Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm posting.

I'm posting though sometimes I feel like I've got nothing to post about. J was out of town last week all week so I was worn out and didn't feel much like blogging. This week we are working off the illness that M got at school last Thursday. Yippee. I almost kept her home today, but she isn't contagious and seemed alright, so I sent her. I had tons of things to do today anyway..

It is only 10:30am. I've barely been out and about for more than an hour and I already got a huge portion of my list complete. I returned our free redbox movie from yesterday, I ran to the bank to finally take care of all that. I went to pay rent and visit with the landlord. she is an older woman who loves to chat...so that usually takes a while. I have an appt. with a kids consignment place at 10:45 but gotta wait for mom and dad to get here to help with the loading and such since it is heavy things we are checking out today. can't do any of that heavy lifting while i'm pregnant.

I have even called to schedule my doula appt. and childbirthing classes. we are all signed up and ready except for paying. now I just need to organize child care for M for the next 8 tues. nights. guess that'll be date night for us for a while.

Things are moving along...trying to figure out what to do with our housing situation. feeling a bit cramped here, but know that we could make it work if we have to. Dreary day, supposed to get several thunderboomers as M would say. can't believe I'm actually being productive on such a day as this! Amazing.