Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cousins Easter Egg Hunt!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chikalada Pasta

This is one of my favorite dishes! It's really called Chicken Enchilada Pasta, but this is the way it came out when M said it tonight. I thought it was cute enough to stick.

Chickilada Pasta

cook some spaghetti noodles (or any kind of pasta really)
--enough to cover the bottom of the casserole dish.
When you are finished cooking and draining, add a smidge of olive oil to keep them from sticking.

Boil a chicken breast or two for about 20 minutes, then cut into bite sized pieces. (I usually boil a whole bunch and do all this cutting and boiling at once and then freeze the rest for any recipe that calls for bite size chicken).

Place the chicken on top of the noodles.
(Optional-but I love it!) Place a few jalapeno pepper slices around the chicken.

Now for the sauce (which is basically a gravy)!
in a saucepan, melt a stick of butter.
when it is melted, add in a hair less than 1/2 cup of flour.
stir immediately, making sure there aren't any clumps.
While this is cooking (for a minimum of 4 minutes), microwave to boiling 2 cups of chicken bouillion.
Stir the butter flour mixture, and then pour the bouillion quickly into the saucepan (after it has cooked for at least 4 minutes.)
stir rapidly as it will quickly begin to thicken.
turn down to low to medium and add seasonings to taste. Salt, Pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, and jalapenos and/or jalapeno juices.

Pour this sauce over the casserole dish evenly and add cheese on top.

Bake for 15-20 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Found a Quote I Love

"Be True to Who You Are and the Family Name You Bear."

Monday, March 17, 2008

What a day it was yesterday! We were very productive around here! And on palm Sunday! Wouldn't they have thrown us in jail back in biblical days! how dare we be so productive! Still our Sabbath proved to fall on Saturday this week.

After naptime we found hubs hard at work recreating a table for my sewing projects. He's so sweet! He seems to be really supportive of all my TeederToddler projects. He's even remaking an old table we had in order that I might have a place to sew besides the dining room table and half of baby boys space! Hopefully we can get it organized enough in here before baby comes! We'd like to feel as though we fit in here! So much to do and time is fleeting.

M dressed herself. We didn't go anyway for conventional "church" but she picked out a sunday dress and shoes and all just to go outside and play. She is so cute and as girlie as they get! When she saw her daddy working outside, she wanted to help! So she gave it her best go.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Up to No Good

Me and my serger! Ah. We were the best of friends, we are the worst of enemies! No seriously, check out my post over at TeederToddlers for more of that story. But it seems that my serger needs a name cause I personify her quite a bit. Let's see...Ah, perfect. My serger, Suri, will have to go to the Dr. first thing this week cause her mother/owner--me--can't seem to take care of her properly and she is a bit over sensitive as I hear most of her species are. So, Suri the serger will be staying in the serger hospital overnite a day or two till her timing is realigned!

I pulled and prodded as you are not to do with a serger and managed to bend a needle in a big way! Then I proceeded to change it and restring Suri several times just to be sure and yet...alas, she will not loop. not even a little. And after further investigation, it appears that the needles are rubbing into the loopers and some other bit I have no idea what its name is, is beyond my scope of fixing. Metal on metal is definitely a shop kind of thing, at least for now!

Still, I am forging ahead on new projects! check out my latest over ollie at teedertoddlers! AND I posted a pick of my latest diaper wreath that was delivered as a present at the shower I attended today! That turned out great and is a really unique gift if you'd like to order one!

Friday, March 14, 2008

New 6/9 month outfit @ TeederToddlers

Projects have begun! check out for the latest!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yesterday was Priceless.
-Dropped car off at the garage next door at the crack of dawn for some brake work. (expecting a charge from $150-$600)
-Rode to Mom to mom with SIL and cuz and M of course
-had interesting theological discussion in group. Very fulfilling for me as deep thought is somewhat hard to come by in the stay at home mom world
-had lunch with SIL, cuz, and M
-M went easily down for her nap
-checked in with parentals
-after nap had a snack (jello!) and walked next door to check on our car
-it was done and the bill was fantastic ($161.50!)
-since it was in the 70's, checked in on hubs to see if he was coming home for sup (was having a computer meltdown day at work). and he wasn't, so M and I decided to go to the park.
-Park was closed for maintenance, bummer, so M says lets go to the zoo!
-Why not? don't know if it'll be open since it is after 4:30pm at this point, but there is a fabulous park in front of the zoo if it is closed.
-zoo is closed but park is in full swing! M plays and plays!
-m is a big girl and goes potty, no accidents!
-time for sup and since we are so close to downtown westside we head there and park in the lot behind hub office (its the cheapest).
-we get out the stroller and decide on either pizza or soup.
-m says soup, cheesy, or potato.
-we locate Atlanta Bread Co. and she decides no soup, but p,b,and j is perfect. She eats a good bit of her sandwich, her entire bag of chips and all but one bite of her pickle!
-she goes potty again like a big girl! no accidents!
-i have one of my fave sandwiches too
-off to Marble Slab for some ice cream!
-M wants pink ice cream but no strawberries...not sure if that exists. Sure enough they have pink bubble gum ice cream.
-she samples, she like, I buy her a cone with sprinkles on top.
-we are both in heaven.
-back to our car, pay the parking lady, and head for home as the sun has now officially set.
-its 8:30 when we hit the bath together (as hubs is still working bless his heart)
-by 9:30 she is almost out cold.
-call sis and have a long overdue fun chat (50 min!)
-go to bed
-hubs finally gets home around 12:30 poor guy!

I spent a total of $19 on M and me. Cash from craigslist sale. I loved every minute of my date. And I realized, I don't do this enough. I left the dirty dishes in the sink, I left the huge pile of clean clothes unfolded, and we did spontaneous things. And she was delightful. It was a glimpse into my big girl's life. I wondered if my mom must have felt these same things with me sometimes as I grew. I cherished every minute of the night. All the "I love yous" that she lavished on me. I think we both felt so special! I to her and she to me. I felt special to God that He would allow me such a privilege! Priceless day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, I was sluggish yesterday...that is true. But even still, I was a bit productive. Did a good bit of dishes, worked on the laundry, hung and put up all of M's clothes and straightened her room. I decluttered our very small hall. In fact, some of the decluttering led to craigslist, and thus today I will have made a quick $35.00 (most likely to pay for dinner tonight with hubs).

I picked up my check, made a deposit, ran an errand for mom, and got our free monday night redbox movie. AND...I got a decent nap in there. M got to play outside a bit, which thrilled my soul seeing as it was perfect yesterday! We (me and M) even walked over to the neighbors at DeYoung's Garage yesterday to do some checking on some brake work that we needed done. That will have to wait till Friday...or maybe I can squeeze it in tomorrow. we'll see.

Today has been far more productive than I would have expected. I dropped M off at schoo, caught up with a friend via telephone (been meaning to do this for awhile), made a quick stop at starbucks (most recent craving), stopped at Goodwill and hit the motherload for my teeder toddler projects and on half off! I came home and did some more laundry, ate lunch, caught up with parentals, met a craiglister, straightened the living room since k and SIL are coming over to watch M while we attend birthing class. The bathroom is straight, finished ALL the laundry! Now I have to work on dishes and folding the clean clothes. There is a permanent (or so it seems) pile of stuff next to the back door that is for ebay, garage sale, and/or goodwill! Can't wait till that is gone!

Gotta get M in a minute, but I'm going to keep goingsince I seem to be on a roll. I'm less sluggish today and no nap! maybe that exhaustion had more to do with daylight savings time?! We shall see. In the mean time. I'm determined to get to a point on this housework that leaves me sanity to work on TeederToddlers. Got a big project up my sleeve that I hope proves to be profitable! Fuller schedule than usual for this stay at home mom! I'll post when I can.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Third Trimester?!

Seriously...I'm going to be 25 wks. tomorrow, and I'm already feeling the tug of the exhaustion that comes with the third trimester! Not yet! I was feeling so good! I felt it yesterday. One day is no big deal, but I feel it really bad today and I've remembered to take my vitamins and such. Of course M had a little rough night last night. She had some nightmare or something. At any rate she was scared and called for me in the middle of the night. I had to deal with that. I laid down in her bed for a while, but that never works for long cause she wasn't sleeping and neither was I, so I tucked her in again and tried to go back to sleep. Couldn't get comfortable. tried various things and finally went back to sleep. That doesn't help my sluggishness! I'm going to try to be at least a little bit productive today. I've got quite a bit of work to do. We'll just see how far I get. Not going to make a list, cause I think I would get depressed.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Chester the Third

So you know how they say that Cats have 9 lives...well, I now know that mice have at least 3 lives. Only time will tell as for the remainder of his little lives. We had a visit from Chester again last night. After two previous times, I was actually better able to sleep, but he did wake me up a good 3 times. No we are not extremely dirty people, though J swears we have too many crumbs around here from our toddling eater. We are in a very evolving spot.

The first mouse came after they cleared the lot to build the CVS diagonally across the street. The second visitor came the very morning they drove the house off of the lot across the street. Now they have begun construction on a huge "lot" and are in the process of moving two more houses (already drove one off). They are clearing the area and preparing to build a whole bunch of townhomes. And we got a visitor. We have packets under the house and plugged up the only "hole" we knew of. Still, he came, he visited, he died...and all that for some peanut butter (on the trap of course).

Hope that is the end of chester!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

TeederToddlers Official Blog

Well, its a start. TeederToddlers has an official blog site and email address. and These are your ways of contacting us on questions about our latest creations and such. Enjoy. And seriously, the only way we can help you is if you contact us. Go ahead. leave comments, email with questions. This is only the beginning.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm posting.

I'm posting though sometimes I feel like I've got nothing to post about. J was out of town last week all week so I was worn out and didn't feel much like blogging. This week we are working off the illness that M got at school last Thursday. Yippee. I almost kept her home today, but she isn't contagious and seemed alright, so I sent her. I had tons of things to do today anyway..

It is only 10:30am. I've barely been out and about for more than an hour and I already got a huge portion of my list complete. I returned our free redbox movie from yesterday, I ran to the bank to finally take care of all that. I went to pay rent and visit with the landlord. she is an older woman who loves to that usually takes a while. I have an appt. with a kids consignment place at 10:45 but gotta wait for mom and dad to get here to help with the loading and such since it is heavy things we are checking out today. can't do any of that heavy lifting while i'm pregnant.

I have even called to schedule my doula appt. and childbirthing classes. we are all signed up and ready except for paying. now I just need to organize child care for M for the next 8 tues. nights. guess that'll be date night for us for a while.

Things are moving along...trying to figure out what to do with our housing situation. feeling a bit cramped here, but know that we could make it work if we have to. Dreary day, supposed to get several thunderboomers as M would say. can't believe I'm actually being productive on such a day as this! Amazing.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

On Napping

This is a quote or such from the back of Celestial Seasonings box. Seriously dorky I know, but I kept it for a long time maybe cause I agreed with it and/or because it justifies one of my favorite things...a nap.

"When we were young, the 'tall' ones told us when to slow down. When the demands of the world became too great, their powers of reasoning proved maddeningly accurate. 'I think someone's tired,' they observed. And off for a nap we went. Ten minutes later, our dreaming faces had put us back in good favor with our exasperated parents. When we woke, the world somehow made sense again. What kind of truth might a napping child impart to us? Now we are the tall ones, living in a complicated world with no one to tell us when to slow down. The slumbering little one knows the value of not having the last word, of accepting a minor defeat. It's so simple. Miss out on something. Put yourself back in your own good favor. The world will wait."