Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Single Mom and Snow

Seriously, it snowed this morning. Some people didn't even realize it that's how little it is, but I had flurries on my car and grill (and no it wasn't frost--i do know the difference) Last week it nearly peaked at 70 degrees and this morning we had snow flurries! Ugh. I'm officially ready for spring.

And...I'm officially ready for hubs to come home. I'm a single mom for the week. Luckily I only have one child though she is 2 1/2 and one on the way. I've tried to be remotely productive, but I have low motivation. I swear if I don't get ALL the dishes done and ALL the laundry put away before J comes home I may check myself into the mental institution.

On a good note, M didn't have any accidents today and was in two situations where she had to go while in the car. She held it till we got to a potty. AND she gave me warning! That was amazing! She even went #2 by herself twice! So victory there.

On napping however, for about a week or more she has been having a really difficult time with naps. This is fairly new. We have a serious routine around here...I'm careful about the sugar intake anywhere near naptime, and still...she gets bout 45min. to 30min. by the time she goes to sleep. Hoping this is just a phase.

Well, Friday and Saturday have come and I'm finally going to post this which I began probably on Wednesday. M is sick (and napping of course cause she needs the rest). Going to the Dr. today. Poor girl. I need more sleep myself, but at least I'm getting my massage today. Ah!