Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Got Paid

I didn't think the day would come, but yesterday I went to Walmart and they paid me 2 cents to take a product home! Granted I only bought one thing...but I was next door to Walmart for wig perusing (for my party character business). So since I was there, and had the coupon, I decided to swing in and pick up the free fabric softener. I was going to peak down the book aisle to see if they had the last of the Twilight series anyway. They didn't have the book, so I just got the fab softener. At 1.98 and a coupon for $2 off, they actually gave me 2 pennies and I walked out with the fab softener as well. Too bad I only had one coupon or I would have gotten 3 of these.

I did really well yesterday at Target as well. Got some free swiss miss hot cocoa and gave it to a friend (cause I already have 2). Got DelMonte canned green beans (our most used veggies in this house) for 25 cents a piece, and a Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure movie DVD/Blu Ray for $5!

Today I'm off to make a 5 yr old's day by surprising her in costume at her school with cupcakes! Off to the races.