Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ah the Holidays...

Well, the holidays are in full swing now...I officially rolled out of bed after a late night with the girls and decided I'd better go to the Dr. Before we get out of town and there is nothing else I can do about it. My right tonsil was swollen and hurting and making me not want to eat or swallow. Tonsillitis no big surprise. So after waiting it out in the Dr's office this a.m., finally gtting to the end of my balance and having to shell out a wad for prescriptions, I was able to get home and dress the kids so I could run my 2 remaining errands.

Final preps for the fondue fest tonight which was mediocre at best... The house is nice and clean except for the dishes from the feast and our room which is only slightly messy. The kids are packed even though the grown up aren't. I didn't get to fix my hair, or pick a decent out fit, but I got my make up on and a festive Christmas green shirt to go with my blue jeans before the guest arrived...thank goodness she was late as usual. The kids were in bed a good hour late or more. And "Santa" is too tired to think about what is about to come next! Sheesh!

We learned a few things tonight...M learned to obey, and not to play with sharp objects. (so glad I didn't see her stab herself in the eye with a fondue fork). J and I both were certain-at least for a second-that we were headed to the ER for Christmas Eve. Maybe fondue will be a nicer tradition carried on when the kids are older. Easier is better on nights like this. We learned that cell phones are fantastic for keeping families together even when we're apart. I felt connected after receiving a pic of my niece in her Christmas PJ's and my nephew in another part of the country, in his nice Christmas outfit. So then we were able to send a pic of M and J partaking of fondue...a family tradition from my family of origin. Also, we got a message that my bro in law was firing up the big green egg for their special dinner just as we were firing up our fondue pot.
Now to make it through the rest of the night with the royally sore throat and hopefully not too late a night.

Here goes...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Got Paid

I didn't think the day would come, but yesterday I went to Walmart and they paid me 2 cents to take a product home! Granted I only bought one thing...but I was next door to Walmart for wig perusing (for my party character business). So since I was there, and had the coupon, I decided to swing in and pick up the free fabric softener. I was going to peak down the book aisle to see if they had the last of the Twilight series anyway. They didn't have the book, so I just got the fab softener. At 1.98 and a coupon for $2 off, they actually gave me 2 pennies and I walked out with the fab softener as well. Too bad I only had one coupon or I would have gotten 3 of these.

I did really well yesterday at Target as well. Got some free swiss miss hot cocoa and gave it to a friend (cause I already have 2). Got DelMonte canned green beans (our most used veggies in this house) for 25 cents a piece, and a Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure movie DVD/Blu Ray for $5!

Today I'm off to make a 5 yr old's day by surprising her in costume at her school with cupcakes! Off to the races.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Inching Ever Closer

Well I haven't blogged in a while. Not because I haven't had things going on, but mainly because nothing seemed to want to be written about. I'll explain...stories from my days and weeks come to mind in very storylike form sometimes. It is those that I blog about. If I make a list (like the last post) it's because the narrative form is lost for the time being. So, that's where I am. Still...

I am inching every closer to my 400th post! I should definitely use that as an excuse to throw a party...when it actually occurs that is.

Since the last post I have been to Disney World and Epcot, gotten to see one of my best friends from college, terribly missed one of my other best friends from college, driven to see my parents, flown in an airplane, read 3 of the Twilight books, very nearly completed my Christmas preparations with some last minute gift changing on the part of my 4 year old, past the 100,000 mile mark on my car (yikes!), had my 8th anniversary, and other fairly ordinary things.

I got to do a twins party this past weekend and that involved 2 of the princesses of their choice! Things didn't go as I'd hoped. J was supposed to be able to photograph the event for me since it was kind of a special deal, but we could find anyone to watch the kids at the last second since our usual plan b person was hospitalized for kidney stones. So he didn't get to photograph it, AND for the first time ever...I forgot the goody bags at home! So, to make up for it, I'm making pics and autographing them and slipping them in the mail with their goody bags to each child. That'll cost me...yuck, but I'm happy to oblige if it satisfies the customer. In spite of it not going precisely the way I would've liked, the mom was so ecstatic that she wrote me a raving review email that I will have to use on my site as a testimonial.

I have a singing telegram at a school on Tuesday (that should be quite fun). Tonight, though, I have a hot date with my hot husband! We are celebrating 8 years! It has been delightful...not perfect (we've been through a lot for sure), but compared to many stories of those around me, being married to him is rather easy. We will be spending the night in the swankiest hotel in the area and dining at High Cotton. I thought it a great excuse to buy a new dress (dress? what's that?!). Of course me in my ingenious plan was up till all hours trying to figure out my sister's sewing machine since mine are broken right now. It was an odd length that was very chic, but out of place for my height...would've made me look shorter and as he is 6'3" I don't need to look shorter, so I planned to hem it. In the end, I hand sewed it. Not ideal, but will work for this occasion. So, tonight I will don a classic, chic, red satin dress, some seriously high stilettos, huge earrings (I think...), but I have yet to figure out what to do with my hair.

Christmas has worked itself out as almost everything does (don't know why we worry about little stuff...God clothes and feeds the flowers and the birds, how much more will He take care of us). M wanted a violet incredibles costume from Santa. I ordered one online day after thanksgiving and got scammed apparently. Wasn't going to pay $60 to get one here by Christmas, so I had to improvise. We had a Mr. Incredible costume with a broken zipper from Goodwill, but the muscles would never do. It was too big and we needed to fix the zipper problem, so I asked her if I could scale it down and redo it so that it would be more "violet". That got a raving response. So we decided that Santa could bring her the wig and boots to go with the costume. ( I already had the wig put away). I actually had a hard time finding the boots and started to worry just a bit. Found the perfect ones the a.m. at Walmart on the way home from dropping her off to school! Yahoo!

Now all I have left to deal with for Christmas is anything that involves pictures. Haven't gotten to those yet...again it'll work itself out.