Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today's Mercyism

So for whatever reason...maybe because it reached 90 degrees, M got naked and ran through the house! This was funny enough, but then she comes into the kitchen where I'm updating the calendar and making the grocery list and says, "Look at me! I'm puck naked!" That was funny enough, but that wasn't all. Later she finally has underwear on, but nothing else and is in the kitchen shaking her toosh and singing hello kitty only saying kitty over and over with a T instead of the K if you catch me drift. J and I just look at eachother and try to enjoy the innocence.

After nap today, apparently she was calling for me from her bed, but I didn't hear. J did and he went in to check on her and keep her quiet so I could rest. He asked her if it was all right if he crawled in her bed and snuggled a bit and she said, "Yeah sure...cutie bootie!" Ha! We are forever smiles and laughs around here! More of these to come I'm sure.

Brains and Bods

Yesterday went my brain and today went my body! Seriously, thank goodness I'm nearing the end, cause I'm finally feeling the I'm ready to get this over with feeling. Don't get me wrong...I in no way think that I'm ready! Who ever is!

Yesterday, my brain was in another world! I overscheduled the week I'll admit, so its a miracle I made it as far as I did with what little brain I have left. But I forgot to call my sis, which I had every intention of doing...and on a slightly larger social scale, I entirely forgot to pre-arrange supper for the gal I had signed up to bring supper to! I had thought about it off and on all week and even that day, but after naptime, I had no memory of what the rest of my day held.

My hubs asked me to dinner with him, his friend from seminary and his wife, and of course Mercy. So that's all I had on my mind...and on the way there I realized I was supposed to be bringing itsamomthing supper! Ugh! I felt sooooo bad AND I didn't have her phone number in my phone! Thanks to Melissa S. and meandtheboys for hooking me up with her number! Anyway, my original plan had been to get her their fave pizza, some salad, and their fave soda! Bring it over with M so the girls could see eachother and deliver the invite to M's b-day party! Plan B quickly became ordering her fave pizza from her fave place and having it delivered. That worked out cause we could pre-pay, BUT I forgot about tip! And so left them standing with no cash to tip the guy. Ugh. So unsociable am I! A huge I'm sorry to itsamomthing, but I assure you if I'm feeling better after this weekend, M and I will make a trip to your house at your convenience and distract you just a bit from your new motherly duties! We will likely come bearing cookies as well!

So my brainless day yesterday turned into sheer exhaustion last night. J is being sooo good as a hubs and father. He has stepped up and is taking care of both "his girls" as he likes to call us. I basically walked in the door last night from a very nice supper and crawled into bed. I was out cold by 9:30a.m. I really felt bad too, physically. I couldn't get comfortable at all. My back was sore and my "belly" felt like it was pulling at my ribs, so even my ribs hurt. I slept pretty well, but even so, by about 10a.m. I was getting really worn out and lightheaded and so after a shower hopped back in bed till lunch. Then I started feeling headachey and nausious! So I called for J to bring me some kind of protein/sugar to get my blood sugar elevated enough so that I could crawl out of bed. I felt kind of bad for being such a baby...but really this is rare! I was feeling so bad I wasn't sure that I might not just go into labor! But no contractions. M and I made cookies and J put her down for a nap.

I took a nap too AND talked to my sis for a bit. We had a fantastic coupon for a yard cut and trim (weed eating) for only $25, so that guy came while I napped and the yard looks great! After nap, I was still pooped, so I just sat in bed and read. J took M outside and they watered the little garden and played in the water. It was very relaxing to hear my family playing and enjoying a good time and knowing that I was being taken care of too. I read up on laboring and such. Then we had to go to the store! Almost out of juice, milk, and toilet paper! So we all went. J said he and M would go and let me rest, but I couldn't hand over that control. Not to mention, I know where everything is in the store and it would go a lot quicker! Not to mention that I knew it might be good for me just to get out of the house...and I did fine.

We actually moved slowly, but we got out of ALDI with TONS of food (doing a little stocking in lieu of our coming arrival) for less than $90! This still amazes me! Then J grilled and not only did he grill but he prepped the burgers! We had dip from the box sale and chips and the cookies we had made earlier! It was really good. Now I'm about to crawl into bed again! What a crazy day, but I'd like to add that this house continues to remain extremely clean! Thanks mom for helping me get it to a state where it was all clean at once. I really thought if I could ever get it to this state, that maybe it'd be easier to keep it that way. And so far so good!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Girl Fun!

We went to Hollywild Zoo today and let me tell you that was equally or even more fun for mom as it was for M! I don't even think we made it through the whole thing before it was clearly time to go. M fell 2-3 times, and skinned her knee twice (same one). She also had to walk the whole time since I don't have an off roading stroller! We road the safari ride where we fed the animals from the Safari bus. We fed the baby animals and some other ones. We had no idea that the zoo went on and on. Then we discovered the bears, lions, leapords, panthers, get the idea! Amazing. We saw camels, rhinos, and even weird little Capybaras (biggest rodents). Wolves, goats, deer, emu, zebras, bison, peacocks...Better than the regular zoo if you ask me and worth the price. We were blessed though that they allowed her to be admitted for free even though she was almost 3 yrs. We will most likely be revisiting this. We even heard the girl lion roar several times! Very exciting.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Been Tagged!

I love meme's and I'm so out of the loop right now! If I tag someone who has already been tagged, then oops. Sorry...pregnant brain! Enjoy!

1) First thing you wash in the shower? Hair
2) What color is your fav hoodie? baby blue velour goes with the matching cute for maternity too!
3) Do you plan outfits? Sometimes. My fave right now is the pickles and ice cream tee and the matching pink skirt. To me they only go together!
4) How are you feeling RIGHT now? tired and huge!
5) What's the closest thing to you thats red? A christmas pic of Cuz and M in their t-mas pj's
6) Tell me about the last dream you remember having? Just had a dream that I was being really irritable with M and she was feeling dejected. Pregnancy dreams are really emotional and weird.
7) Did you meet anybody new today? Well, waiters and waitresses. One, liked my pickles and ice cream tee
8) What are you craving right now? thirsty, just thirsty. Been craving carbonated beverages today, but they make me even more thirsty so that doesn't work. Just had watered down grape juice over ice instead.
9) Do you floss? No. almost never, but I should. It's irritating cause I have all these permanent retainers that make it almost impossible to floss a good deal of my teeth, so I usually just don't do it at all.
10) What comes to mind when I say cabbage? you don't want to know...but I'll say the second thing that comes to mind and that's the St. Patricks day parade in new orleans (they throw veggies including lots of cabbage).
11) Are you emotional? More so now than usual.
12) Have you ever counted to 1,000? Oh yeah. I know I used to do counting games alot as a many licks to get to middle of a tootsie pop...
13) Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? Lick it.
14) Do you like your hair? actually I do today. It annoys me alot, but it is really great hair.
15) Have you ever met a celebrity? I'm sure I have, but I don't really remember it as being a big deal. I met Jars of Clay twice as a teen and thought that was pretty cool.
16) Do you like cottage cheese? Yes. I hate ricotta so I replace it with cottage cheese in recipes, but I love fruit with cottage cheese.
17) What are you listening to right now? the sound of silence, hallelujah
18) How many countries have you visited? 1) Germany 2) Jamaica 3) Mexico 4) and I live in the US 5) and various countries on the way to these...airport stops and what not.
19) Are your parents strict? Yes! Ha!
20) Would you go sky diving? Not sure. Haven't decided that one yet. Did bungee head first in college...not too bad actually.
21) Would you have dinner with George W. Bush? Sure!
22) Would you throw potatoes at him? Nope
23) Is there anything sparkly in the room you're in? My shirt of course, and some my little pony's hair
24) Have you ever been in a castle? Yep...several in Germany. Not as big of a deal really.
25) Do you rent movies often? Yep...Redbox Free Movie Mondays, and wednesdays this month
26) Have you ever made a prank phone call? Oh yeah, the Meyer cousins taught me and the siblings how to do that when we were young. They grew us in so many ways!
27) Do you own a gun? Not anymore, but hubs is a different story. He's a good old southern boy.
28) Can you count backwards from 74? Of course
29) Brown or white eggs? Doesn't matter.
30) Ever been on a train? Yep.
31) Are you too forgiving? Sometimes, but a little less so as I get older. Anyway, is there such things as too forgiving. Didn't Jesus command that of us...what was it 70X7 and so forth?!
32) Do you use Chap-Stick? A good bit. Burt's Bees is my fave, but they've recently sold out to another company so we'll have to see.
33) What is your best friend doing tomorrow? Not sure since it is a holiday. Usually she works on Mondays.
34) Can you use chop sticks? Yes, when I'm not with children.
35) Ever had cream puffs? ? Possibly. I think I know what that is.
36) What was the last CD you bought? who buys CD's? I-tunes baby!
37) Is your hair curly? Nope.. straight.
38) Ever walked into a wall? I believe so.
39) Fav time of the year? Anything other than summer
40) Favorite color? bright pink!
41) Are you sarcastic? Sometimes.
42) Do you have any tattoos? No, but I've gone back and forth on wanting one.
43) Do you sleep with the TV on? No way. Usually can't. my brain has trouble shutting down.
44) What is your favorite animal? Cats
45) Can you hula hoop? Not anymore, but I used to be really good at it as a kid. They aren't conducive to hips if you ask me.

Don't know who to tab...hmmm...I tag BETH C., and ? I'll fill in some more later.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Baby's Shower

Nothing like a whole bunch of pictures of yourself! And at 8.5 months pregnant! I just laugh at my faces! What??!! Still I wish I had taken a pic of everyone that was there. I don't know what I was thinking? Except that I forgot my camera anyway. So, here are the pics from my SIL who threw the shower. Maybe I'll get some from my mom too! Fun times. Thanks to all who came, you will never know how much it meant to me just to have you there...and the little ones that came with their moms! You guys are great!

Click to play Baby's Shower
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life's little "jokes"

I finally got the kitchen clean! O.K. let me rephrase, I'm down to 2 loads of laundry and the cabinets are wiped down and the dishes are done...


Monday, May 12, 2008

If my kitchen ever gets clean...

If my kitchen ever gets clean...

I swear I'll be oh so tempted to sleep in the middle of it directly on the floor!

I'll be tempted never to cook or dirty a dish again!

I'll be tempted to continue to wear the same thing day in and out so that I never have to use the washer again! (yes that's in the kitchen too).

I've been standing for a good bit more than 2 hours today in the kitchen doing dishes, and laundry and fixing dinner. After dinner, I made rice crispy treats to attempt to use the marshmallows that seem to be i excess around here as I purchased them for potty training and M didn't like them. So now, I not only have the bit of dishes that were left over from all my initial hard work, I have the dishes I dirty to prepare dinner and to eat dinner, AND the ones I used to make treats afterwards.

I spilled spinach, cheese, and bits of rice crispy treats on the floor (those things I know for sure). I'm in the middle of the laundry still, so I have a good 2-3 loads left of laundry on the floor as well. Not to mention the space directly in front of the fridge has been inundated with spills of various grossness over the last several days that will desperately require a mopping! Then there's the huge, massive, biggest one I ever remember doing, spill that happened last weekend that has left remnants on my wall and cabinets. The one's I just recently went to all the trouble to magic eraser! It was a giant glass full of red fruit punch. Though I initially cleaned it, the magic eraser or paint may be my only hope for completely erasing its existence! Oh AND M decided that a little pen on the floor never hurt anyone...had a little trouble with discipline today! Too much sugar I suspect...I should have listened to those motherly voices in my head when I allowed her to have an entire mini fruit by the foot. I was suspect, and now I know.

My feet are tired even as I type this and they are off the ground! ugh. long day of cleaning ahead tomorrow I suspect. We shall see. A mother's work is never done.

On the home front, I think M is getting past the really bad part of this recent allergy/cold thing. Thank goodness, no fever today means she can go to school tomorrow!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pickin Strawberries!

We did this today too! I love my friend Reese and we love our mommies too! And go figure, they love eachother! So thanks for the idea Ms. Brooke...and for less than $2. That's our kinda fun!

Click to play Pickin Strawberries
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Big Day for the Grocery Game

This is not the "Grocery Game" as you would find it online. This is the one I get to play in my neck of the woods. Every other week or so is the Box Sale. I think technically it is called the Sidewalk Sale and it takes place at Sav-More across from K-mart.

I enjoy this type of shopping because it's like the thrill of the chase! BUT...I'm pregnant...very...and so carrying a box of any weight and bulk is impossible at this point. I finally was able to recruit my hubs to come with my brother and I. SIL came over and kept the kids and off we went. Getting J out of bed that early on Saturday might have been a feat, but he agreed and willingly rolled out of bed a hair before 8am.

We almost turned back and gave up though cause we got stuck in very slow traffic trying to get there because of a house being moved. See, there is no point in getting there late. In fact, we were aiming to be early to get a good jockeying position, but turns out we walked up just in time to get our boxes as the guy is saying "Go!"

And off the crowd goes! Down the aisle in a major hurry. Well, as soon as I prompted him that "Go means Go!" He was off! I tried to stay near and around him to help him get the good stuff, but truth is...he didn't need my help. He Did Awesome! He filled a box faster than I've ever seen! So I told him to leave it with me on the side lines (I'm wearing a bright pink shirt mind you) and I quickly shoved another box into his hands! And off he goes some more!

While he is filling another box, I sort and repack the initial box, getting rid of anything I have too much of already or things that are grossly expired. Then he comes with another full box and I send him away with another empty box. In the meantime, I spot bro cause he's wearing a purple LSU shirt and holler his nickname "K". That works. His box is overflowing so I offer to keep his box and send him out again with another box.

Finally we meet back together and sort through and pack all the boxes. Some things are pointless to keep, but mostly it was one of the best box sales I've ever been to. Wait till you see the pics and the list! K got 1 1/2 boxes and J and I got 2 1/2 boxes! All in all, j and I spent $15.00 That's all!

Here are the Pics:
Here's the List!:

2--Quaker Toasted Oatmeal Cereals
1 box Sesame Breadsticks
1 box generic Apple Jacks
1 canister swiss mocha mix
2 bags of Aunt Jemima buttermilk Cornmeal mixes
3 glass bottles of Iced Leaf Tea
4 snack packs of sugar free vanilla pudding
3 32oz organic juices (2 grape, 1 cherry)
1 package of Rice Crackers
1 package of Quaker rice cakes
1 large bag of confectioner's sugar
1 large bag of light brown sugar (Crystal)
1 box of Domino brand dark brown sugar
1 package of Chocolate Chunck Cookies (not pictured cause we were eating them with lunch)
2 bags of Bud's Best Butter Cookies (J's fave!)
1 big bag of flour
1 box of Krusteaz lemon bars (not pictured cause I sent them w/SIL for shower next weekend)
1 Family Size Grits individual packets
4 boxes of generic Ritz
1 box Royal brand No bake cheesecake mix
1 box Kashi Organic Apple Harvest Cereal
2 boxes of Zatarans version of Shake and Bake
1 big box of mini fruit roll ups
2 boxes of Martha White Corn Muffin Mixes
2 HUGE bags of Planters Peanuts in Shell
1 Santa Fe bowl from Taco Bell
2 dip bowls from Taco Bell
2 BBQ seasonings
3 Kakame lunch cups
1 box of Quaker Oatmeal Apples and Cinnamon
1 box of Quaker Oatmeal Strawberries and Cream
1 canister of Almond Butter (yum)
1 big can of Dole Pineapple chunks
1 can of Chili beans
1 big bag of Super Bubble--gum
3 jello mixes
1 jello pudding mixes
1 box Alpen cereal
3 boxes of Betty Crocker potatoes (scalloped, roasted...)
2 boxes of Kraft white cheddar shells macaroni
4 boxes of various types of rice
3 cans of Chef Boyardee
2 boxes of Orville Reddenbacker Butter Microwave Popcorn
2 boxes of Pringles brand Wheat stix
1 huge can of Del Monte whole tomatoes
1 canister of Sponge Bob Peanut Butter?
1 can of syrup
1 thing of McCormick roasting rub
1 packet of Zatarains red beans and rice
2-2 packs of Ready Serve Rice
1 packet of Egg Drop Soup
1 bag of Gluten Free Pancake mix
AND a very nice wine cork remover

ALL FOR $15!!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

More "Isms"

Today M's teacher gave me another story that she thought I ought to know and most likely post about my Oh So Precious almost 3 yr old. Apparently a few weeks ago she (M) was telling a story about getting in trouble. "Mommy was really angry!" Ms. Julie says, "Did you get a spankin?" "Yep," says M. "Did you cry?" "Nope. I remained strong!" (truth be told it is rare that she cries when I get onto her). But who taught her "remain strong?" I mean really! Ha!

Also today, we are in the library. This particular library has a good number of kid computers and games. M finds an empty one that is already going (cause she really doesn't know quite how to do all this yet). She's got the hang of the head phones though, cause she immediately discovers those and puts them on. She is so cute sitting there in a row with several other little girls at computers. I feel comfortable enough to scope out some books while she explores this when I hear very loudly, "Huh? What did you say Pooh?!" She is talking very loudly back at the computer and those around her especially the adults are tickled and snickering. So cute moment. Not as funny sounding as I retype it, so it may have been one of those you had to be there moments.

Later today I can hear her playing make believe princess school in her room. This is new. Never heard this one today. She says the only ones there with her at school are her friend Reese and her Cuz S. At least she's excited that he is a prince. She says that Reese is her sister princess and Cuz is her brother the prince! She continues to address them as if they are there (in imagination). In fact, she drags me to the room to "see" Cuz. She even tells me and points to where he is sitting. I was impressed. Imaginary friends are supposed to be a higher level of learning!

Then, I just over hear her telling her daddy during post dinner "Daddy will you play in my room"--time, she says, "Daddy, I'm gonna be a snowman. Can you build me?" This is so cute. For one, where did this come from? What a fun idea. And funny the way she put it all together and verbalized. She always keeps us laughing.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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The Care Fair

Seriously, this name sounds like something out of a Care Bears show that M would watch. Infact, I think we did or still do have an episode on VHS about the Care Fair Scare! Ha! But I'm sure that wasn't the intent of our most recent adventure.

So here's the scoop. A Shout Out to my SIL for reminding us about it and encouraging me and M to still go regardless of the fact that it was hot, on a Saturday, I'm hugely preggers, and hubs was home sick. We all went and it was worth our while.

The Brushy Creek Assembly of God (I think this is right) is a church directly across the street from Century Park. Those of you that read this and visit Century Park have most likely seen the big sign out front about free groceries on Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm. Well, they put out fliers about the Care Fair that they were to have on Saturday May 3rd from 10am till about noon. It advertised that the first 500 families represented would receive a box of free groceries. Well, seeing as our cupboard was almost to empty this month and there was a major freeze on any spending period, this was appealing to me...AND since my brother recently lost his job, this was equally appealing to my SIL. We decided we'd go and see.

On top of the free grocery perk, there were advertised free haircuts, free face painting, free hotdogs, free inflatable games...and the list went on with the very active word being free of course.

On Saturday, M and I headed that direction about 9:15am. not knowing what to expect as far as the number of people that would be there. She wanted Mickey Mouse Pancakes for b'fast, but as hubs was still sleeping, and the cupboard was just about bare, we took our $3 and some change. I ate cereal at the house and she got a donut and brought her own juice. I got some coffee. We headed through the drive through at DD and then on to century park. When we parked, there was already quite a line. we ate, made potty, played a little and then headed to claim our place in line.

Now when you have a 2 yr. old you know that waiting in line is not the easiest thing to do, but God and M gave me a bit of a break that day cause she did really well almost all day...and there were several lines!

They allowed people in in groupings. Mainly cause they forced you to hear a gospel presentation before you could wander around to all the free stuff. Now, I'm not sure how I feel about all that, because I certainly can't complain! Everything was free...AND they didn't ask for all my contact info so they could come knocking on my door, calling, or sending unbelievable amounts of mail.

The presentation lacked quality and theology that I prefer, but my background is such that most of such things would. Seminary degree, varying larger church atmospheres...And you know I appreciated it all the same. The theological things were more blaring to me, but those actually came more in the music and lyrics. "There's a blessing in the room it yours?" "there's a place were RELIGION never dies!" Still M loved the Sisters in Motion and enjoyed dancing with her momma to the music (ah the freedom that children find in that--no inhibitions).

Then we're off! On to the ticket for groceries! On to booths about Free Medical Care, some things that didn't really apply to me, AND a free diapers booth! M doesn't need them, but they gave me some for baby boy! Hallelujah! Then we checked out the fire truck, ambulance, motorcycles, and the police men. M really liked the police badge sticker! Off to the free hot dogs! Free chips and bag of cookies! Free beverage! And M spots the face painting. Now this is VERY high on her priority list! So she gets 2 hearts on one cheek and a free balloon that has to be blue please. It has a big star on it that says Jesus' light shines on me!

She decides she absolutely does want a hair cut, so we wait in line for this. The gals were from the Greenville Tech and the teacher was there. Talk about meeting a demand! Wow! so we wait! And this is where her naptime starts to catch up with us, but she managed to remain distracted with lunch. She gets a hair cut that is shorter than i'd like, but a VERY GOOD CUT actually. I was pleasantly surprised considering how little she cooperated AND the wind that had picked up. Yes...this was all in a row outside!

Now for our box of food. When I say they had plenty, they must have cause we basically were at the end of the line when all was said and done and they carried a box to my car AND I was able to get a free loaf of bread. I nice loaf, not some mediocre hand me down left over loaf. All FREE!
AND on top of it all, they told me to please come back, that on Wednesdays they do the free groceries and diapers, and the family is allowed to do that once a month! They didn't care who I was or my socio-economic status. They didn't care that I don't really qualify for lower income but I'm barely making it in middle class. All they cared about was that I cared enough for my family to be there, and get help.

This is something you don't see alot. I dare go into pointing fingers cause we are all guilty I assure you! They gave because they loved. They did this most likely because they felt led by God to act out in social justice in much the same way that Jesus did. I was blessed to be a recipient, and I hope to be reminded and blessed to be a giver in the future. It's not always easy. The people all around me were all soooo different! Older feeble people who probably had trouble with the month to month, lots of young families with strollers full! And all in between. I was blessed to be amongst them. I feel like Jesus was probably there in the midst as well. How much the forced presentation did or did not reach would be hard to say and I could really break it down and do free consulting, but what does speak is that they are reaching out to the community. Not just once for this fair, but consistently on a weekly and monthly basis.