Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Decorations Complete!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We're Back

Been gone a long time...or so it seems. It was one of those vacations where you end up needing a vacation from your vacation. Too many hours in the car over too many days having slept in too many beds. seriously, there is nothing like your own bed! I slept last night like I haven't slept in a long time! I'm pregnant right...but I don't even think I woke to go to the bathroom. Ahhh!

Still, it was good to see family and relatives we haven't seen in a long time. In Jackson, we saw some cousins that have never seen M. I think M had a good time, but I sensed she was long past ready to come home too. Funny how important that sense of home is. That place to come back to that is yours. That is quiet and peaceful and safe. Makes me wonder how many people search for that "home" their whole lives.

Our tree is up. Our house is still a general disaster (all the unpacking just make that worse). I'm still sick, though a good bit better. Actually ended up with an ear infection and the worst cold ever. Been having headaches just about daily which can't be good. And God has been good in the midst of all the struggles my family has been through this year. Even today He is showing himself present and at work.

I'll post pics soon. Hopefully this week, though my priority list has that near the bottom (and is quite full I might add). I'm thinking maid service for a year would be a terrific Christmas present! Ha! Till Later...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Things are Looking Up

I've been feeling significantly better! Hallelujah! Seriously, I was still not feeling well. I discovered that my prenatals were the culprit. So I've been doing the flinstone vitamin thing for the last 3 days and feel 10 times better! I'm still feeling pregnant. A little "ookie" when morning comes or my stomach is getting too empty. I feel tired alot and am not at all interested in cooking or cleaning.

I hugged a friends neck today. That was nice.

I got some good news about this baby and money today. That was great!

I'm at witt's end with M's poo issues, but I think we've decided to cut out dairy entirely...maybe try goat or soy milk. she already can't do cheese. Something's gotta give on this issue. Seriously doing a number on our family time.

My house is a disaster and I told my hubs that I have lost all handle on this household and he laughed as did I, and said that he hasn't said anything cause he's been of absolutely no help! Ha. Funny moment but great communication. So maybe we'll do some cleaning before we skip out of town for thanksgiving extravaganza.

AND I think we're putting up the tree today! M can hardly wait and neither can her mother!

On birthing center...I went to my appt. at blessed births and loved it. It was a good fit, so for now I suppose that is the route I'm taking.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Been Sick

I've been out sick. Not pregnant sick (though that is a small portion of it), managed to get the stomach virus extended version. I started feeling bad last saturday and didn't feel significantly better till Thursday. Wore myself out Friday trying to make up for all the lost days. Went to bed at 9pm. last night.

Today was a good deal better. Still feeling pregnant...nothing sounds good, slight headache, lots of exhaustion, but significantly better. Would've helped if I had gotten out of the house today. M and I did have a dance party on the porch while hubs took our stuff to Goodwill. It was fun...M clearly thought so also. I had a mediocre night with M seeing as it was traumatic poop day! Had to do the suppository thing tonight after reading 5 stories to her while she sat on the potty. She hates the "posi" but what do you do when you kid won't poo. It all kicked in eventually and she ended up going on the potty about 3 days worth! She ought to feel significantly better! AND she did it on the potty so she got a special prize. I think in the end she was proud of herself. Now if I can just keep that all going somehow...

Spent an hour on the phone chatting with a friend. It's nice to have someone I can do that with. Us ladies need eachother. That was like a blessed break for us both! I'm looking into making some pj's for m and her cuz for their Christmas picture. We'll see... Off to bed.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Never Shop for Groceries when Pregnant

So, here is my post. I'M PREGNANT! I've been waiting to post about this till all my family knew. No, I wasn't expecting this, but I'm trying to get used to it. I think it might actually be setting in today. I've been exploring birthing options.

I took M with me to grocery shop. Now my avid readers know that I'm very careful and stick to my strict budget of $50 a week. Well, I found that shopping while pregnant is a different story. I didn't go in there buying up all the twinkies and ding dongs I could find. In fact, the chips to go with the salsa was about the worst of it...except maybe the bag of frozen curly fries (which was truly more for my hubs). Still, I got more variety than usual. more fruit, more meat, more dairy...AND when my cart was so full (which it never is) I ended up only going $10 over budget! Now, I was disappointed that I went over at all, but I was thrilled that it was only $10 considering all that I took home. We may actually be good for the entire month on just about half the budget.

On pregnancy...I've been irritable and moody and tired. DUH. I don't like feeling this way but it's hard to shake. Well, today was a better day for my mood. I felt productive and not as tired as usual and that really helped. Now I don't really get sick...I don't feel what I would describe as nauseous, but I do feel not hungry or anti a particular food...or any food. Then there's the acne! I did not have this issue with M, which is pushing everyone to say that this one must be a boy. Either way I don't care, but I hate the acne issues! so annoying. don't want to take any pics! This too shall pass.

So what do we think about water births? birthing centers? home birth? I'm just curious. In fact I've always been curious. When I had M my birthing experience was not that great. I loved one of my nurses and my dr. at least during delivery, but my relationship with doc left something to be desired throughout. AND I couldn't stand all the hook-ups and the nurses coming in and out every 30 minutes all through the night. The facility was extremely disappointing. My hubs couldn't sleep at all and the shower head wouldn't stay in it's place (not to mention no water pressure at all), making showering very difficult. I'm currently researching alternatives. I'm not just going to go with whatever is suggested unless I feel equally comfortable with it. I'm doing more research this time. AND I'm paying much more attention to cost since this birth is unexpected and only 2500 dollars of it will be covered by our insurance! This will be interesting and hopefully very fun!