Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yesterday was Priceless.
-Dropped car off at the garage next door at the crack of dawn for some brake work. (expecting a charge from $150-$600)
-Rode to Mom to mom with SIL and cuz and M of course
-had interesting theological discussion in group. Very fulfilling for me as deep thought is somewhat hard to come by in the stay at home mom world
-had lunch with SIL, cuz, and M
-M went easily down for her nap
-checked in with parentals
-after nap had a snack (jello!) and walked next door to check on our car
-it was done and the bill was fantastic ($161.50!)
-since it was in the 70's, checked in on hubs to see if he was coming home for sup (was having a computer meltdown day at work). and he wasn't, so M and I decided to go to the park.
-Park was closed for maintenance, bummer, so M says lets go to the zoo!
-Why not? don't know if it'll be open since it is after 4:30pm at this point, but there is a fabulous park in front of the zoo if it is closed.
-zoo is closed but park is in full swing! M plays and plays!
-m is a big girl and goes potty, no accidents!
-time for sup and since we are so close to downtown westside we head there and park in the lot behind hub office (its the cheapest).
-we get out the stroller and decide on either pizza or soup.
-m says soup, cheesy, or potato.
-we locate Atlanta Bread Co. and she decides no soup, but p,b,and j is perfect. She eats a good bit of her sandwich, her entire bag of chips and all but one bite of her pickle!
-she goes potty again like a big girl! no accidents!
-i have one of my fave sandwiches too
-off to Marble Slab for some ice cream!
-M wants pink ice cream but no strawberries...not sure if that exists. Sure enough they have pink bubble gum ice cream.
-she samples, she like, I buy her a cone with sprinkles on top.
-we are both in heaven.
-back to our car, pay the parking lady, and head for home as the sun has now officially set.
-its 8:30 when we hit the bath together (as hubs is still working bless his heart)
-by 9:30 she is almost out cold.
-call sis and have a long overdue fun chat (50 min!)
-go to bed
-hubs finally gets home around 12:30 poor guy!

I spent a total of $19 on M and me. Cash from craigslist sale. I loved every minute of my date. And I realized, I don't do this enough. I left the dirty dishes in the sink, I left the huge pile of clean clothes unfolded, and we did spontaneous things. And she was delightful. It was a glimpse into my big girl's life. I wondered if my mom must have felt these same things with me sometimes as I grew. I cherished every minute of the night. All the "I love yous" that she lavished on me. I think we both felt so special! I to her and she to me. I felt special to God that He would allow me such a privilege! Priceless day!


Michelle Y said...

Sounds like a fun date with your little girl....a perfect day!

It's a Mom Thing said...

So glad you had a fun day with your girl. Like you said, it's important to do that every once in a while, especially knowing life will change a bit with another on the way. I say, ENJOY!

Caroline said...

Those days are GREAT!!! S and I had one of those yesterday as well! It was fabulous:) I'm a bit jealous of the ice cream bit - makes me want some!

kathylove said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, how SPECIAL for you two. These are priceless days...capture the moment...God is indeed good:)

I have been going through old family pics and it has caused me to realize how quickly life goes by. The pics have shown me that our little family did a lot of special things together that I am so thankful for, BUT they have also made me wished I had just lingered a little while longer in the mist of those special family moments. Keep enjoying your is good!