Thursday, February 14, 2008


We have officially named our little boy on the way! And..................We're not telling yet! That's so mean I know. There is just always such a stink with certain people over something that is our choice anyway that it's easier to wait and announce it once the ink has dried on the birth certificate. If I choose to tell earlier it will be at my discretion. (Our discretion really).

My M has returned from the mother ship, at least for this lovely valentine's day...Of course tonight should be interesting considering the amount of sugar she has taken in! We shall see, but so far, so good.

Met with a doula today. Glad I'm choosing to do that. Seriously worth the money.

Getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow. Ookie! You would not believe the amount of things I save! Actually most of you are probably more like me than you would like to admit. And I am always cleaning out, but alas. still plenty to sell.

We celebrated Valentine's day as a family this morning! That was really awesome! I mean it. A lovely little memory I will enjoy for the remainder of my memory's existence. We splurged (which won't happen for a long time to come)and actually bought real Hallmark cards at the Hallmark store! I know. I'm officially crazy! I was costly let me tell you, but M really enjoyed picking them out for each person. She loved hers from her dad so much that she took it to school and held onto it at least half the day her teachers said. It had glitter and disney princesses on it. Daddy's and daughters are great!

Got to split lunch with Mom at Brickstreet from my Valentine's Day treat and J got me a Starbucks card. That was perfect! I didn't ask for it and didn't even think of it, but it really is perfect. I have trouble splurging like that on myself, but I do love my Starbucks! I wanted to get him a specific something that will sound ridiculous to anyone else, but J would've loved it! I wanted to get him one of those shower curtain rods that is curved for extra room. Thought they ran around $25...nope. They are more like $40. Then add in tax. So I didn't get it. I did howver find him a hilarious book about "How Babies Are Made" Seriously amusing. He will enjoy that too. Gotta go through garage sale stuff and make sup. More later.


It's a Mom Thing said...

Ohhh, girl. My garage is full of stuff to sell! And there will tons more once we go through the guest bedroom in order to make it a nursery. Hopefully at the beginning of April we can get rid of all of this stuff. Hope it goes well for you this weekend.

B and I keep talking about how life will change when the baby is born...not as much eating out, etc. We're careful not to splurge too often, but even the simple things will not be as simple anymore.

Shower curtain...I got one at Big Lots several months ago for $25.00. Worth a look. Also, they are more expensive at BB&B, but if you use a 20% coupon, that would help.

You are a stinker about that name...we'll put the pressure on for you to tell.

w &j's mommy said...

I'm so glad to hear that you have chosen FREDDY as the name of your baby....(just trying to start rumors so you give in and spill it) I love reading how you save $$ you inspire me...We have been doing sooooooooo good on saving more...I owe it to keep being frugal! Love you!

Three's Company said...

That's not right! But I DO understand the rationale behind not telling people. I am amazed how people will poo-poo on your choice of baby names.

Meredith Peel said...

Geoff and I are calling our nephew "Manuel." We don't care what you name him, because the nickname is now permanently stuck. Mercy and Manuel. Sooo fitting. M & M. :)