Monday, March 17, 2008

What a day it was yesterday! We were very productive around here! And on palm Sunday! Wouldn't they have thrown us in jail back in biblical days! how dare we be so productive! Still our Sabbath proved to fall on Saturday this week.

After naptime we found hubs hard at work recreating a table for my sewing projects. He's so sweet! He seems to be really supportive of all my TeederToddler projects. He's even remaking an old table we had in order that I might have a place to sew besides the dining room table and half of baby boys space! Hopefully we can get it organized enough in here before baby comes! We'd like to feel as though we fit in here! So much to do and time is fleeting.

M dressed herself. We didn't go anyway for conventional "church" but she picked out a sunday dress and shoes and all just to go outside and play. She is so cute and as girlie as they get! When she saw her daddy working outside, she wanted to help! So she gave it her best go.