Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, I was sluggish yesterday...that is true. But even still, I was a bit productive. Did a good bit of dishes, worked on the laundry, hung and put up all of M's clothes and straightened her room. I decluttered our very small hall. In fact, some of the decluttering led to craigslist, and thus today I will have made a quick $35.00 (most likely to pay for dinner tonight with hubs).

I picked up my check, made a deposit, ran an errand for mom, and got our free monday night redbox movie. AND...I got a decent nap in there. M got to play outside a bit, which thrilled my soul seeing as it was perfect yesterday! We (me and M) even walked over to the neighbors at DeYoung's Garage yesterday to do some checking on some brake work that we needed done. That will have to wait till Friday...or maybe I can squeeze it in tomorrow. we'll see.

Today has been far more productive than I would have expected. I dropped M off at schoo, caught up with a friend via telephone (been meaning to do this for awhile), made a quick stop at starbucks (most recent craving), stopped at Goodwill and hit the motherload for my teeder toddler projects and on half off! I came home and did some more laundry, ate lunch, caught up with parentals, met a craiglister, straightened the living room since k and SIL are coming over to watch M while we attend birthing class. The bathroom is straight, finished ALL the laundry! Now I have to work on dishes and folding the clean clothes. There is a permanent (or so it seems) pile of stuff next to the back door that is for ebay, garage sale, and/or goodwill! Can't wait till that is gone!

Gotta get M in a minute, but I'm going to keep goingsince I seem to be on a roll. I'm less sluggish today and no nap! maybe that exhaustion had more to do with daylight savings time?! We shall see. In the mean time. I'm determined to get to a point on this housework that leaves me sanity to work on TeederToddlers. Got a big project up my sleeve that I hope proves to be profitable! Fuller schedule than usual for this stay at home mom! I'll post when I can.


kathylove said...

You Go, Girl! Pace yourself and don't overdo.

I am so excited for you and your Teedertoddler business. I have it posted on my blog and already have gotten a comment back on it!
love you, auntkathylove