Friday, March 12, 2010

You Won't Believe

Well, if we are going to get it...I mean, not only did I have the norovirus 2 weeks ago on the weekend my kids were at their grandparents (you know when I was supposed to be having "me" time!), the following weekend we were all to go to my hubs parents. W and I had to stay behind.

I went to the Dr. that Tuesday, W was in the Dr's office that Thursday, got a fever that night. Ended up going back to the Dr. Sunday. He was diagnosed with bronchitis, and a bad L ear infection. M and her dad went to the grandparent's in AL for the visit. W and I had to stay behind. They were monitoring him for pneumonia. By the time M and her dad got back from being out of town, she was starting to sound pretty bad. Her cough moving down into her chest and her ear "itching" as she often puts it. Tuesday we were in the Dr.'s office again with M. Ear infection. Omnicef...same as her brother. They listened to W's chest and checked his ear. Still pretty bad as ears go. Chest sounding clear.

W had a rough day on Wednesday. Thought all the bad diapers were from the Omnicef...that can be pretty rough on their systems. Good thing I didn't send him to school or Mom to Mom child care. Turns out he had a 24 hour stomach bug. And it turns out we all got it! Hit me and J within about 1 hour of eachother. I suddenly felt dizzy and weak...and later the usual 24 hour bug symptoms unfolded. Not the best time to have one bathroom, but it worked out. J and I had to spend the night up and down and the day laying mostly in the bed. The kids were great! And lucky for M she hasn't caught that bug. J and I seem to be coming out of it! Whew! But with so much to do between the princess parties tomorrow and next weekend, and the packing for the move that is supposed to be happening next week. This should get interesting! I hope we can avoid any further sickness! Yikes!

Went for W's Thursday recheck and his ear is still pretty bad...probably caught the stomach thing at monday's dr. visit. And they have scheduled him for another follow up this thursday! I'm tired of visiting the Dr! Sheesh!