Friday, March 26, 2010

The Post You've all been waiting for I'm sure...

Just kidding. I'm sure that you weren't all waiting on pins and needles for my next post! Haha! Still...we have officially moved. Are we free of the old house We have got a bit of cleaning and work to do before we turn in the keys early next week, but today we got a truck to get the last of the things moved to the new house.

LOVE the new house. So spacious! Love the quirkiness of older homes. So many built ins we don't really need drawers or book shelves! I love the smaller fenced yard. Plenty of space for the kids, but fenced securely enough that I don't have to be a nervous nelly when they are in the back yard. Love the fire place! Nice ambiance! One room is almost entirely empty cause we have no furniture for it. Ah the possibilities!

But in the midst of it all...just before the move we were sick...and I mean really sick, for 4-5 weeks. Pneumonia, stomach flu, norovirus, multiple ear infections for various family members... It's a miracle we got moved at all. It was very Katrina esque the way we had to throw stuff in boxes and into the back of a truck all basically in the same day. The only difference was that we got to come back for the rest later.

If it's going to happen, it will happen to us and thus W broke out in hives all over monday and tuesday...either a dog or chocolate. So now we get to fork it out for the allergist after all. Today, while we were moving and at a friends house, M fell off a ladder to a bunk bed and hit her head on a chair! One staple later, we thank God for urgent care cause it was fast and much less expensive than the ER! To top it all off, Jason is having some pain that we think my be a hernia! Lord, thank you for giving us relaxed and easy spirits! Cause even now I am slightly amused at the timing of it all! And yet He has seen us through and we will surely laugh and marvel at all of this even more later!

On an I LOVE THIS HOUSE note...I used the dishwasher the first night I got here! I moved dirty dishes! haha! I have since used it 3-4 other times and am loving the ease and less time consumption of it all! Yay for the fire place, the dishwasher, the backyard, the built ins, the dining room, J's office downstairs, and the multiple bathrooms! Funny though that I have the same exact oven and stove as my mother in law, and my cookie sheet didn't quite fit! So now we have acquired one just a bit smaller and have made 3 dozen cookies so far! Be glad to get this place organized and everything in it's place!

As if that weren't enough, in my PartyMe Princess Biz I debuted 2 new princesses in consecutive weekends, which means I had to do multiple fittings and sewing to complete each costume on time. And a singing telegram this weekend as well! Yay for business, but I definitely should have taken a couple of weeks off for the move.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Coolest thing...

I just found the coolest educational toy at Goodwill! For $3 I purchased a set of Boomwhackers that came with a carrying/xylophone case, the octave tube cap, and the set of mallets. When I looked online, these items were all to be purchased separately and equaled a total of $62.94 w/o tax! This is perfect for teaching music to a little girl who seems very interested in reading music notes and rest at the moment! What a find!

Friday, March 12, 2010

You Won't Believe

Well, if we are going to get it...I mean, not only did I have the norovirus 2 weeks ago on the weekend my kids were at their grandparents (you know when I was supposed to be having "me" time!), the following weekend we were all to go to my hubs parents. W and I had to stay behind.

I went to the Dr. that Tuesday, W was in the Dr's office that Thursday, got a fever that night. Ended up going back to the Dr. Sunday. He was diagnosed with bronchitis, and a bad L ear infection. M and her dad went to the grandparent's in AL for the visit. W and I had to stay behind. They were monitoring him for pneumonia. By the time M and her dad got back from being out of town, she was starting to sound pretty bad. Her cough moving down into her chest and her ear "itching" as she often puts it. Tuesday we were in the Dr.'s office again with M. Ear infection. Omnicef...same as her brother. They listened to W's chest and checked his ear. Still pretty bad as ears go. Chest sounding clear.

W had a rough day on Wednesday. Thought all the bad diapers were from the Omnicef...that can be pretty rough on their systems. Good thing I didn't send him to school or Mom to Mom child care. Turns out he had a 24 hour stomach bug. And it turns out we all got it! Hit me and J within about 1 hour of eachother. I suddenly felt dizzy and weak...and later the usual 24 hour bug symptoms unfolded. Not the best time to have one bathroom, but it worked out. J and I had to spend the night up and down and the day laying mostly in the bed. The kids were great! And lucky for M she hasn't caught that bug. J and I seem to be coming out of it! Whew! But with so much to do between the princess parties tomorrow and next weekend, and the packing for the move that is supposed to be happening next week. This should get interesting! I hope we can avoid any further sickness! Yikes!

Went for W's Thursday recheck and his ear is still pretty bad...probably caught the stomach thing at monday's dr. visit. And they have scheduled him for another follow up this thursday! I'm tired of visiting the Dr! Sheesh!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Staying Behind

Well, I'm mostly better. I have residual stomach discomfort and a lot of sinus stuff, but I'd say I'm almost back to my old self. W, however, is sick again. I took him to the Dr. yesterday with the explanation that I figured I was about a day or two early, but that our plan was to go out of town. I was right. I was just about a day earlier than I would have normally gone. Last night, he started the fever, and just by looking in his eyes you could tell he didn't feel well. So, W and I stayed home from our trip.

I am glad that M got to go. She, too, was a little puny, but nothing compared to W. I sent her with a bag of meds just in case. Hopefully, it'll be no big deal. So, we are here. I was also hoping to get a ton done today, as hubs and M were to roll out 9:30 or 10ish. But at 11 I was just getting them out the door. All the cleaning I'd hoped to accomplish during w's morning nap was left out when w's nap got left out. After they left, I had to quickly throw myself together (which wasn't pretty) and throw together some of the errands I needed to get done by around noon. On my way to the errands, I got a last minute phone call that I was needed after all to keep the extra child (which I normally do on Fridays anyway). Detour to the school to pick her up and take her on my errands. Then to get W's meds and some food and home. W slept a bit in the car thank heavens, because he completely avoided his afternoon nap. Thus, I now have him down to sleep for the night before 7:30pm. He's coughing it up, so I know he isn't sleeping yet. Poor guy.

Actually, I just went in and checked on him as it got quiet. He is sound asleep and breathing. His cough sounds pretty bad actually, and so I'll be keeping an extra close eye on him. Hoping to see some progress in the next day or two. As for me, maybe now, I'll have the chance to finish the cleaning I was only able to just touch on earlier today and then watch a movie I rented! Hmm... Sounds good to me.

I just wish he were feeling better, cause a mother son weekend could be so fun especially as the weather is getting nicer. Just not sure with his being sick that the weather is nice enough. The wind can really cut ya right now! Miss my family already. Enjoy a bit of a break though, since my last weekend break was cut short due to some weird flu bug!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Out a while

Been out a while. I didn't forget about the crock potting, ladies, but sometimes life smacks you on your bottom and you gotta take a minute to get it together before you can pick yourself back up again.

Today I'm picking myself back up. Almost fully recovered from some strange stomach bug...I won't go into detail for the g rating on this family friendly site--haha! But let's just say that my kids were with my parents for a long weekend, but I was stuck flat on my back in the bed from sat afternoon till just today. I ran necessary errands, but I wasn't really there! There were points when I really just wanted someone to take me to the hospital and hook me up to an iv and just give me a shot so I could sleep it off. Ah...but today I'm just about out of the fog that encompassed most of my "me time".

So no crockpotting till after my new trip that will roll out on Friday morning I think. I'm just going to focus on piecing my house back together after my being out of commission for so long. I'm going to go and enjoy choir tonight, and I'm going to spend time with my hubs a bit. And tomorrow I'm going to interview a new contract worker for the princess and the frog role. I'm going to clean and pack for our trip. I'm just thankful to be getting back to my old self!