Friday, December 05, 2008

haven't posted in 8 million years

Sorry, I've been sooooo slack! Right now my kids are in a place where in they need more of me, so they come first on my priority list. Then when all is calm and quiet all I want to do is go to bed! Ha! I know you other mothers understand...can I get an amen!

Not to mention we have been in and out of town a good bit lately. What with visiting my sister, thanksgiving with the young's in b'ham, and now Christmas program in North Carolina with my parents and brother...we have kept ourselves pretty busy.

Here is an update. M is dying to be in control and it is often very unpleasant and not very pretty. It certainly makes me think of God and the way he must feel with us when we are dying to be in control. (that's next to impossible to explain to a 3 yr old). She has shown out several times while here with Nani and Cuz! Sad too cause I want to allow her time with them, but her punishment is time away. She was so close to biting me tonight in the midst of one of her fits. I gave her the look and told her to bite me and see what happens. We don't do much spanking anymore, but I've had to give her 2 good ones over the last 2 days. Boy does she have a temper. Still I think when she gets out some of the venom, she better understands that it is her choices that have brought her here and her choices that can make the situation better or worse.

On top of that, W has had issues adjusting to his formula supplements. don't get me wrong...he takes them just fine when he wants them, but he seems to have a good bit more gas, and sometimes appears to have trouble going #2! Oh boy, those of you that know may recall the major issues with that we had with M! One of my least favorite things to have to worry about and certainly one of the issues that can frazzle me the most! SIL suggested trying soy formula. That's my next step. He once was such a great sleeper. waking but once a night for a feeding and then immediately back to sleep. about 1 in 4 nights he'll still do that...but the other 4 are generally more up and down. Making a very tired mom! Shout out to itsamomthing cause I know my issues don't compare to your nights of up and down!

Other than being tired...I'm doing great! My 7 yr anniversary is coming up and hubs and I had a date...alone...dinner AND a movie all for the low price of $30.00 thanks to discounted movie tickets from our credit union and for a huge savings on a $25 off of $35 purchase at Flat Rock Grill! Nice! Free babysitting thanks to mom.

AND I'm just about ready for Christmas present wise. we try to simplify and not go overboard...but it is hard. I don't think it has much to do with the hype of commercialism as it has to do with, I just love to give gifts to the people I love...especially my children. Still, for M, I'm sure I overbought and I need to do inventory. I'll save some gifts for her birthday. For W, I didn't really know what to get and was a bit worried about have little or nothing for him under the tree. Then I went to a kids consignment sale with my mom that was unlike most I'd ever seen! I got just about everything for a dollar! most of the toys I purchased were 75% off! I'm telling you I can't wait to post a pic. I got clothes for a dollar, bottles, pacis new in their packages, and lots of baby toys and crinkle books! So now I'm excited! Just a few more gifts (mostly gift cards) and that should do it.

when I get home, I'll do my best to post a pic of all my finds from the consignment trip, and a pic of our oh so lovely tree. For now I'm off to bed, hoping for a fantastic nights sleep.


kathylovemeyer said...

I must say I have missed your postings...but do understand:)

Hang in there...parenting is definitely not for cowards! You will reap good rewards. Do remember though that Mercy has been dethroned when Wyatt came on the scene:) She gets lots of attention "acting out of sorts":)

How is Wyatt doing? Is he gaining weight?

Shelby said...

LOVED having you guys here for a visit! Wish it could be more often (hint, hint) like oh, every other day if you guys lived here??!! ha!!

Hang in there with M! I know it's hard and witnessed first hand her tantrums and use of "stubborn will." Aunt Kathy's right, she is no longer the center of attention since Wyatt and she is letting the whole world know it! But we love her and will pray for both of you (and J and W too!) Her visit did a world of good for Stoney.. he loves her so much! And I think is beginning to befriend little Wy!

Love you and miss you and can't wait to see you after Christmas! (No, I haven't peeked inside my gift from you yet, but it's now under our tree since we managed to get it up this past weekend!)