Saturday, March 15, 2008

Up to No Good

Me and my serger! Ah. We were the best of friends, we are the worst of enemies! No seriously, check out my post over at TeederToddlers for more of that story. But it seems that my serger needs a name cause I personify her quite a bit. Let's see...Ah, perfect. My serger, Suri, will have to go to the Dr. first thing this week cause her mother/owner--me--can't seem to take care of her properly and she is a bit over sensitive as I hear most of her species are. So, Suri the serger will be staying in the serger hospital overnite a day or two till her timing is realigned!

I pulled and prodded as you are not to do with a serger and managed to bend a needle in a big way! Then I proceeded to change it and restring Suri several times just to be sure and yet...alas, she will not loop. not even a little. And after further investigation, it appears that the needles are rubbing into the loopers and some other bit I have no idea what its name is, is beyond my scope of fixing. Metal on metal is definitely a shop kind of thing, at least for now!

Still, I am forging ahead on new projects! check out my latest over ollie at teedertoddlers! AND I posted a pick of my latest diaper wreath that was delivered as a present at the shower I attended today! That turned out great and is a really unique gift if you'd like to order one!