Monday, March 10, 2008

Third Trimester?!

Seriously...I'm going to be 25 wks. tomorrow, and I'm already feeling the tug of the exhaustion that comes with the third trimester! Not yet! I was feeling so good! I felt it yesterday. One day is no big deal, but I feel it really bad today and I've remembered to take my vitamins and such. Of course M had a little rough night last night. She had some nightmare or something. At any rate she was scared and called for me in the middle of the night. I had to deal with that. I laid down in her bed for a while, but that never works for long cause she wasn't sleeping and neither was I, so I tucked her in again and tried to go back to sleep. Couldn't get comfortable. tried various things and finally went back to sleep. That doesn't help my sluggishness! I'm going to try to be at least a little bit productive today. I've got quite a bit of work to do. We'll just see how far I get. Not going to make a list, cause I think I would get depressed.


It's a Mom Thing said...

Waking in the night (or early morning for me, mostly) and not being able to get back to sleep is so annoying! It happens to me several times a week now, due to getting up to go to the bathroom or hearing T$ on the monitor, etc. I'm so tired, but I just can't go back to sleep. So, I understand!

Mike the Uber-Gnome said...

Congrats to you, "hubs," and M on the new Youngster on the way. I'm so glad to see God continuing to bless you guys and guiding you all through life. Have a blast at your birthing class. I know "hubs" is enjoying them.