Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tomorrow is Another Day

Bout half-way through the day I was feeling like the above statement...praying that God would indeed give me another day to make up for the slow going, one step behind kinda day I was having. But it got better.

Here goes:

7:30am--wake up feeling cruddy (still)

Wake M up who is officially sound asleep. This never goes well cause she is usually quite cranky in such scenarios. This was a medium cranky episode (whew). She goes to the potty and her diaper was dry (yahoo!). Then she whines and fusses cause she wants to put on a diaper. I didn't cave. She wore the panties.

7:46am--get M some rice milk and convince her that she needn't watch a movie at this time. No desire for breakfast and barely drinks any milk. I hop in the shower, get ready...slowly, and go to get M ready (granted by this time it's closer to 8:30am).

Argue over which potty she's going to go pee pee in...leave her on one only to come back and find that she has hiked herself up onto mine is going potty! Hey, I'm confused but proud. Finally get her dressed...ask her to finish watching some Disney thing while I get her lunch ready...and her bag ready...and my bag ready.

By the time we get out the door it is pushing 9:30am. I've cut her bologna into hearts, cupids, and other various shapes. Realize I don't have any juice left, so make up an on the go drink and poor it into two sippy cups. Whew. Grab a snack for myself since I'm getting my hair done and sometimes that takes awhile.

As we are locking up the house, M says that her tummy is rumbling and that must mean she's hungry. I feel bad and convince her to have my granola bar. She doesn't think she will, but she really likes it. We make it to school, tell her teachers she hasn't had an accident in 4 days, so I don't expect any problems, but I'll be at the salon. I hope upon hopes she is still in the same outfit when I pick her up, but I don't really expect her to be.

I'm gone...and running late...and still have to stop at the bank. I have to do it on the way cause that's how I'm paying the tip. I call a friend to assure her that I haven't forgotten about her, just been sick. Love credit unions cause I was out of deposit slips but I still needed to deposit some and keep some. So the guy just asks and then takes care of it for me! Yeah. That's service!

I pull up for my hair appt. just a mere one minute late! hallelujah. Getting your hair done is always fun. And she threw in an eyebrow wax for the heck of it (mainly cause I've purposely neglected to keep mine up since they needed some adjusting). I still got out of there in under 2 hours.

Met mom for lunch...perfect. I was in the mood for Schlotzkys and she was right there. Splurged on the caffeine and had Cherry Coke (love it). Then went home to wrap b-day present for M's friend's party. Called Sarah to let her know that I (which means she) will not be at Mom to mom tomorrow cause I'm still not up to par. Talked longer than we should but enjoyed it. Didn't nap and did a mediocre job at wrapping that present. Went to get M.

M was still in her same outfit, had had no accidents, and took a nap! Which is huge since she didn't nap at all yesterday! We went to the elmo b-day party. Got two requests for the "Overhauls". M gets a little overloaded in that type of environment, but she had fun. We got a pic with Elmo and a cute video I'll post later. Cake was good too, but M didn't want any. She'd already had cupcakes and suckers...

We came home, M wanted to watch Pocahontas (which is like her new favorite) so I let her so that I could doze a minute and then start on dinner and dishes. Didn't want to, but I did and now I'm glad. Dinner was delish! M ate sooooooooo much brocolli! She thought it was sooooo good! Hilarious! And fantastic really. Made Chicken Enchilada Pasta (one of my faves), and broccoli and sweet tea! Even Hubs enjoyed it all.

Potty time comes after dinner always in our house till we get it down (the #2 I mean). We had a little resistence, but I didn't cave. She did it and was greatly relieved and had energy like you wouldn't believe after that. Nani came by with a special prize for her perfect potty day and all ended well that started off sloppy! Thank goodness I didn't have to wait till tomorrow to redeem my motherhood abilities! What a day. And I'm still up.