Monday, May 12, 2008

If my kitchen ever gets clean...

If my kitchen ever gets clean...

I swear I'll be oh so tempted to sleep in the middle of it directly on the floor!

I'll be tempted never to cook or dirty a dish again!

I'll be tempted to continue to wear the same thing day in and out so that I never have to use the washer again! (yes that's in the kitchen too).

I've been standing for a good bit more than 2 hours today in the kitchen doing dishes, and laundry and fixing dinner. After dinner, I made rice crispy treats to attempt to use the marshmallows that seem to be i excess around here as I purchased them for potty training and M didn't like them. So now, I not only have the bit of dishes that were left over from all my initial hard work, I have the dishes I dirty to prepare dinner and to eat dinner, AND the ones I used to make treats afterwards.

I spilled spinach, cheese, and bits of rice crispy treats on the floor (those things I know for sure). I'm in the middle of the laundry still, so I have a good 2-3 loads left of laundry on the floor as well. Not to mention the space directly in front of the fridge has been inundated with spills of various grossness over the last several days that will desperately require a mopping! Then there's the huge, massive, biggest one I ever remember doing, spill that happened last weekend that has left remnants on my wall and cabinets. The one's I just recently went to all the trouble to magic eraser! It was a giant glass full of red fruit punch. Though I initially cleaned it, the magic eraser or paint may be my only hope for completely erasing its existence! Oh AND M decided that a little pen on the floor never hurt anyone...had a little trouble with discipline today! Too much sugar I suspect...I should have listened to those motherly voices in my head when I allowed her to have an entire mini fruit by the foot. I was suspect, and now I know.

My feet are tired even as I type this and they are off the ground! ugh. long day of cleaning ahead tomorrow I suspect. We shall see. A mother's work is never done.

On the home front, I think M is getting past the really bad part of this recent allergy/cold thing. Thank goodness, no fever today means she can go to school tomorrow!


kathylove said...

On days like the one you had, I remember singing this song:
On a day like this!
On a day like this!
On a day like this...
I just need the Lord to
HELP me!
It has a neat, easy and catchy tune also.