Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today M:

woke up with a bad cough
lounged around watching movies
didn't eat much breakfast
played on her computer
told me she had to pee as we got to the end of our driveway on our way to the mall
went inside to pee and got back in the car...again
ate very little chicken noodle soup at panera
ate her whole bag of chips
bossed her brother in the wagon
got annoyed with her brother in the wagon
had extreme difficulty in the stride rite
couldn't concentrate likely due to over crowding, lots of superfluous noise, and tiredness
almost got pulled up and out of said shoe store with no purchase of shoes
didn't get the cookie she so badly wanted due to behavior in shoe store
still got to play in the mall playground
got to wear her very funky new tennis shoes out of the store
wasn't too difficult to round up when it was time to leave the playground
ate another bag of chips because she was still hungry
got scared of the rain on the way home
played with her umbrella in the house
had quiet time but chose not to sleep thus forfeiting vbs option tonight
disobeyed quiet time rules by hollering, opening door, coming out of rm, then arguing bout it all
watched some movies while mom made sup
had a snack then asked for more
didn't get more cause she needed to save room for supper
walked up to the supper table and said, "ewww yuck!" after seeing her supper
managed to scarf down the one g. bean, one bite of ham, and actually liked the potatoes
chose to have hotdogs and more potatoes
decided she didn't want them after all, after her dad got them for her
had to eat some anyway...but wasn't happy about it
got in trouble various times before and after supper for driving her brother crazy and disobeying
got in trouble for arguing
got feisty with her mom and that was the last straw
had to go to bed VERY early
was "sad" about it
screamed, "no! I'm gonna fight you!"
chickened out on the fighting when her dad and mom said come on and fight then
has been sound asleep since 7:30pm

Today W:

ate cereal and grits for b'fast
watched baby einstein
had a morning nap
woke up grumpy from his morning nap
went to the mall anyway
ate well at panera; bread, turkey, crackers, juice
spilled M's water all over the wagon, himself, her, and his fresh clean blankie
threw up some lunch in the shoe store
wasn't happy at all while in the shoe store
rather enjoyed playing at the play ground
made car sounds at the car on the playground
was really tired on the rainy ride home
enjoyed being under the umbrella with mom (laughed)
went down easily for his afternoon nap
slept through the doorbell and the woman wanting to buy our swingset
woke up happy from his afternoon nap
ate cheerios for a snack and watched whatever M was watching while mom cooked supper
spilled more cheerios on the floor than he ate
decided to start trying out the walking legs and did better than ever before
was excited to see his daddy
didn't like supper either!
didn't want ham, or g. beans. Loved the potatoes as well, and bread, and bananas, and water
played with daddy in a box while M was going to bed
is still crying over going to bed but will hopefully be asleep soon

Today I:
was tired when I woke up
had some coffee and cereal
shared my cereal with W
checked email and facebook
put w down for nap
took a shower and fixed my hair
talked to B on the phone
woke W up to go the mall
dealt with children throughout the drama of the mall
at least i had my fave salad for lunch
was tired when naptime came
just dozed off when M started being loud
got up and instructed her
laid back down and warmed up
got up at the sound of the doorbell
was surprised by woman requesting to buy our swingset
took her name and number on a napkin
texted J
laid down again but couldn't sleep at that point
had a snack with too many calories
looked on the computer till baby woke
got M and W up
got them a snack and started in on supper
noticed her voice was hoarse and raspy...must be the scratchy throat setting in
thought some hot coffee might help
swept the kitchen...again
wiped down the counters, table, stove
continued the laundry
was also excited to see daddy home
fed children supper
ate some supper
took care of disobedient, angry child
laid with her till she fell asleep
found her baby crying it out in his room
rocked her baby, but still had to leave him to cry
couldn't stand to hear him crying so had to blog on the computer to distract her from the sound
still hears him crying (what is the deal)
wishes he would sleep soon so she can actually work out tonight
would love to sew after she works out if it's not too late