Saturday, February 09, 2008

Baby Boy Pics

Finally scanned these in...Thanks Mom and SIL! If you know what you're looking at you'll notice the boy parts to be very obvious! The two middle ones are face pics 3D and the last is just a pic of his hand spread out. Very cute to me the mom.

Update! We had a great potty day with M. She didn't have any accidents. In fact just before dinner she went potty all by herself and then called us from the toilet. That was funny. We celebrated by going to Ruby Tuesdays and ordering dessert. Keep in my mind I am pregnant as well!

I did the sinus flush last night. No idea if I did it right, but after a great deal of dosing off and on and big nap this afternoon I feel a good bit better! Still going to repeat flush and tea tonight.

Went to Earth Fare last night. We decided to do meats and dairy's all organic to reduce the amount of hormones and antibiotics that we put into our bodies. I've heard to many tales of early (and I mean really early) periods in young gals most likely due to the hormones in most meat and dairy. Not to mention I think M may be allergic to dairy or milk or something that causes a lot of her bathroom woes. So, I went and only got the things that fall in those categories and some of the other things that I needed for treating my current illness. I spent more than my usual $50/wk. Thank goodness this was the first trip the the grocery for me this week. It was $63. And that's not too bad considering I bought more than enough meat for at least 2-4 weeks. We'll see. I guess I'll have to do some budget adjustment for this new Whole Food type adventure. Any tips? Everything else is going to be bought somewhere else. I've read enough about pesticides and such and fruit to know that in general if you wash fruit you are rid a good majority of these things away. I just want to rid of hormones and antibiotics for now. When we get rich or something then maybe I'll be able to afford all whole food all the time.


It's a Mom Thing said...

Eat less meat, more beans and legumes. Use powdered milk for baking, etc. Not that I do this, but just some ideas.

Cute pics of the boy. Very photogenic...with the parts. I think his face looks like J, don't you?

Oh girl. The other day B splurged on my at Ruby Tuesdays. I ordered a steak and we split the molten chocolate cake...yummmmmmy!

Shelby said...

I have no tips on how to save money going "organic" but we try to buy more organic meat and dairy, as those are the most that contain the hormones. It's horrible! Glad M is doing well with her potty training! And glad you're feeling better!

Meredith Peel said...

I meant to say this awhile back - the last pic makes me think forward to when he's playing college football and he looks at the camera "HI MOM!"