Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Single Mom and Snow

Seriously, it snowed this morning. Some people didn't even realize it that's how little it is, but I had flurries on my car and grill (and no it wasn't frost--i do know the difference) Last week it nearly peaked at 70 degrees and this morning we had snow flurries! Ugh. I'm officially ready for spring.

And...I'm officially ready for hubs to come home. I'm a single mom for the week. Luckily I only have one child though she is 2 1/2 and one on the way. I've tried to be remotely productive, but I have low motivation. I swear if I don't get ALL the dishes done and ALL the laundry put away before J comes home I may check myself into the mental institution.

On a good note, M didn't have any accidents today and was in two situations where she had to go while in the car. She held it till we got to a potty. AND she gave me warning! That was amazing! She even went #2 by herself twice! So victory there.

On napping however, for about a week or more she has been having a really difficult time with naps. This is fairly new. We have a serious routine around here...I'm careful about the sugar intake anywhere near naptime, and still...she gets bout 45min. to 30min. by the time she goes to sleep. Hoping this is just a phase.

Well, Friday and Saturday have come and I'm finally going to post this which I began probably on Wednesday. M is sick (and napping of course cause she needs the rest). Going to the Dr. today. Poor girl. I need more sleep myself, but at least I'm getting my massage today. Ah!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


We have officially named our little boy on the way! And..................We're not telling yet! That's so mean I know. There is just always such a stink with certain people over something that is our choice anyway that it's easier to wait and announce it once the ink has dried on the birth certificate. If I choose to tell earlier it will be at my discretion. (Our discretion really).

My M has returned from the mother ship, at least for this lovely valentine's day...Of course tonight should be interesting considering the amount of sugar she has taken in! We shall see, but so far, so good.

Met with a doula today. Glad I'm choosing to do that. Seriously worth the money.

Getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow. Ookie! You would not believe the amount of things I save! Actually most of you are probably more like me than you would like to admit. And I am always cleaning out, but alas. still plenty to sell.

We celebrated Valentine's day as a family this morning! That was really awesome! I mean it. A lovely little memory I will enjoy for the remainder of my memory's existence. We splurged (which won't happen for a long time to come)and actually bought real Hallmark cards at the Hallmark store! I know. I'm officially crazy! I was costly let me tell you, but M really enjoyed picking them out for each person. She loved hers from her dad so much that she took it to school and held onto it at least half the day her teachers said. It had glitter and disney princesses on it. Daddy's and daughters are great!

Got to split lunch with Mom at Brickstreet from my Valentine's Day treat and J got me a Starbucks card. That was perfect! I didn't ask for it and didn't even think of it, but it really is perfect. I have trouble splurging like that on myself, but I do love my Starbucks! I wanted to get him a specific something that will sound ridiculous to anyone else, but J would've loved it! I wanted to get him one of those shower curtain rods that is curved for extra room. Thought they ran around $25...nope. They are more like $40. Then add in tax. So I didn't get it. I did howver find him a hilarious book about "How Babies Are Made" Seriously amusing. He will enjoy that too. Gotta go through garage sale stuff and make sup. More later.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Child Formerly Known As...

Anyone who doesn't believe in original sin doesn't have children.

Anyone who doesn't believe in original sin should have been a fly in my diaper bag all day. Now, to date, my child is generally a fairly well behaved child. I'm beginning to think that my family was part of some kind of awful experiment by the aliens to see how aliens and humans interact, because that surely wasn't my M...that must've been an alien trapped in her body...a pod person.

Granted maybe she feels a bit like I do that we (she and I)have had more than our usual fill of eachother in the last two weeks, cause I know that especially after today I could use, I mean really use, a break.

She was uncooperative most of the day. Purposefully choosing to not listen, obviously ignore, roll/avert eyes, attempt to distract, and just about anything she could do to be frustrating, disobedient, and whiny. At least the potty thing went well most of the day, so I can't complain about that.

Sweet girl woke up from nap time and stayed till about supper. Then I was convinced that maybe I did carry twins the last time I was pregnant cause this child looked just like mine, but was absolutely undisciplined!

Now you know as her mom I'm totally going to spend the rest of the night trying to figure out what I did to contribute and overanalyze how this happened and what I ought to have done to get different outcomes. The truth is. I felt frustrated and angry a good bit of the day because I couldn't make her obey.


Ah, we do learn alot from our children.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tomorrow is Another Day

Bout half-way through the day I was feeling like the above statement...praying that God would indeed give me another day to make up for the slow going, one step behind kinda day I was having. But it got better.

Here goes:

7:30am--wake up feeling cruddy (still)

Wake M up who is officially sound asleep. This never goes well cause she is usually quite cranky in such scenarios. This was a medium cranky episode (whew). She goes to the potty and her diaper was dry (yahoo!). Then she whines and fusses cause she wants to put on a diaper. I didn't cave. She wore the panties.

7:46am--get M some rice milk and convince her that she needn't watch a movie at this time. No desire for breakfast and barely drinks any milk. I hop in the shower, get ready...slowly, and go to get M ready (granted by this time it's closer to 8:30am).

Argue over which potty she's going to go pee pee in...leave her on one only to come back and find that she has hiked herself up onto mine is going potty! Hey, I'm confused but proud. Finally get her dressed...ask her to finish watching some Disney thing while I get her lunch ready...and her bag ready...and my bag ready.

By the time we get out the door it is pushing 9:30am. I've cut her bologna into hearts, cupids, and other various shapes. Realize I don't have any juice left, so make up an on the go drink and poor it into two sippy cups. Whew. Grab a snack for myself since I'm getting my hair done and sometimes that takes awhile.

As we are locking up the house, M says that her tummy is rumbling and that must mean she's hungry. I feel bad and convince her to have my granola bar. She doesn't think she will, but she really likes it. We make it to school, tell her teachers she hasn't had an accident in 4 days, so I don't expect any problems, but I'll be at the salon. I hope upon hopes she is still in the same outfit when I pick her up, but I don't really expect her to be.

I'm gone...and running late...and still have to stop at the bank. I have to do it on the way cause that's how I'm paying the tip. I call a friend to assure her that I haven't forgotten about her, just been sick. Love credit unions cause I was out of deposit slips but I still needed to deposit some and keep some. So the guy just asks and then takes care of it for me! Yeah. That's service!

I pull up for my hair appt. just a mere one minute late! hallelujah. Getting your hair done is always fun. And she threw in an eyebrow wax for the heck of it (mainly cause I've purposely neglected to keep mine up since they needed some adjusting). I still got out of there in under 2 hours.

Met mom for lunch...perfect. I was in the mood for Schlotzkys and she was right there. Splurged on the caffeine and had Cherry Coke (love it). Then went home to wrap b-day present for M's friend's party. Called Sarah to let her know that I (which means she) will not be at Mom to mom tomorrow cause I'm still not up to par. Talked longer than we should but enjoyed it. Didn't nap and did a mediocre job at wrapping that present. Went to get M.

M was still in her same outfit, had had no accidents, and took a nap! Which is huge since she didn't nap at all yesterday! We went to the elmo b-day party. Got two requests for the "Overhauls". M gets a little overloaded in that type of environment, but she had fun. We got a pic with Elmo and a cute video I'll post later. Cake was good too, but M didn't want any. She'd already had cupcakes and suckers...

We came home, M wanted to watch Pocahontas (which is like her new favorite) so I let her so that I could doze a minute and then start on dinner and dishes. Didn't want to, but I did and now I'm glad. Dinner was delish! M ate sooooooooo much brocolli! She thought it was sooooo good! Hilarious! And fantastic really. Made Chicken Enchilada Pasta (one of my faves), and broccoli and sweet tea! Even Hubs enjoyed it all.

Potty time comes after dinner always in our house till we get it down (the #2 I mean). We had a little resistence, but I didn't cave. She did it and was greatly relieved and had energy like you wouldn't believe after that. Nani came by with a special prize for her perfect potty day and all ended well that started off sloppy! Thank goodness I didn't have to wait till tomorrow to redeem my motherhood abilities! What a day. And I'm still up.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Seriously...Here are the bow pics for the birthday project. Please enjoy laughing along with me as I try to figure this creation out!

See the previous post for the frontal pic of these "overhauls". Here is the frou frou on the back. So now to make a matching bow!

I actually downloaded and printed, read and followed directions to make this bow. besides the fact that it's too big, it looks a mess! I decide to give it a go without the instructions. I eyeball it if you will. And I'm relieved to have this as the outcome!


My mom and I are working on a new project. We are making and recreating boutique clothing for toddlers. We've only just begun and right now we are only doing girls clothing sizes 2-5...and it is fun. Not to mention that M is the beneficiary of all the demo model clothes (the ones we work with first to get them just right). Then she gets to be our little model/walking advertisement! There is one more outfit that is complete minus the monogram so I will post it later. But the scoop is that we will have an Etsy store/site very shortly (Thanks itsamomthing for that tip) and you and anyone you tip off can go, search, browse, shop...

Here's the scoop. TeederToddlers is our name. We make clothing for toddler girls sizes 2-5. Our goal is to make one style of clothing per week/one pattern if you will. We will make only one item in each size (unless there is a special request for twins), and that is it. The next week will be a whole new item. The purpose here is to keep things very original. The quality will be high, and the demand great because THERE ARE SO FEW THAT ARE ALIKE! If there happens to be a particular pattern and/or fabric that is extremely popular, then you can expect to see it reappear in the following month's picks. But the goal will be to keep things unique and individual AND high quality, made in America! Can't wait to publish the post that says that we are up and running.

THIS IS THE PREVIEW! Here are the items (minus the one in need of monogramming) that we have experimented with so far.

This is a birthday present for one of M's classmates! It comes with a matching hairbow and there are a few cute embellishments on the back as well, but I've maxed out my pics for this post. Will post the hair bow pics next cause it was a funny experiment.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Baby Boy Pics

Finally scanned these in...Thanks Mom and SIL! If you know what you're looking at you'll notice the boy parts to be very obvious! The two middle ones are face pics 3D and the last is just a pic of his hand spread out. Very cute to me the mom.

Update! We had a great potty day with M. She didn't have any accidents. In fact just before dinner she went potty all by herself and then called us from the toilet. That was funny. We celebrated by going to Ruby Tuesdays and ordering dessert. Keep in my mind I am pregnant as well!

I did the sinus flush last night. No idea if I did it right, but after a great deal of dosing off and on and big nap this afternoon I feel a good bit better! Still going to repeat flush and tea tonight.

Went to Earth Fare last night. We decided to do meats and dairy's all organic to reduce the amount of hormones and antibiotics that we put into our bodies. I've heard to many tales of early (and I mean really early) periods in young gals most likely due to the hormones in most meat and dairy. Not to mention I think M may be allergic to dairy or milk or something that causes a lot of her bathroom woes. So, I went and only got the things that fall in those categories and some of the other things that I needed for treating my current illness. I spent more than my usual $50/wk. Thank goodness this was the first trip the the grocery for me this week. It was $63. And that's not too bad considering I bought more than enough meat for at least 2-4 weeks. We'll see. I guess I'll have to do some budget adjustment for this new Whole Food type adventure. Any tips? Everything else is going to be bought somewhere else. I've read enough about pesticides and such and fruit to know that in general if you wash fruit you are rid a good majority of these things away. I just want to rid of hormones and antibiotics for now. When we get rich or something then maybe I'll be able to afford all whole food all the time.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Me and Hot Tea

Well, I managed to ward of the evil bug for a good while and then woke up this a.m. several times with way too much mucus (that's all I'm saying so I don't gross anyone out). been battling a bit of a slightly achey throat. Today is the first day I actually felt sick. So I call my midwife...this should be interesting cause I'm not all super all natural mamasita, but this is the general routhe that she takes. Still, cost wise, if it all actually works then I will be less broke if you know what I mean. I generally pay out of pocket for Dr. visits and medicine, so most sick visits are no less than $100!

I'm doing hot tea. I'm sleeping upright. I'm preparing to collect things for a disgusting over the sink sinus irrigation. I'm also collecting my all natural ingredients for specific types of very hot tea. Gargling with salt water...and let's not forget creating my own ear drop solution in the event that I have an ear infection which tends to be the case only when I'm sick and pregnant. One good thingis that I can have mucinex! That I can do. I'm just curious if my ear is going to smell like garlic since the whole ointment is made up of olive oil and garlic (oil). Should be an experience. Hey I'm willing to try anything at least once!

In the meantime I'm still potty training. We had an awesome day yesterday. No accidents all day even at nap. today not as good but still not bad. One big accident and two little dribbles that required an undies change. we even had a huge success at going #2 on mommy's big potty! those of you who frequent this post know how hard this is in our house! The key to getting M to drink more is the juice box. I think its the concept rather than the juice.

I'll be taking it easy this weekend...and hoping that M isn't getting this funk too (started with the congestion today too.) We covet your prayers round here.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Something Going Around

I mean besides all the pregnant gals...there really is something nasty going around. Two of the gals pregnant with in a week of my date are really sick with flu and/or major congestion etc. I've been reading about it and am simply praying that I too am not coming down with it. I am at the beginning of something and am hoping to head it off with vitamins (lots), rest, and fluids. It's all not making my tummy feel very good either and nothing sounds good so I don't guess I'm eating as I should.

AND we are trying to catch the whole potty training thing while we can cause M is finally waking up fairly regularly with dry diapers. That's cool. Still there is a little bit of battle of the wills. I've heard the words, "No, I don't want to," or " no, I don't have too" a few more times than my nerves can generally tolerate. Coaxing doesn't generally work, so I just tell her that when Mommy says______ (whatever, fill in the blank), your response is "yes ma'am." and we obey. That usually does it. (at least for now). And while I was rocking her before bedtime tonight she told me she had to go potty, so we went...even though she was all ready for bed and in a diaper! AND on her initiative. That was cool. we made it 7 or 8 times and only to close calls but no big accidents.

I'm trying to focus this for the next two weeks, so I hope and pray that we don't get as sick as it seems everyone else has been getting. It seems especially rough on us pregnant gals, especially when we have another toddler at home! Please say an extra prayer for all us sickies this week!

Friday, February 01, 2008


I feel like I should change my blog template to blue for this post cause I'm having a boy! Crazy huh?! I don't mean blue as in sad...I mean blue as in boy! and healthy I might add. That's all so crazy! I guessed boy, but who really knows! Well...I'll post more later. Maybe I can get a quick snooze in before it's time to rouse the big sis and tell her the news (about which she will be heartbroken and probably still insist on calling it "Sissy"). More to come.