Saturday, August 30, 2008

300th Post

This is my 300th post! I feel like I need to post balloons or something. Still, there are actual things to say here, so I won't linger on about my blogging success.

Balloons would be appropriate cause tomorrow is my birthday! I know. In a way I'm excited, but in other ways, you know how it is when you get older...its just another day. I'll be 29! My last years in the 20's ahhhh! I took my family to Outback Friday night on the lovely gift card that my brother and SIL gave me. Delicious, and sorry skinny-mamas, the only holding back I did was on portion control. I looked at that onion burger thing and cut it in half. When I finished the first half I knew I could eat the rest, but I asked for a to-go box instead and had it for lunch today. AND we didn't order dessert! Course what am I saying...a little Sangria was a nice addition to my sup. Gotta love special occasions as far as mealtime is concerned!

Today we were supposed to venture to the Apple Festival in Hendersonville, NC, but M decided to get out of bed 3 times last night and at some point in between had a meltdown from the next room without actually getting out of bed. This is soooo not allowed in our nighttime routine. So, after the 2nd time we said no apple festival if she were to get up again. That is when the screaming ensued and thus we cancelled our adventure. AND, still at 5:08 am she appeared at my door again! Ugh! That was terrible cause sure enough W slept 9 hours. Could have been a lovely nights sleep! Hopefully tonight will be better. I should be in bed though just in case.

So, when I woke up, knowing we weren't going to the festival, I decided that I was getting out by myself, or everyone was coming with me to the mall and I was getting my birthday presents. I knew they hadn't been purchased yet as Friday was payday! So we all went to the mall. First I had family drop me off at Hobby Lobby to get the very fancy coupon purse thing that was on my list (not on sale, but hey its my bday). Then off to the mall for lunch and shopping. We lunched (and yes I was extra frugal there). Sub, water from home, no chips. The Tea Junction is right next to the food court and the main thing I wanted was a tiny tea pot. I have a thing for Tea. Some brewing now actually. I let M pick out the exact one. She chose well, cause she can't break it and it is pretty bright green...and came with free tea. To top that off, we put off M's cries for a special cookie (great american cookie co.) because they had samples of a strawberry smoothie there. It was small, free, and she liked it! hooray!

On to the next stop just before the play area...Jason ventures off to get his eyes examined and contact lenses. We head toward the play area but stop in at Things Remembered. I HAVE TO STOP HERE TO INSERT A MERCY-ISM...We have to pass a VERY large Victoria's Secret to get where we are going and she's commenting about the window and store displays. There are seductive models and large posters in lingerie everywhere and she says, "Those ladies look sweet." To which I reply, "Really?" "Sweat wasn't the word that I thought of." And we kept going. The other thing on my list that I took care of at the mall was getting my necklace from Aunt Alyson engraved. There is a boy and a girl and tomorrow they will have my kids names and bdays. Mom jewelry...who would've thought. But I couldn't be more proud to where my babies around my neck! Thanks Al.

Play ground! We saw our sweet friends Matt and Marie and their kids. That was great. Miss them a bunch. Yes, Shelby and Kev...they asked about you. I think they might miss you guys! That was a nice unexpected treat! Home we go for a late nap and a feed. I think we all managed to get a little sleep...hallelujah! Sup...attempt to play in our overrun, unruly backyard, ant bites, back inside, baths, feeding, remake all the beds with clean linens, reading time (lots of books), J ducks out to go watch ball game on the big screen, M to bed after a brief rocking session with both kids, feeding and bed for w, check the chore list (hey what do you know I've done nothing on the actual list today!) do dishes, gather the trash, clear off and wipe down counters and stove, make tea, kill ants (another long story), and now I'm doing this when I should be sweeping the kitchen and making our bed.

Guess I better run if I'm going to get any sleep!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mercy for Mercy

So M had a good and bad day yesterday...but lets keep in mind her world is full of changes right now!

It was her first day of dance class; ballet, tap, and tumbling. She was brave and let me put her hair up. Up to this point pony tails or pig tails always involved a major meltdown. But we prepped her days in advance about this aspect of being in dance. meltdown over the pony tail. Of course, I just couldn't get her hair to all stay in there. Oh well. She enjoyed class. W slept in the pouch sling.

After dance class, we joined itsamomthing and fam for lunch at chik fil a. Managed to only spend $3.66 since I had my calendar coupon for a free sandwich and then got a water. This proved really great cause I ordered her the bigger pack of nuggets and she didn't eat them all, so that was part of her dinner as well!

Play time didn't go well right from the start. we had prepped her and T$ about how they would need to try and play by themselves. Apparently they both have a problem with crying over the playground equipment. M started right away. She fussed until another lady helped her up. Us moms tried to nurse the boys. Then came the giant erruption! M has a fit cause she struggled (but made it mind you) to climb the big steps up into the tubes on the playground. She meltsdown and refuses to try the last step up. She's screaming wanting me to help her up. Well I've already said that I'm not going up in there (not to mention I have w and am trying to nurse). Besides...she just did the first one all by herself and there is only one more (which I know she can do as well if she just tries). The other lady helps her up again. Now she is at the top in those dumb tubes screaming cause she wants down I guess...but refuses to even try to come down by herself. Keep in mind all she has to do is go down the slide, which she just did not too many moments ago.

Nice lady climbs up there to try to coax her down, but she won't budge. It has to be me (imagine time ticking in slow motion at this point cause that's what all this felt like). Nice lady holds w so I can climb up. I get to the top of the step things and she sees me and gets mad (I don't know why) and slides down the slide by herself. I proceed to climb back down the step things and tell her we are leaving. Another meltdown...throwing herself on the floor...

I could go on at this point with more and more play by play but you get the pic. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get w, his bag, m's raincoat, umbrella, ballet bag, our drinks and m who will most certainly get dragged out kicking and screaming... I'm sure I looked at a loss. Itsamomthing helped me stuff w in the sling, and grabbed some of our stuff. By now M is still screaming, but takes my hand when I put it out there so we walk out in a blaze of glory!

Her stocking feet in the rain cause I'm not about to try and put her boots on on top of everything else. She's mad about her feet getting wet (to which I remind her was due to her poor choices). She has the gall to ask for ice cream and has another all out scream fest in the car because I say absolutely not after that inappropriate display! When she finally settles down I tell her she is to take deep breaths and be silent the rest of the way home. She complies (finally!).

Peepee, visit from Mr. Sad Spoon, Naptime...and then emerges the sweet child I was certain I had birthed more than 3 yrs ago.

Tornados in the area sent us playing fort with book, blankets, and pillows (don't forget the weather radio) in the hallway. She actually thought this was quite fun!

AND today was her first day of K-3. Daddy took her, but I managed to snap a quick pic on her way out the door! What a big girl!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Simply Green

Ok, I named this post according to two things that I'm working toward this week/season. Simplifying my house and going more green in my home environment.

I was re-inspired by a series that one of my fave blogs did recently. Simplify. I was reminded that simplifying is not just about cleaning out and having less stuff, it is about de-complicated your life. That may just be a matter of organizing. Or taking something that may even be "good" out of your schedule so that you can breathe easier, feel less stressed, have more time...whatever.

Simplification is something that J and I get on a kick about at least twice a year. Well, I've been re-inspired and thus I'm working toward a garage sale. I'm evaluating the couponing and sale hunting that I do as to whether it is worth the effort at this stage in life (lets keep in mind ALDI can compete even with sales and coupons most of the time). We are working out our family schedule right now in our home (cleaning and chores and such). Then comes a meal plan that includes 2 weeks of our fave meals, and then repeats the cycle with little variation (some variation but not much) so as to simplify the meal prep, grocery shopping, etc. Then comes budget...ugh. I do somewhat dread that, but it needs to be done.

Now about going green. This ties into my simplification process anyway cause I've been reading up on going green in cleaning and how to do that without breaking the bank. Let's face it there are plenty of products out there that claim to be natural, green, etc., but you usually get charged more for those items. And for me price generally trumps environmental kindness. I really like all the Shaklee stuff, but I don't have the initial budget for it. I think in the end you save money or at least its comparable because it is all concentrated and last a really long time. But I've been reading up on the use of baking soda, rubbing alcohal, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar (and for my tastes some tea tree oil) for cleaning just about anything and everything in your home. And in timely fashion, Walgreens is having this amazing sale (with their store coupons) on hydrogen peroxide and baking soda right now. You can get hydrogen peroxide (limit 3) for 39 cents! And baking soda (limit 4) for 50 cents! So I'm stocking up on these and throwing out all the other cleaners. Under my sink is going to look amazing when I'm through!

So, go green! It's easy, effective, and affordable, and it benefits the environment, but more importantly to me, you family. You'd be amazed at the poor quality of the air inside a home due to all the chemicals we use on a regular basis, and then to think those of us that stay at home with our kids are exposed all the more (and our children too). Can't wait to make this move.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Religious Gathering

We have been trying to make heads or tails of "church" in our life lately. I put parenthesis here cause we understand the truest meaning of church as God intended it, but I am referring to the gatherings that we as Americans do typically on Sunday mornings that involve some type of singing and preaching.

We enjoy our Sundays...relaxing, spending time as a family, catching up on things from our busy weeks. We do miss things like corporate worship times. I miss the singing. Mom says she figures I miss leading worship...I do feel whole when I'm doing that. So, we decide to try once more to find a place...not where we necessarily fit in, but one that we can deal with in its current form. You see we don't do religious gatherings per se. We are over it as it has been presented to us up to this point. We are looking for something more meaningful...not just something we do cause we've always done it.

In fact, I feel slightly put off by a perfect show if you will. Because it is just that...typically...a show. I long for something real. Something a bit laid back, but certainly not sloppy. Cause really, we need to offer our best to God in worship. But I don't consider this one time of gathering "worship." At least it isn't all that encompasses that concept. It is one part at least it is an attempt on our part.

I long for communion with other an authentic, and real relationship. I don't want church friends...I want friends. I don't want people who are only going to attempt to hold me accountable with whatever we are "studying in bible study right now". I want people who are going to be slightly annoying and nosy, and hold me accountable in a gentle and loving way, for things I hadn't even realized or thought of yet. I need intimacy and authenticity. don't we all really. This isn't new news...just our going to the church building experience today left me desperately wanting more! Seriously.

I love hymns, but they can be done in a way that reaches today's generation. I love most music and songs, but they can be done with connection to the meaning, with feeling and heart. I love God's word, and I dig liturgy if it means something to those presenting and participating. I just have a hard time finding God in all that we do in "church".


just realized that...I've kind of been struggling back and forth about why I'm dissatisfied, and what it is I seek to gain. That's it. I seek to gain God. So, if I find it in the church setting that would be GREAT! But if I find it elsewhere so be it! Then that shall be my church.

Monday, August 11, 2008

what's up

What's up here? Well, the usual...our little routine is fairly, well mundane maybe. Still it keeps us sane to have a routine. Feeding every 3 hours except at night and then we just let little man surprise us. Last night it was 7 hours. Love that except that I was awake about an hour before that trying to figure out this new schedule. He is become a bit more of a person and thus seems to fuss a bit more, making himself known. M is very 3! testing every boundary. Everyday is emotionally different with her. Some are great and she is (for the most part) happy and obedient. Then there are the "no", "i don't want to..." days. we had half of one of those today. She had a royal temper tantrum, but as I saw that it was revving up, I told her to go to her room until she was finished. AND she did!

It was a huge fit...very angry screaming and what not. what was it about you ask? well, I suggested that we go to her new ballet studio to sign up and check things out. She decided that she didn't want to go after all...but we did go and she liked it. When she was finished with her fit she came out happy and ready to play. I asked her if she felt better now that she worked out her frustration and anger...and she said yes! Oh the days.

Tomorrow is baby boys 6 wk check at the birthing center, can't wait to see how much he weighs. Wednesday is our home visit from M's K3 teacher this year! Thursday is . . . the circumcision. I'm scared of this altogether, but I'm making J go with me. Should be an interesting couple of days after that. Friday if baby boy is up to it, itsamomthing and company are coming over for playdate. That'll be as much fun for the girls as it'll be for us moms I hope.

I wish you could see my hubs right this very moment! we have dualing computers going on right now since he just got his new iMac. He's playing with their weird photo features and I swear! I've never seen a grown man...well you'd just have to see this. taking all these pics of himself like he's in one of those funny mirror rooms. AND dying laughing at himself no less! Ah, he can be so amusing!

gotta wake the boy to do the last scheduled feed before my bedtime. So much to do, so little time...