberately clawed J and left marks on his arm). That privilege was lost and in addition to that, I though maybe lending her teacher one of her favorite things to have over the weekend might be a good idea. She agreed to this and chose her two favorite ponies. We bagged them up but when we tied the bag together, she decided she didnt' want to do that anymore. I then knew not only did the punishment fit the crime, but it hurt a little. This is what I was going for.

We sent a little note to Ms. T saying that she was sorry for having a fit and that she could play with her favorite ponies this weekend, but to please return them to her bag next week. She also wanted me to write "I love you" which I did and thought was really sweet. Ms. T responded with a note in kind...said M was doing super in school and thanks for loaning her the ponies.

This disciplining is not easy mainly cause it seems we are having to do it all day everyday. But I guess we are being extremely consistent right now so that we can move on from this stage and into one where in she knows and understands the boundaries and the discipline is less often necessary.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Knee Deep in Discipline

Well, the title of this post should say it all. When I was potty training M, I took her out of school to get the job done well and quickly. Well, M is still going to school, but that is about it right now. Getting out with her just wouldn't be a great idea as she is still learning to take discipline from mom and dad right now. Add on top of that a boy who has been a bit cranky for the last 3 days, and you'll understand why I have on yesterday's makeup still, haven't showered or brushed my teeth yet and am wearing my pj's...still. I did get dinner fixed and that was superb! Filet and fried okra from the garden and mashed potatoes...yum. Boy is suddenly awake...again and this doesn't look good for tonight since his sleeping pattern today has been only 20-30 min. at a time. yippee! Gotta run. Maybe I'll get a chance to post again sometime in the near future! who really knows.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Photos!

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

W at 2 months!

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So, I haven't blogged much lately cause I've been exhausted! Naps are apparently a thing of the past around here and night times have been very difficult.

We've dealt with or desperately tried to deal with major tantrums almost daily. Mr. Sad Spoon seems to be mostly useless except to make both M and J and me angry. So, we are using restrictions...that gets old cause even though it sort of helps, it seems like we are too negative all the time.

J and I did something that made me feel like a real parent for the first time in a while (you know besides natural childbirth ha!). We got together on the same page and figured out just how we were going to deal with our parenting problem.

Thank goodness for family as well, cause after sounding things off my mom I was able to combine all of our decisions and some things that we gleaned from SuperNanny and we scheduled our first family meeting!

It was hilarious actually cause M was sooo excited about it! She and I sat down with a posterboard and a sharpie and decided what our family rules should be and what our consequences and rewards should be. She enjoyed having a say and being a part of the process. We showed the naughty spot and we introduced the coin jar. When she does certain chores or behaves well, she gets to put in a coin. If she disobeys or disrespects, she has to take a coin out. This seemed to hit home. She immediately did a task to get a coin. Then we worked to clean her room, one of a daily chore, and so she got another coin. Then (and this is big) she went #2 on the potty all by herself with no assistance. For that she got to put in a coin. She packed her bag for school tomorrow and thus will get a coin tomorrow morning AND her dad said that if she went to bed without problems, she could put in 2 coins.

Not a peep! Unbelievable cause sleeping has been particularly difficult! Now on Fridays when daddy gets home we get to see if we have enough coins for something special. She suggested icecream this week! Great idea! So we shall see.

We had to do the supernanny thing putting her back in bed over and over with little or no talking/eye contact involved. It was dramatic for sure and can't believe that w slept through it...but it didn't last too long. probably 10-15 times I had to put her back in bed. But it worked. Once she got quiet, she was quiet until I came to get her up. I don't think she slept, at least not for long...but she was quiet and remaind in her room. That was the point. I was thrilled.

Mom says welcome to child training as opposed to simply raising a child. Fun times, but the small victories are just as exciting to J and I as I think they are to M! Victory #1!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Naptime Nonsense!

Seriously. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE to nap. Not all the time or anything, but almost everyday for at least 40min. This two kid thing isn't very conducive to that though! And it makes me angry! Angry not cause I'm cranky, but you know that feeling of boiling angst when you are desperately trying to do something and it just isn't working out your way! That is and the last several days. Ugh. At least W is sleeping a good 8-10 hours at night. Thank the Lord for that. Sorry for the short post...he is hungry

Saturday, August 30, 2008

300th Post

This is my 300th post! I feel like I need to post balloons or something. Still, there are actual things to say here, so I won't linger on about my blogging success.

Balloons would be appropriate cause tomorrow is my birthday! I know. In a way I'm excited, but in other ways, you know how it is when you get older...its just another day. I'll be 29! My last years in the 20's ahhhh! I took my family to Outback Friday night on the lovely gift card that my brother and SIL gave me. Delicious, and sorry skinny-mamas, the only holding back I did was on portion control. I looked at that onion burger thing and cut it in half. When I finished the first half I knew I could eat the rest, but I asked for a to-go box instead and had it for lunch today. AND we didn't order dessert! Course what am I saying...a little Sangria was a nice addition to my sup. Gotta love special occasions as far as mealtime is concerned!

Today we were supposed to venture to the Apple Festival in Hendersonville, NC, but M decided to get out of bed 3 times last night and at some point in between had a meltdown from the next room without actually getting out of bed. This is soooo not allowed in our nighttime routine. So, after the 2nd time we said no apple festival if she were to get up again. That is when the screaming ensued and thus we cancelled our adventure. AND, still at 5:08 am she appeared at my door again! Ugh! That was terrible cause sure enough W slept 9 hours. Could have been a lovely nights sleep! Hopefully tonight will be better. I should be in bed though just in case.

So, when I woke up, knowing we weren't going to the festival, I decided that I was getting out by myself, or everyone was coming with me to the mall and I was getting my birthday presents. I knew they hadn't been purchased yet as Friday was payday! So we all went to the mall. First I had family drop me off at Hobby Lobby to get the very fancy coupon purse thing that was on my list (not on sale, but hey its my bday). Then off to the mall for lunch and shopping. We lunched (and yes I was extra frugal there). Sub, water from home, no chips. The Tea Junction is right next to the food court and the main thing I wanted was a tiny tea pot. I have a thing for Tea. Some brewing now actually. I let M pick out the exact one. She chose well, cause she can't break it and it is pretty bright green...and came with free tea. To top that off, we put off M's cries for a special cookie (great american cookie co.) because they had samples of a strawberry smoothie there. It was small, free, and she liked it! hooray!

On to the next stop just before the play area...Jason ventures off to get his eyes examined and contact lenses. We head toward the play area but stop in at Things Remembered. I HAVE TO STOP HERE TO INSERT A MERCY-ISM...We have to pass a VERY large Victoria's Secret to get where we are going and she's commenting about the window and store displays. There are seductive models and large posters in lingerie everywhere and she says, "Those ladies look sweet." To which I reply, "Really?" "Sweat wasn't the word that I thought of." And we kept going. The other thing on my list that I took care of at the mall was getting my necklace from Aunt Alyson engraved. There is a boy and a girl and tomorrow they will have my kids names and bdays. Mom jewelry...who would've thought. But I couldn't be more proud to where my babies around my neck! Thanks Al.

Play ground! We saw our sweet friends Matt and Marie and their kids. That was great. Miss them a bunch. Yes, Shelby and Kev...they asked about you. I think they might miss you guys! That was a nice unexpected treat! Home we go for a late nap and a feed. I think we all managed to get a little sleep...hallelujah! Sup...attempt to play in our overrun, unruly backyard, ant bites, back inside, baths, feeding, remake all the beds with clean linens, reading time (lots of books), J ducks out to go watch ball game on the big screen, M to bed after a brief rocking session with both kids, feeding and bed for w, check the chore list (hey what do you know I've done nothing on the actual list today!) do dishes, gather the trash, clear off and wipe down counters and stove, make tea, kill ants (another long story), and now I'm doing this when I should be sweeping the kitchen and making our bed.

Guess I better run if I'm going to get any sleep!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mercy for Mercy

So M had a good and bad day yesterday...but lets keep in mind her world is full of changes right now!

It was her first day of dance class; ballet, tap, and tumbling. She was brave and let me put her hair up. Up to this point pony tails or pig tails always involved a major meltdown. But we prepped her days in advance about this aspect of being in dance. meltdown over the pony tail. Of course, I just couldn't get her hair to all stay in there. Oh well. She enjoyed class. W slept in the pouch sling.

After dance class, we joined itsamomthing and fam for lunch at chik fil a. Managed to only spend $3.66 since I had my calendar coupon for a free sandwich and then got a water. This proved really great cause I ordered her the bigger pack of nuggets and she didn't eat them all, so that was part of her dinner as well!

Play time didn't go well right from the start. we had prepped her and T$ about how they would need to try and play by themselves. Apparently they both have a problem with crying over the playground equipment. M started right away. She fussed until another lady helped her up. Us moms tried to nurse the boys. Then came the giant erruption! M has a fit cause she struggled (but made it mind you) to climb the big steps up into the tubes on the playground. She meltsdown and refuses to try the last step up. She's screaming wanting me to help her up. Well I've already said that I'm not going up in there (not to mention I have w and am trying to nurse). Besides...she just did the first one all by herself and there is only one more (which I know she can do as well if she just tries). The other lady helps her up again. Now she is at the top in those dumb tubes screaming cause she wants down I guess...but refuses to even try to come down by herself. Keep in mind all she has to do is go down the slide, which she just did not too many moments ago.

Nice lady climbs up there to try to coax her down, but she won't budge. It has to be me (imagine time ticking in slow motion at this point cause that's what all this felt like). Nice lady holds w so I can climb up. I get to the top of the step things and she sees me and gets mad (I don't know why) and slides down the slide by herself. I proceed to climb back down the step things and tell her we are leaving. Another meltdown...throwing herself on the floor...

I could go on at this point with more and more play by play but you get the pic. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get w, his bag, m's raincoat, umbrella, ballet bag, our drinks and m who will most certainly get dragged out kicking and screaming... I'm sure I looked at a loss. Itsamomthing helped me stuff w in the sling, and grabbed some of our stuff. By now M is still screaming, but takes my hand when I put it out there so we walk out in a blaze of glory!

Her stocking feet in the rain cause I'm not about to try and put her boots on on top of everything else. She's mad about her feet getting wet (to which I remind her was due to her poor choices). She has the gall to ask for ice cream and has another all out scream fest in the car because I say absolutely not after that inappropriate display! When she finally settles down I tell her she is to take deep breaths and be silent the rest of the way home. She complies (finally!).

Peepee, visit from Mr. Sad Spoon, Naptime...and then emerges the sweet child I was certain I had birthed more than 3 yrs ago.

Tornados in the area sent us playing fort with book, blankets, and pillows (don't forget the weather radio) in the hallway. She actually thought this was quite fun!

AND today was her first day of K-3. Daddy took her, but I managed to snap a quick pic on her way out the door! What a big girl!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Simply Green

Ok, I named this post according to two things that I'm working toward this week/season. Simplifying my house and going more green in my home environment.

I was re-inspired by a series that one of my fave blogs did recently. Simplify. I was reminded that simplifying is not just about cleaning out and having less stuff, it is about de-complicated your life. That may just be a matter of organizing. Or taking something that may even be "good" out of your schedule so that you can breathe easier, feel less stressed, have more time...whatever.

Simplification is something that J and I get on a kick about at least twice a year. Well, I've been re-inspired and thus I'm working toward a garage sale. I'm evaluating the couponing and sale hunting that I do as to whether it is worth the effort at this stage in life (lets keep in mind ALDI can compete even with sales and coupons most of the time). We are working out our family schedule right now in our home (cleaning and chores and such). Then comes a meal plan that includes 2 weeks of our fave meals, and then repeats the cycle with little variation (some variation but not much) so as to simplify the meal prep, grocery shopping, etc. Then comes budget...ugh. I do somewhat dread that, but it needs to be done.

Now about going green. This ties into my simplification process anyway cause I've been reading up on going green in cleaning and how to do that without breaking the bank. Let's face it there are plenty of products out there that claim to be natural, green, etc., but you usually get charged more for those items. And for me price generally trumps environmental kindness. I really like all the Shaklee stuff, but I don't have the initial budget for it. I think in the end you save money or at least its comparable because it is all concentrated and last a really long time. But I've been reading up on the use of baking soda, rubbing alcohal, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar (and for my tastes some tea tree oil) for cleaning just about anything and everything in your home. And in timely fashion, Walgreens is having this amazing sale (with their store coupons) on hydrogen peroxide and baking soda right now. You can get hydrogen peroxide (limit 3) for 39 cents! And baking soda (limit 4) for 50 cents! So I'm stocking up on these and throwing out all the other cleaners. Under my sink is going to look amazing when I'm through!

So, go green! It's easy, effective, and affordable, and it benefits the environment, but more importantly to me, you family. You'd be amazed at the poor quality of the air inside a home due to all the chemicals we use on a regular basis, and then to think those of us that stay at home with our kids are exposed all the more (and our children too). Can't wait to make this move.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Religious Gathering

We have been trying to make heads or tails of "church" in our life lately. I put parenthesis here cause we understand the truest meaning of church as God intended it, but I am referring to the gatherings that we as Americans do typically on Sunday mornings that involve some type of singing and preaching.

We enjoy our Sundays...relaxing, spending time as a family, catching up on things from our busy weeks. We do miss things like corporate worship times. I miss the singing. Mom says she figures I miss leading worship...I do feel whole when I'm doing that. So, we decide to try once more to find a place...not where we necessarily fit in, but one that we can deal with in its current form. You see we don't do religious gatherings per se. We are over it as it has been presented to us up to this point. We are looking for something more meaningful...not just something we do cause we've always done it.

In fact, I feel slightly put off by a perfect show if you will. Because it is just that...typically...a show. I long for something real. Something a bit laid back, but certainly not sloppy. Cause really, we need to offer our best to God in worship. But I don't consider this one time of gathering "worship." At least it isn't all that encompasses that concept. It is one part at least it is an attempt on our part.

I long for communion with other an authentic, and real relationship. I don't want church friends...I want friends. I don't want people who are only going to attempt to hold me accountable with whatever we are "studying in bible study right now". I want people who are going to be slightly annoying and nosy, and hold me accountable in a gentle and loving way, for things I hadn't even realized or thought of yet. I need intimacy and authenticity. don't we all really. This isn't new news...just our going to the church building experience today left me desperately wanting more! Seriously.

I love hymns, but they can be done in a way that reaches today's generation. I love most music and songs, but they can be done with connection to the meaning, with feeling and heart. I love God's word, and I dig liturgy if it means something to those presenting and participating. I just have a hard time finding God in all that we do in "church".


just realized that...I've kind of been struggling back and forth about why I'm dissatisfied, and what it is I seek to gain. That's it. I seek to gain God. So, if I find it in the church setting that would be GREAT! But if I find it elsewhere so be it! Then that shall be my church.

Monday, August 11, 2008

what's up

What's up here? Well, the usual...our little routine is fairly, well mundane maybe. Still it keeps us sane to have a routine. Feeding every 3 hours except at night and then we just let little man surprise us. Last night it was 7 hours. Love that except that I was awake about an hour before that trying to figure out this new schedule. He is become a bit more of a person and thus seems to fuss a bit more, making himself known. M is very 3! testing every boundary. Everyday is emotionally different with her. Some are great and she is (for the most part) happy and obedient. Then there are the "no", "i don't want to..." days. we had half of one of those today. She had a royal temper tantrum, but as I saw that it was revving up, I told her to go to her room until she was finished. AND she did!

It was a huge fit...very angry screaming and what not. what was it about you ask? well, I suggested that we go to her new ballet studio to sign up and check things out. She decided that she didn't want to go after all...but we did go and she liked it. When she was finished with her fit she came out happy and ready to play. I asked her if she felt better now that she worked out her frustration and anger...and she said yes! Oh the days.

Tomorrow is baby boys 6 wk check at the birthing center, can't wait to see how much he weighs. Wednesday is our home visit from M's K3 teacher this year! Thursday is . . . the circumcision. I'm scared of this altogether, but I'm making J go with me. Should be an interesting couple of days after that. Friday if baby boy is up to it, itsamomthing and company are coming over for playdate. That'll be as much fun for the girls as it'll be for us moms I hope.

I wish you could see my hubs right this very moment! we have dualing computers going on right now since he just got his new iMac. He's playing with their weird photo features and I swear! I've never seen a grown man...well you'd just have to see this. taking all these pics of himself like he's in one of those funny mirror rooms. AND dying laughing at himself no less! Ah, he can be so amusing!

gotta wake the boy to do the last scheduled feed before my bedtime. So much to do, so little time...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My how time flies...

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Full Day

Well, I pulled a full day all by myself. It's not over yet mind you, but I'm so tired I should be sleeping. May get a quick shower here in a bit though before the night feeding.

This morning I got up and fed W. Then got M up and going. Put W in the swing long enough to hop in the shower. Got some semblance of an outfit on and put one on M. Scarfed down a slice of banana nut bread and a bottle of water and vitamins. I already had M's lunch and bags packed...I made her some bacon and her milk (about all I can get her to eat for b'fast these days), and got us all out the door by 8:30 to get M to summer camp by 9.

We made it there on fumes. I lug both children in, talk to M's teacher a minute, lug w back out (p.s. I hate carrying that car seat carrier!), and trek back to the house to finish getting ready for the dentist. I'm in desperate need of gas so I stop at the nearest spinx only to get out and discover that my wallet and entire purse are at home, so I pray us home to get the silly thing.

We make it home, I have just enough time to put on makeup and straighten my hair amidst my screaming child in the swing. I feed him, throw an extra bottle together and his bag and race out the door (with my purse!). We run to the spinx, put in half a tank and make it through the construction to Suzette's. I have very basic instructions for her, and then head to the dentist.

I waited longer than I thought I would, but the cleaning was quick...thorough, but quick. So now I have been to the dentist...since I hadn't been in like 8 years! I grabbed a bite of lunch, then back to get W and pick up M from summer camp. W had been asleep since at least 12pm. and stayed asleep till I could feed him after I put m down for a nap. No big fights about it today which was good. I woke him up enough to feed and he fell asleep again! He didn't want to sleep in his bassinet though which frustrates me, so I let him sleep on me. I didn't get much rest, but at least it was quiet in my house for awhile.

Then M is up again and wanting me to put baby brother down and come play in her room! she has trouble with this newborn requiring constant attention. we did our best to play play doh after feeding. Then we waited for our food that was being brought (thank you Jana) and I made a quick batch of fried okra from our garden. And we had supper. then fed the boy...again...and then tried to keep him up so that he'll sleep some tonight. But he was not having it...he really wanted to be asleep. And that's where he is now. I put the food up, need to do the dishes and laundry, but am too tired. I think I'm gonna jump in the shower before I have to feed W again. May help hubs make an apple pie with the apples from our tree!

Worked on the slings in my 20 minutes of spare time yesterday...would do that today but I'm pooped! Hopefully when M is in summer camp tomorrow and W is taking one of his many naps, I'll be able to finish them up! I'll let you know, itsamomthing. They are coming right along actually. Can't wait, but really I can.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Check Below

I finished the birth story as best I could with all the distractions! I think I got a little discombobulated at the end there. Still I think I may have forgotten to mention that my intention was to have a waterbirth to help with the pain relief...but clearly that didn't happen. They were afraid that it would slow my progression. Oh well...maybe next time. But check below for the story...and then go to dad's sight to see his little take on the whole ordeal. He was in the next room praying.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Apples, apples, and more apples!

Remember these from last year?! I thought our little apple tree was on its last leg last year! But no! Check this out!

This is just the beginning of our collection! And turns out we have this apple tree, and two others that produce bigger, more like granny smith apples. Can't wait to do this again with my whole little family of 4. Even W was in the "moby-like" wrap in nothing but his diaper.

Brother and Sister

Mom went home

Mom went home today and I didn't cry...I thought about it there for a minute when she was savoring her grandchildren one last time. I'm so thrilled to have recovered so quickly and with very little "baby blues". Certainly my hormones have been up and down, but no sobbing in the shower everyday for 2 weeks. I have to say that the Women's Nutritional Tea combined with B-Complex that the midwife suggested for mood stabilizing seems to make a difference. Seriously, whether it is really anything or not, I swear I feel better shortly after drinking a cup. 2-3 cups a day for awhile.

Mom has been such a help, making sure things stay pretty clean around here. Driving me places while I was on restriction. Giving M extra attention so that I could focus on the baby. So many things I couldn't really begin to list them all. Still, we will all miss her around here. M will miss waking her up and playing with her. J will miss being spoiled while she is around, and I will miss the sleep and companionship that she gives me. I'm am more than thrilled that she and dad will be together again and that she will have an opportunity to rest! We all need that.

Baby boy is asleep for now, M is at least in bed. They have both had baths, and I guess it is now my turn! I'm gonna go grab that while I can and then feed him and off to bed for us both. Pray for a good night!

Monday, July 14, 2008

M's Big Birthday Bash!

What a day! Thank goodness for Magical Makings and our Ariel hostess! Enjoy these pics! This was quite a birthday bash!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

SIL's picture session!

Love these! can't wait to get them in the mail! Check out her slide show of Wyatt at one week!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Birth Story

Ok. Ya'll know he was "overdue" at least according to the estimated due date. I was antsy about it at first, then I didn't mind. I just did things to try to speed the process along. Well, the weekend of his birth, my poor mom went back home to NC to spend some time with Dad and recoup, since W was taking his sweet time. She had already been here for 2 weeks. The joke always was that as soon as she left, he would come...and that is basically true.

Saturday night I decided to try the breast pump induction thing. I was told to pump for 20 min. every hour for 3 hours. Well, I didn't. I just pumped for 20 min. and then went to bed. Not too fun I tell you though. I mean to pump when there isn't anything in there to pump. ugh. But, I endured. And in the middle of pumping I knew something was happening. It's supposed to cause uterine contractions, and it did. I was pretty sure that this would do the trick. I went to bed thinking, if I wake in the middle of the night, this is the real thing...but I didn't.

I did wake early the next morning, Sunday the 29th of June. I felt achey and thought I might be having contractions. I went about my morning routine. And finally at about 9 I decided to start writing down the intervals. It turned out to be about every 12 minutes for a while. I didn't wake J though. There had been too many false alarms...

When he woke, I told him today may actually be the day. I continued to chart the intervals and they seemed to get closer together. I ate like pig that morning too (which turned out to be a bad thing when it came down to getting that baby out!) I called my doula and told her about the situation. I told her I'd call if they got closer together and such...and I did. I realized that this was not getting any easier and certainly not going to slack off. These contractions were painful and here to stay.

Julie came around 1pm? I think. Those types of details are getting fuzzier by the day. about 11:30 am we called Uncle K and SIL to come pick up M so that she wouldn't be an additional distraction to actually get this baby out. They came and I left the remainder of her arrangements to mom. I called mom and she said that she and dad were coming. It was funny actually cause she was very cautious to come seeing as I had already had two very suspicious days that we thought maybe...Well I had called her several times that morn already, and when I decided that she definitely should come, I had to spell it out very plainly..."What I'm trying to say is that I'm having this kid today. You need to come." I think I sounded kind of desperate and hormonal...and of course she knew that meant it really was time.

They headed this way, Julie, the doula headed this way, and I labored around the house. By the time Julie got here I was contracting every 6 minutes which seemed too close together to me. It didn't take long till they were ever 4 minutes. She said that she thought maybe she would be going back home when she got my phone call cause it seemed like really early labor, but after being there with me and timing out my contractions, she knew she was here to stay. We tried different positions. I peed a hundred and one times! AND every time I would sit on toilet, I would have contraction. I labored moving around and walking most of the morning and afternoon, but I got tired and so tried the side lying position. This was actually helpful, but did slow the contractions a bit.

We kept the midwife informed and she didn't seem to think that she would see me today but maybe tomorrow. When we decided to head to the birthing center, it was around 6pm (i think). J had sup, and then we went. At that point riding in the car and having contractions was pretty rough. I'd say I did pretty good considering I only let two bad words slip and only in the privacy of my own car! Ha!

We got there, and Amy checked me and found me to be progressing well at 5 cm. It was 80 plus degrees in there cause the air had been off all weekend. I quickly got into my laboring top which kept me fairly cool and labored a bit more. Then I did side lying again.

At this point they were getting more difficult and I had been laboring all day. I wanted to rest and get on with it all at the same time. I have no idea how long I laid there, but it seemed like at least an hour. Amy came back in to check me and found me to not have progressed any further and said that I needed to walk the halls and squat with each contraction. She anticipated that my water would burst any minute...but it didn't. I did the gosh awful squats! Good heavens that was hard! Thank goodness I could share the work and some of the soreness with my hubs and my doula (sorry guys!)

See, when I'm working hard and/or in pain, I don't like to be touched. So, my doula said she felt like she wasn't earning her keep. The birthing ball was terribly uncomfortable when I was contracting so its usefulness disappeared. Her counter pressure was most appreciated in the squatting sessions. So she earned her keep walking the halls of blessed births.

I did progress very quickly this way. In fact the next time I was checked I was at 8 centimeters, and in a great deal of pain. Here comes transition...Now this is supposed to be the most painful part of labor, but also the shortest, usually lasting no more than 30-45 minutes. I stayed stuck in this phase of labor for a good 2 hours or more. In fact, this is when begging and yelling and sitting on the toilet are about all I remember.

I zoned out for the rest of the labor once they made me walk the halls. Seriously, the memories are literally hazy and I don't remember everything that I said. My doula says I did very well. The worst thing I said was "Dangit!" And she laughed cause she thought I was about to say something else. It was so hot, I was transition...on the toilet.

But the worst of it was that I was stuck in transition for soooo long. more than 2 hours I think. I was begging for anyone to help me, but no one could. I labored on the toilet till I needed to push and this worried them a little since I wasn't fully dialated, or something like that. But I was pretty I tried to breathe through a bunch of them...which by the way is extremely difficult! When your body wants to push, its a miracle if you can avoid it!

They offered to break my water, since it still hadn't burst, so I said SURE! What ever will help move things along...They did that and I suppose it helped, but like I said I zoned out.

Weird thing is that I actually pushed in the bed laying down! Didn't expect that and didn't really think about it till later. But I just did whatever they said at that point and I was just glad to be pushing. The next part was a battle! I pushed and not for really long, but it felt like it might never end. They say that pushing is better as far as pain cause there is some numbness...but W decided that he wanted to come out with his hand on his cheek, so that added another level of difficulty and pain. Me and the midwife battled over pushing and breathing. I would release air and she would yell don't! He would be almost there and then go back in. Pretty typical.

I pushed like my Cuz in Law said 500%! Not just 100% And finally the head was out. And they say he was wide eyed and turning his head, but his little shoulder was obviously stuck...thanks to his other arm being up by his face. So I'm almost there and Amy, the midwife is pulling while I'm pushing...she's working her magic getting that one arm out so he can turn his body and dislodge his other shoulder. AND...there he is...I was so excited, but so exhausted I hardly knew what to do. They placed him on my chest and he was so slippery I thought I might not be able to hang onto him...

Not to mention, that they told me to hold my own legs while I pushed and that just wore my arms out! J was there beside me the whole time I pushed and instinctively held that leg. In fact, I barely remember asking someone to please hold my other leg...and J stepping in to make that happen by making it known more loudly and firmly. When the other midwife stepped in to hold it, I apparently murmured the most heartfelt "Thank You" she had ever received.

All in all, I'm glad I had that experience. It led those witnessing to really think about the way that Christ suffered for us on the cross...that is really what the child birth curse of Eve's is all about. Mom used the term endured...I endured the pain to get to the child...just like Christ. Love that scenario. That makes it all a bit more worth it. The experience was to me, extremely hard and the verdict is still out as to whether I will ever do that again in that same way, but I must say the recovery for me and little W has been fantastic and very easy! I DO Love That!

One week!

Well we made it through the first week and we are doing really quite well. That is one of the pluses of natural, no drugs, childbirth. Mood wise I'm doing really well too! I mean compared to last post partem...No real baby blues. A little sure, some hormonal fluxes as well, but all in all I'm pleasantly surprised at this recovery.

W is a good baby too! He has a little schedule I swear! Course its only been a week, but he has his awake times and sleepy times, and eats well every 3 hours except at night which there are one or two 4 hour sleep times. In fact, two nights ago, he slept a little over 5 hours and I had to wake him.

Hubs and I have a little schedule going, sort of...though I'm not sure we need it too much, cause he has been easy to put back to sleep...mostly.

Itsamomthing has been so gracious to help out with arranging for food to be brought to us and truthfully, some of you have gone out of your way to bring meals and check in on us before we could even get the chance to actually need something. I am pleasantly surprised, amazed and grateful for your generosity! Considering the recent moving away of ALL of our extended family, it is nice to know that we still have support all around us. Thanks for being the church.

Friday, July 04, 2008

The Birth Pics

Excuse me for the way I look, but really I was about to give birth to a huge baby! haha... I joined this Smilebox thing so those of you that want can print these, at least that is my understanding. If it doesn't work, then let me know and I'll send out something else so you can have these pics for yourself.

I swear the story is to come...

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Can't Wait

Can't wait to sit a post a long drawn out story post about this whole birth experience. As most things in my life, it didn't go exactly as planned, but my doula has aided the story telling with some great and terrible (haha) pics of me and the whole process. She did a fantastic job of being modest and appropriate with them as well, so I can post almost all of them. Woh the story is long and may have to come in installments, as it is hard to get in a long time for blogging.

Mom and baby and family are doing well. we are getting as much rest as is possible and a lot of snuggle time with baby. Thank you SIL for helping with M and summer camp. Thanks to mom who is helping with pretty much everything. Thank you to those of you who have already gone to the trouble to bring us meals. They have been some of the best help you could give.

BTW--LOVE the recovery time of natural childbirth. Feeling tired, but coherent and have been out twice already. Wyatt and I took our guaze moby-like wrap out to the library with M and mom and then made an appearance at J's work cookout today. He loves being in there! and I love being hands free! And snuggling of course.

More to you can print too.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The wait is over...

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not in Labor Yet

I'm about to post some oh so flattering pics of myself. Please keep in mind that I am 800 years pregnant and overdue! Ha! After meeting with Julie yesterday, she graciously let me borrow her birthing ball to sit on and roll around on to get baby boy in position. M thought this was pretty cool, so she got out her beach ball and did the same. It was funny and happened more than once today.

Tonight I've been taking it easy and having some contractions. Nothing new mind you except that I haven't really had any contractions to speak of lately, so at least they are back. I intend on going with that and trying to coax them into actual real labor.

That would be primo wouldn't it seeing as my mom just went back out of town today. That would be pretty right on for the way things happen in my family! Who knows. I certainly am not getting my hopes up. Still, I made another of my fave chocolate cakes today. I asked the doula if eating my fave chocolate cake would make my body release oxytocin (if you don't know about this hormone, you'll need to look it up so I don't have to explain it and possibly get some weird lurkers...). She said chocolate cake=oxytocin! So sweet! haha...

Great day. M and her dad played in the "pool" on the porch and managed to make it into a pseudo bathtime. It was fun to watch and take pics. We shall see what tonight holds...


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9. Something you wear: Gown
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11. A food: Goolash
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13. Reason for being late: got tied up
14. Something you shout: Go! Go! Go!
15. An animal: gorilla
16. A body part: gall bladder
17. Word to describe yourself: goofy
Good luck to the next person!
"...with my God I can scale a wall" 2 Samuel 22:30 (NIV)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Is this getting old?

I'm o.k. really. A little bored maybe cause I didn't plan to be pregnant at this point, but I'm not miserable, or anxious really, or desperate. After being with one of the doulas today I have a great peace. She was so positive and encouraging. Thanks Jules.

I did stair walking...didn't really know that it was supposed to be particularly helpful, but it makes sense. I had steak n shake for lunch with the family (minus hubs who had to be at work). That was good, but man do they skimp on the meat! But I can't complain cause the shake was amazing.

One thing I enjoy about being OH SO pregnant is the stares, laughs, head turns...Seriously. People are amazed or something...I don't know. But I find it somewhat amusing and kind of cool.

I ate dominoes pizza tonight (seriously) because I'll try anything of course...and in talking today it was brought up that there are supposedly prosteglandins in the cheese that dominoes pizza uses, so there was some type of study done about women who go into labor and some type of correlation to dominoes pizza! Ha! why not! so I had that for supper. The doula let me borrow a birthing ball (big exercise ball) for trying to get this boy in place and ready. That'll be pretty cool too.

I did do something that was kind of interesting. I took M swimming at the big pool tonight after sup. I'm not a water person, so this was a deal for me...not to mention that someone as pregnant as I am should NEVER don a big red one piece maternity bathing suit! Ha! Talk about feeling sexy! I sexy walked to the doorway and did my sexiest pose leaning up against the frame and told J "I bet you've never wanted me more!" To which he replied that I looked like a very large cherry! That was funny. Needless to say I wore my oversized shirt and shorts the entire time.

But I'm wondering if it was actually a good idea or not? It did certainly feel different taking a good bit of the weight off of me, and boy when I got out could I feel the heaviness! But seems like baby boy may have moved up a bit in the process of floating around. That certainly wouldn't be the goal. Well, so I cleaned up and did a little bit of stairs at mom's house before I came home again.

Still no more news than that. I suppose he'll come when he is ready. I'll do my part as best I can, but the rest is up to him. And so we wait...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cream of Whatever Soup

Since I'm not laboring...I thought I'd post about something I meant to post about a while ago.

2 times of late, I have gotten into the middle of cooking something and found that I had run out of cream of mushroom/chicken soup. Now, really I can't stand Cream of Chicken soup. Personal distaste for it. But I use cream of mushroom alot. I usually just keep a bunch on hand, but occasionally I run out and forget to put it on the list.

Well, I decided to see if I could do a substitute and this is what I found.

Cream of whatever Soup
2T butter
2 T canola oil
1/4 c flour
1/4 t salt
add in whatever you are going for (I use mushrooms, chopped)
10 ounces of milk (1 1/4cups)

Heat the butter and oil till it all melts. Add flour and salt. Stir to make roux. Add mushrooms, cook for at least 4 minutes (stirring). Add milk and stir until thick.

I used this again tonight in my Broccoli Rice/chicken casserole.

In making sup, I knew that I had leftover chicken that needed to be used or it'd be wasted. I had broccoli that needed cooking so that it didn't go bad. i had a whole thing of generic ALDI "velveeta" which was just sitting there in my cabinet with no purpose for its future. And rice is something we generally keep stocked. So that is how we came up with dinner. Come to find out in the middle of prepping, we were out of Cream of mushroom soup I made the above recipe.

One of the perks here is that the sodium level is nill and there are no MSG's as opposed to most canned soups. It did take a bit longer, but not bad all in all.

Baby Boy's Room while we wait...

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If you're wondering...

"He" is not here yet. There are signs that he is coming soon. Lost the plug (sorry to those of you who could care less or whatever), so the time is drawing near. I feel VERY tired and emotional. I appreciate all the calls and prayers. Sorry if I haven't called or answered my phone, I'm a bit hormonal right now. I just wanted you all to know that it means a lot to me even when I don't answer.

You know when you go overdue the phone seems to go overdue and you have to keep telling the same news (news that you're not too thrilled with anyway) over and over again. So, I'm going to go and rest. Could be news tomorrow...or not...only God knows.

I'll keep you posted. And yes, as soon as I actually know I'm in labor, I'll sit down and this computer and let you know that "he" is on his way, only I'll use his real name! Fun times ahead.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Due Date Came and Went

Well, still no boy...

I had acupuncture yesterday, but that was interesting and hasn't sent me quickly into labor. I can not say that it wasn't effective. At my visit today, I had the midwife do an exam and she said that I was "ripe" and baby boy's head was low...pushing a station 1. So, it could be anytime, but that doesn't mean much. I'm doing what I can to speed things along.

I've been drinking red raspberry leaf tea, taking some evening primrose capsules with all my other vitamins, and doing acupressure on all the labor inducing points. Walking doesn't seem to help so far, but there are a few other things to make this happen, so, we'll see.

Ah acupuncture. I told J, my hubs, that I'd try almost anything once, and so I did. I didn't really like it. I don't like needles...I'm not super phobic, but they make me uncomfortable. I chose not to look but it was still a mind over matter game in order for me to "relax." It did hurt actually when she would basically thump each needle in place and then twist. Once the needles were there you really didn't feel them, only a warmth or something that my body interpreted as increased blood flow to the area where the needles were. But then she came and "tweaked" or twisted the needles again. I don't believe in all that Chi business either, but I'm sure there is some value in the whole increase of circulation to problematic areas...I don't think I'll do it again. I did really like the lady though.

And that was that. So now I'm waiting. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Still Going

Had Braxton Hicks ALL DAY yesterday! And I mean all day...and yet nothing. Oh so fun. Well, I have an accupuncture appt. set for tomorrow at 9:30a.m. Now, I don't know how I feel about this all, but I figure it's worth a try. I have a cousin who gave it a try and was in labor within 12 hours or so.

Apparently, if you are ready, then your body is to go into labor within 48hrs. So, we shall see and I'll keep you posted for sure.

I've never done this type of thing before, but after talking to Cousin Suzanne, she says if it works great, if it doesn't I'll just feel like I went to the spa! I'm for that!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wading through Immunizations

I contacted my fave pediatrician, Dr Hales, in New Orleans for his latest and greatest Shot Record. This is what he's chosing to do now.

2 months--Pc, Comvax (Hep B/Hib)
3 months--DPTa, IVP (polio)
4 months--same as 2 months
5 months--same as 3 months
6 months--Pc
7 months--DPTa
12 months--Pc, PPD (that's just the TB test), Comvax
15 months--Varicella (chicken pox), DPTa
18 months--MMR, IVP

Now I'm not sure why he does or doesn't do Rotavirus, but I think I'm going to call and check into that and the MMR. I think it has to do with the fact that Rotavirus is so common and that kids get over it fairly easily. And how does he get by with postponing it to 18months when the AAP recommends it be done no later than 15 months? Personally I'm thrilled that he delays the MMR as it is in combined form.

Today, I talked to my midwife at Blessed Births about all this immunization stuff. She is also the mother of 7 and a grandmother and she said after much prayer and research they chose not to do any immunizations, but that that is indeed a personal choice. I told her that I was interested in doing immunizations as they are required, but not necessarily in that order and such. Breaking them up so as not to overload the infants system. She said that was smart. She also said that you do have a choice and you can pick and chose, you just have to have a pediatrician that will work with you. DHEC is not necessarily the most accomodating in this respect. So, I got some names.

I also got the heads up from Jill T. in my mom to mom group that has a whole story on this with suggestions for peds. in this area. It should give a starting point if you are looking to find someone that can work with you on an alternate vaccine schedule.

Here are the names and such that my midwife suggested: The only heads up she gave was if you have an infant, get an early appt. so your wait doesn't get too long. They do spend a good bit of time with you in the office with the doctor once it is your turn, so they can get behind. (North Hills)

Dr. Gamble
3904 S Highway 14
North Hills Medical Center
Greenville, SC 29615-6138


Holly Tree Family
Dr. Berglind
1338 Highway 14
Simpsonville, SC 29681

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More M-Antics!

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No news is no news!

Haha. I had my appt. today and they said that it sounds like "he" is getting ready. But that's all they said. I actually lost weight and my blood pressure was back up to 120/70 something...which is of course fine. I'm measuring right on and they suspect him to be about 8 pounds. Other than news.

Today is the full we'll see if that really matters. Also, I'm pretty tired so it has been a day of rest. I enjoyed a very nice, long nap, as did m. Now it's what's for dinner and what not? Since J is at Tech after 5.

M is thoroughly enjoying summer camp! I'm thrilled. They do art "class" and music "class". They play outside on the playground and so forth! And she did get to be in Cuz' class! I'm thrilled about that cause at least she'll know someone she's very comfortable with!

She is a little sad about not getting to "be" something or someone else every minute! But I have a few pics. I did pic her up a "Raggedy the Ann" wig to go with her dress we found a few weeks ago. Check out my next post about M-Antics!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Perfect Day

Today was a perfect day. I think the catch is having had a really great night's sleep. Not too many contractions since Friday/Saturday a.m. I've had some off and on, but not consistently.

So, today is the first day in about a week that I woke with renewed energy. Thus, I've been cooking and cleaning since before 8 a.m. My feet are tired, but I feel pretty good otherwise. Working on laundry with J's help. Mom came by and we worked on readying baby boy's room a bit more. I get so far and then can't do much else...but little by little...

Tonight was official "Everyone Pitch in and Clean M's Room" night. Ha. We actually have these periodically. Her room gets like any almost 3 yr old's would. But I don't think I've ever seen it quite like this! Usually if there is a mess, it's at least somewhat organized...but this was total mayhem. But, not anymore! I probably spent well over an hour cleaning. She helped of course, and J helped. Then while they were doing the bath thing, I continued to clean, straighten, organize, get rid of broken toys, items we never use, fix some things that had come apart temporarily, sift through shoes that no longer fit. And lastly, I packed her a little bag in the event that I labor and she needs to go with someone overnite or even all day. So, she is officially ready for the event. AND I clipped her toenails! Seriously! I just about feel like supermom!

The kitchen is a mess though cause of all the cooking I've been doing. Made a huge batch of bran muffins and froze for after the boy. Made honey croissants for b'fast, with sausage for J and M. Made my homemade favorite decaf, sugar free, cold coffee beverage as my own morning treat. I did dishes only to dirty them again! Ha! Did the leftover thing for lunch, but made b'fast casserole for sup since I needed to use the rest of the sausage before it went bad. I paired that with a few of the bran muffins that wouldn't fit in the fridge. I cleaned out the fridge and freezer to make room for some cooking I'm hoping to do tomorrow (for after the boy). That's about all so far, but I'm not sure I'm done yet. I'll give myself maybe another hour or hour and a half, but then it's off to bed.

I'll need my sleep as my mom says these next several days are reserved for walking the boy out. Meaning I suppose I'll do a lot of walking in the hopes that he'll decide he's ready to join us! We are shooting for Wednesday! Ha! as if that matters. Cause my sis can't really come till Wednesday after work, and one of my fave midwife's is on call, and its a full moon. We shall see. With all this anticipation, murphey's law would have me be almost 2 weeks late! Only God truly knows! But I do wait with excitement and anticipation.