Saturday, May 31, 2008

Brains and Bods

Yesterday went my brain and today went my body! Seriously, thank goodness I'm nearing the end, cause I'm finally feeling the I'm ready to get this over with feeling. Don't get me wrong...I in no way think that I'm ready! Who ever is!

Yesterday, my brain was in another world! I overscheduled the week I'll admit, so its a miracle I made it as far as I did with what little brain I have left. But I forgot to call my sis, which I had every intention of doing...and on a slightly larger social scale, I entirely forgot to pre-arrange supper for the gal I had signed up to bring supper to! I had thought about it off and on all week and even that day, but after naptime, I had no memory of what the rest of my day held.

My hubs asked me to dinner with him, his friend from seminary and his wife, and of course Mercy. So that's all I had on my mind...and on the way there I realized I was supposed to be bringing itsamomthing supper! Ugh! I felt sooooo bad AND I didn't have her phone number in my phone! Thanks to Melissa S. and meandtheboys for hooking me up with her number! Anyway, my original plan had been to get her their fave pizza, some salad, and their fave soda! Bring it over with M so the girls could see eachother and deliver the invite to M's b-day party! Plan B quickly became ordering her fave pizza from her fave place and having it delivered. That worked out cause we could pre-pay, BUT I forgot about tip! And so left them standing with no cash to tip the guy. Ugh. So unsociable am I! A huge I'm sorry to itsamomthing, but I assure you if I'm feeling better after this weekend, M and I will make a trip to your house at your convenience and distract you just a bit from your new motherly duties! We will likely come bearing cookies as well!

So my brainless day yesterday turned into sheer exhaustion last night. J is being sooo good as a hubs and father. He has stepped up and is taking care of both "his girls" as he likes to call us. I basically walked in the door last night from a very nice supper and crawled into bed. I was out cold by 9:30a.m. I really felt bad too, physically. I couldn't get comfortable at all. My back was sore and my "belly" felt like it was pulling at my ribs, so even my ribs hurt. I slept pretty well, but even so, by about 10a.m. I was getting really worn out and lightheaded and so after a shower hopped back in bed till lunch. Then I started feeling headachey and nausious! So I called for J to bring me some kind of protein/sugar to get my blood sugar elevated enough so that I could crawl out of bed. I felt kind of bad for being such a baby...but really this is rare! I was feeling so bad I wasn't sure that I might not just go into labor! But no contractions. M and I made cookies and J put her down for a nap.

I took a nap too AND talked to my sis for a bit. We had a fantastic coupon for a yard cut and trim (weed eating) for only $25, so that guy came while I napped and the yard looks great! After nap, I was still pooped, so I just sat in bed and read. J took M outside and they watered the little garden and played in the water. It was very relaxing to hear my family playing and enjoying a good time and knowing that I was being taken care of too. I read up on laboring and such. Then we had to go to the store! Almost out of juice, milk, and toilet paper! So we all went. J said he and M would go and let me rest, but I couldn't hand over that control. Not to mention, I know where everything is in the store and it would go a lot quicker! Not to mention that I knew it might be good for me just to get out of the house...and I did fine.

We actually moved slowly, but we got out of ALDI with TONS of food (doing a little stocking in lieu of our coming arrival) for less than $90! This still amazes me! Then J grilled and not only did he grill but he prepped the burgers! We had dip from the box sale and chips and the cookies we had made earlier! It was really good. Now I'm about to crawl into bed again! What a crazy day, but I'd like to add that this house continues to remain extremely clean! Thanks mom for helping me get it to a state where it was all clean at once. I really thought if I could ever get it to this state, that maybe it'd be easier to keep it that way. And so far so good!


w & j's mommy said...

well at least you know there is someone else out there that is right there with ya...I forgot about lunch the other day with a sweet friend becasue I was so distracted by the fact the dr told me I was done working and to go home and rest...REST?? Does he know I have an almost 4yr old? Well talk to you soon!

It's a Mom Thing said...

bless your heart! really, it was no big deal to me. we loved the was a great change of pace. i'm telling you B has been asking for pizza for a few weeks now.
tip...i took care of it. no biggie.
only a few weeks left and then you may be feeling back to normal, only your normal is about to change.