Saturday, August 30, 2008

300th Post

This is my 300th post! I feel like I need to post balloons or something. Still, there are actual things to say here, so I won't linger on about my blogging success.

Balloons would be appropriate cause tomorrow is my birthday! I know. In a way I'm excited, but in other ways, you know how it is when you get older...its just another day. I'll be 29! My last years in the 20's ahhhh! I took my family to Outback Friday night on the lovely gift card that my brother and SIL gave me. Delicious, and sorry skinny-mamas, the only holding back I did was on portion control. I looked at that onion burger thing and cut it in half. When I finished the first half I knew I could eat the rest, but I asked for a to-go box instead and had it for lunch today. AND we didn't order dessert! Course what am I saying...a little Sangria was a nice addition to my sup. Gotta love special occasions as far as mealtime is concerned!

Today we were supposed to venture to the Apple Festival in Hendersonville, NC, but M decided to get out of bed 3 times last night and at some point in between had a meltdown from the next room without actually getting out of bed. This is soooo not allowed in our nighttime routine. So, after the 2nd time we said no apple festival if she were to get up again. That is when the screaming ensued and thus we cancelled our adventure. AND, still at 5:08 am she appeared at my door again! Ugh! That was terrible cause sure enough W slept 9 hours. Could have been a lovely nights sleep! Hopefully tonight will be better. I should be in bed though just in case.

So, when I woke up, knowing we weren't going to the festival, I decided that I was getting out by myself, or everyone was coming with me to the mall and I was getting my birthday presents. I knew they hadn't been purchased yet as Friday was payday! So we all went to the mall. First I had family drop me off at Hobby Lobby to get the very fancy coupon purse thing that was on my list (not on sale, but hey its my bday). Then off to the mall for lunch and shopping. We lunched (and yes I was extra frugal there). Sub, water from home, no chips. The Tea Junction is right next to the food court and the main thing I wanted was a tiny tea pot. I have a thing for Tea. Some brewing now actually. I let M pick out the exact one. She chose well, cause she can't break it and it is pretty bright green...and came with free tea. To top that off, we put off M's cries for a special cookie (great american cookie co.) because they had samples of a strawberry smoothie there. It was small, free, and she liked it! hooray!

On to the next stop just before the play area...Jason ventures off to get his eyes examined and contact lenses. We head toward the play area but stop in at Things Remembered. I HAVE TO STOP HERE TO INSERT A MERCY-ISM...We have to pass a VERY large Victoria's Secret to get where we are going and she's commenting about the window and store displays. There are seductive models and large posters in lingerie everywhere and she says, "Those ladies look sweet." To which I reply, "Really?" "Sweat wasn't the word that I thought of." And we kept going. The other thing on my list that I took care of at the mall was getting my necklace from Aunt Alyson engraved. There is a boy and a girl and tomorrow they will have my kids names and bdays. Mom jewelry...who would've thought. But I couldn't be more proud to where my babies around my neck! Thanks Al.

Play ground! We saw our sweet friends Matt and Marie and their kids. That was great. Miss them a bunch. Yes, Shelby and Kev...they asked about you. I think they might miss you guys! That was a nice unexpected treat! Home we go for a late nap and a feed. I think we all managed to get a little sleep...hallelujah! Sup...attempt to play in our overrun, unruly backyard, ant bites, back inside, baths, feeding, remake all the beds with clean linens, reading time (lots of books), J ducks out to go watch ball game on the big screen, M to bed after a brief rocking session with both kids, feeding and bed for w, check the chore list (hey what do you know I've done nothing on the actual list today!) do dishes, gather the trash, clear off and wipe down counters and stove, make tea, kill ants (another long story), and now I'm doing this when I should be sweeping the kitchen and making our bed.

Guess I better run if I'm going to get any sleep!


TCW said...

Happy Birthday. I hope you have a good day.

Shelby said...

Happy Birthday SIL!!!! Sounds like you've had a FULL weekend!!!

w and js mommy said...

HAHA! Maybe it was a FULL MOON...oour W was up a few times..." I need a tissue...I need Water...I have to go potty"! WHATTTTTTTTTTT and that was a long sleep for jay I was frustrated! Glad you had a fun fam day for your birthday! I have a bracelet with the boys names and birthdates on it...LOVE IT!