Friday, March 05, 2010

Staying Behind

Well, I'm mostly better. I have residual stomach discomfort and a lot of sinus stuff, but I'd say I'm almost back to my old self. W, however, is sick again. I took him to the Dr. yesterday with the explanation that I figured I was about a day or two early, but that our plan was to go out of town. I was right. I was just about a day earlier than I would have normally gone. Last night, he started the fever, and just by looking in his eyes you could tell he didn't feel well. So, W and I stayed home from our trip.

I am glad that M got to go. She, too, was a little puny, but nothing compared to W. I sent her with a bag of meds just in case. Hopefully, it'll be no big deal. So, we are here. I was also hoping to get a ton done today, as hubs and M were to roll out 9:30 or 10ish. But at 11 I was just getting them out the door. All the cleaning I'd hoped to accomplish during w's morning nap was left out when w's nap got left out. After they left, I had to quickly throw myself together (which wasn't pretty) and throw together some of the errands I needed to get done by around noon. On my way to the errands, I got a last minute phone call that I was needed after all to keep the extra child (which I normally do on Fridays anyway). Detour to the school to pick her up and take her on my errands. Then to get W's meds and some food and home. W slept a bit in the car thank heavens, because he completely avoided his afternoon nap. Thus, I now have him down to sleep for the night before 7:30pm. He's coughing it up, so I know he isn't sleeping yet. Poor guy.

Actually, I just went in and checked on him as it got quiet. He is sound asleep and breathing. His cough sounds pretty bad actually, and so I'll be keeping an extra close eye on him. Hoping to see some progress in the next day or two. As for me, maybe now, I'll have the chance to finish the cleaning I was only able to just touch on earlier today and then watch a movie I rented! Hmm... Sounds good to me.

I just wish he were feeling better, cause a mother son weekend could be so fun especially as the weather is getting nicer. Just not sure with his being sick that the weather is nice enough. The wind can really cut ya right now! Miss my family already. Enjoy a bit of a break though, since my last weekend break was cut short due to some weird flu bug!


amothersjourney said...

I hope you all are feeling better soon! It's crazy how many people are sick now. Especially the kids. I hope to keep it away from our family and am doing EVERYTHING I can think of to prevent it. But, alas, it sneaks its nasty little head in somehow when you least expect it. Hopefully the warm weather brings a breath of freshness and health to your home. =)