Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Child Formerly Known As...

Anyone who doesn't believe in original sin doesn't have children.

Anyone who doesn't believe in original sin should have been a fly in my diaper bag all day. Now, to date, my child is generally a fairly well behaved child. I'm beginning to think that my family was part of some kind of awful experiment by the aliens to see how aliens and humans interact, because that surely wasn't my M...that must've been an alien trapped in her body...a pod person.

Granted maybe she feels a bit like I do that we (she and I)have had more than our usual fill of eachother in the last two weeks, cause I know that especially after today I could use, I mean really use, a break.

She was uncooperative most of the day. Purposefully choosing to not listen, obviously ignore, roll/avert eyes, attempt to distract, and just about anything she could do to be frustrating, disobedient, and whiny. At least the potty thing went well most of the day, so I can't complain about that.

Sweet girl woke up from nap time and stayed till about supper. Then I was convinced that maybe I did carry twins the last time I was pregnant cause this child looked just like mine, but was absolutely undisciplined!

Now you know as her mom I'm totally going to spend the rest of the night trying to figure out what I did to contribute and overanalyze how this happened and what I ought to have done to get different outcomes. The truth is. I felt frustrated and angry a good bit of the day because I couldn't make her obey.


Ah, we do learn alot from our children.


kathylove said...

Yes, indeed we do:) I'm thankful you had such a good day the day before:)

Your post reminded me of when my 3 were small (2,4,& 5yrs.). I was putting clothes in my washing machine with whinny little ones at my feet and praying to the Lord to please help me - the whinning was getting too much - then the Lord so gently reminded me that this is how I so often sound to Him most of the time:) It was certainly an eye (and heart) opener to me - a great reminder - one I have never forgotten in the past 53 years!
God is Good ALL the time.
Hang in there, precious one. Mercy is just testing to see if the line is still there:)

Shelby said...

Seriously girl, I feel your pain. Today was sort of like that with Stone, although it doesn't sound like I had it as bad as you did. However, he has had his AWFUL days too! (Which make me more than thankful that he goes to school a few days during the week!!!)

Yeah, you know God gives us children so we can see ourselves and our relationship with Him. How many times do we disobey Him and act down-right undisciplined? I'm sure nobody wants to answer that one out loud! Hope tomorrow is better.

w & j's mommy said...

sometimes its hard to remember that they are just little sinners like us....especially when they are sweet. We have actaully asked William when his ship is coming back???? HAHAHAHA Hang in there mommy you are doing a GREAT job!