Monday, February 11, 2008


My mom and I are working on a new project. We are making and recreating boutique clothing for toddlers. We've only just begun and right now we are only doing girls clothing sizes 2-5...and it is fun. Not to mention that M is the beneficiary of all the demo model clothes (the ones we work with first to get them just right). Then she gets to be our little model/walking advertisement! There is one more outfit that is complete minus the monogram so I will post it later. But the scoop is that we will have an Etsy store/site very shortly (Thanks itsamomthing for that tip) and you and anyone you tip off can go, search, browse, shop...

Here's the scoop. TeederToddlers is our name. We make clothing for toddler girls sizes 2-5. Our goal is to make one style of clothing per week/one pattern if you will. We will make only one item in each size (unless there is a special request for twins), and that is it. The next week will be a whole new item. The purpose here is to keep things very original. The quality will be high, and the demand great because THERE ARE SO FEW THAT ARE ALIKE! If there happens to be a particular pattern and/or fabric that is extremely popular, then you can expect to see it reappear in the following month's picks. But the goal will be to keep things unique and individual AND high quality, made in America! Can't wait to publish the post that says that we are up and running.

THIS IS THE PREVIEW! Here are the items (minus the one in need of monogramming) that we have experimented with so far.

This is a birthday present for one of M's classmates! It comes with a matching hairbow and there are a few cute embellishments on the back as well, but I've maxed out my pics for this post. Will post the hair bow pics next cause it was a funny experiment.


Shelby said...

Love your creations!

kathylove said...

Looks like you and my sister (your mom) are having SO much fun creating some REMARKABLE clothing. I luv the name too!

Hey, I do not know if you saw my blog when I posted my baby items. Let me know if you or anyone is in need of any of the items I posted.

I pray blessings on TeederToddlers!

It's a Mom Thing said...

Very cute!

What kind of prices are you thinking?

Also, did you know there are some websites that will print free business cards? That would be cool. You could just pass them out when people on the street ask about these precious clothes.

w & j's mommy said...

AGHHHHHHHHH I have a special bday present to buy in a few I too late to make a request/order for a pair of the cutie overalls??? Email me and let me know what $$ you are asking! I have to ask the size! You have a gift and I think SCORE with your moms monogram machine! Good Luck--I'll keep you in business!