Monday, November 30, 2009

A Day I don't wanna repeat...

Today was quite a day. I knew it would be. I'm gonna list it fairly plainly as I have little emotion left and don't wish to "say" too much.

#1 on the list today was to attend a funeral...of a friend...who was young...and died unexpectedly/suddenly/ her own hands

So, I got up before my alarm with a start to my 4 year old asking me to start the music over in her room cause she'd had a bad dream and was scared.
2. turned the music and light on and went back to bed waiting for my alarm
3. Alarm didn't go off...even though I attempted to set it last night.
4. No problem, wasn't up and made coffee and grits
5. Went to M's room and helped her to get ready.
6. Had argument with her over what she was going to have for breakfast (since I'd already fixed grits)
7. She asked me why I was being so bossy! Haha, just cause I made her eat the grits.
8. Saw her off and got her brother up
9. Cleaned his room
10. Got him dressed
11. Packed his bags since he was staying with a friend while I attended services
12. Cleaned the kitchen a bit
13. Ate some breakfast (fed the boy)
14. put on a movie for the boy and jumped in the shower
15. let hubs pick my dress for the day
16. make up, jewelry, hair (chose not to dry it and fix it to save time and since it was raining)
17. loaded up boy and bags in the rain and headed to friend who was watching W
18. dropped him off realized i'd forgotten the snacks and juice for his bag...oh well
19. ended up in the parking lot almost simultaneously with my mom, dad, and my husband
20. Went into the packed church
21. Had to potty
22. Tried not to think too much about the words of the songs that were being played on the piano
23. Hugged the neck of the best friend of the one who has gone on (vowed to exchange numbers...hope that really happens)
24. Cried...alot. Couldn't sing cause I couldn't read the words on the screen cause of my seating arrangement.
25. Went to the rain (couldn't hear a thing but saw a bit).
26. Don't think anyone should have to go through that ever!
27. Saw someone put aside their own pain for just a moment in order to comfort someone who had personally injured them in the past
28. Can't believe it happened...still. doesn't seem very real.
29. Wandered around a bit aimlessly.
30. Went with hubs to love on the husband a minute and assure him of our support
31. went to get W...who fell asleep on the way home.
32. Dropped him off with hubs at home
33. Went to get M who was disappointed she had to leave
34. Got ready for naptime.
35. Got annoyed at M for continuously trying to evade naptime by calling me to her room again and again
36. Finally got to lay down. had some trouble actually sleeping though I am still exhausted
37. and on.
38. heard a mouse in my room...ugh. then I really couldn't sleep
39. called hubs to bring a mouse trap home on his way home from work
40. M woke up
41. we talked a lot
42. almost dinner time, so I went to wake up W
43. We was standing in his crib quietly (been that way for who knows how long)
44. Started on dinner...since i didn't get to do publix run today (boo) I had to improvise
45. Parmesian encrusted tilapia, sweet potatoes, spinach
46. Took forever with kids under foot, but pretty quick and easy otherwise.
47. Not too bad as thrown together as it was.
48. rinsed dishes
49. M helped with 2 chores
50. bathtime
51. W poops in the bath
52. M hasn't bathed yet but has to get out
53. drain bath
54. clean bath
55. refill bath (sans toys as they now have to be washed)
56. wash M
57. do numerous things to get her ready for bed.
58. write blog
59. glass of wine
60. go to bed!

Monday, November 23, 2009


I finally went to the grocery store and had HUGE success. Yesterday I went to Publix and spent $50.03. This should have been more like $47 something, but it wasn't until I got home to show off the receipt that I noticed that the gal rang up one item 3 times when I only purchased 2 of them. I don't know if I can go back and fix this or not. So it should have been $47.00, but I saved a little more than $85! Now that's nearly 70% or so. AND I didn't get weird stuff. I got very practical items across the board. Cleaning supplies, toiletries, groceries, meat, even the newspaper! It was awesome. Now this trip was a bit of an exception as I had several FREE item coupons from joining the baby club. Also, that same club sent me coupons for $1 off meat, dairy, and produce items (store coupons) that I was able to stack with manufacturers. I had 2 rain check items from the week before that allowed me to get free napkins and less than half price detergent (which I was entirely out of).

It was awesome. Then pair that with the trip to do the Huggies deal at CVS and I also came home with 2 papers, 2 packs of huggies, a huge pack of wipes, and 4 Halloween items on 90% off that cost me $16 and I got back 5 Extra Bucks! My total budget for ALL the groceries was to $75 and I spent $66 and some change. I did good.

Today's great deal was the nearly free Christmas photo cards I ordered. 50 for $3.19.

I am anxious for the holidays and getting to see lots of family, but there is plenty to do here before I go. This was supposed to be cleaning day, but I have gone at it only half probably tomorrow will be cleaning day as well. We have tons of packing to do, one car that needs brakes before the trip, and some Christmas decorations to put up before we go.

Thankfully, I have a few weeks off before the next big party. And it will be a doozie! Twins with 2 princesses! It should be awesome! The last 2 weekends have included 2 parties each, this last one being a HUGE Hannah Banana Rockstar Extravaganza. As fun as it was, I worked every spare moment last week and I'll be glad for the break!

Now off to clean and cook one of my hubs favorite meals; meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and tea

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Productive Yesterday

Up bright and early with a serious attack plan for the Publix deals. Never really went at it with such avengance before. I clipped and organized, printed, and listed till 11 or so the night before. The real success came in the fact that they actually had almost everything on my list. They no longer had any free napkins. We don't usually use napkins, but if they are free, I'm sure we would. They don't carry the Smart Balance sour cream either which really sweetened the butter deal...but I needed butter, so I went ahead and got some.

Then in the check out I find out that the Taylor's Publix doesn't take Food Lion coupons cause they are too far away to be considered a competitor. Oh well, so I lost another $1.50 in coupons. Still, when all was said and done, I spent $70 and saved $83. That's more than 50%! Was hoping to do better than that, but then I realized I am still working on that stock pile.

I also did really well at CVS! Not as good as I could have done, but I didn't have the 5$ coupon that I needed. Still I got a gift set for J's Christmas and an anniversary present. A little goody for myself, 2 things of sensitive toothpaste, and hair color. I spent a $25 gift card and then used the extra bucks to pay for the 2nd transaction and then got $9 Extra Bucks back! Awesome!

On top of it all I'm having a ridiculous girl's night out tonight. Though I'm not into and have never watched or read any of the Twilight things... I've been invited to a twilight ball tonight. I'm going if for no other reason than to finally knock the dust of my little black "cocktail" dress. What girl doesn't enjoy getting dressed up now and again.

Then 2 parties tomorrow for the business! Getting ready for that should stay interesting. Most everything is done except one final craft. One busy weekend, sure wish I could squeeze in a date with my hubs...we shall see.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Parenting 101

While at the library today, I had one of those moments that I knew would visit me eventually. I was watching my littlest (16month old) encounter another young boy (probably around 2). The boy was obviously annoyed at my little one. He was scowling and advancing toward him. No big deal. It's always interesting to watch their interactions. See how they both handle it.

So other kids pushes my little one. No big deal...W stumbles a bit but manages to keep his footing. All is fine. No need to intervene. Then kid advances further and pushes even harder. W catches air before he actually falls. At one point not one bit of his body is touching the ground. I look around for a moving mom. A mom that looks the least bit interested in what is happening. I see nothing so I say calmly but firmly, "No, no. We do not hit." And then I pick W up and move on to looking at books in the vicinity.

Then missing mom comes on the scene and I over hear here saying to the boy, "What's the matter". So I turn to look at him. He is still standing in the same spot with a big pout on his face. This doesn't bother me at all. Many children pout when they are scolded even if it is something they need to hear. Truthfully adults do the same thing. I tell the mom, he just pushed my son down and I told him that we don't hit (plenty of other parents around that witnessed the whole scene). The mother scoops him up and hugs him and he starts to cry.

She cuts me the look and tells me that in the future to leave the parenting to her. To which I replied that I was sorry, but I looked for a parent and as there was none, I felt something needed to be said as he deliberately pushed my son with no invocation. She said, well I was right there and was headed this way. To which I replied, Well I did look around for the parent, and didn't find one.

Now I'm annoyed for several reasons. I'm annoyed that it didn't seem to matter that her son was acting out...more it mattered that I said something to him when she wasn't present. I'm also annoyed that I employed gentle instruction and that was somehow perceived as inappropriate. I would much rather have had the discipline coming from the mom, but I couldn't find her when the time called for her instruction. Obviously I didn't lay a hand on the child, but is it now inappropriate to explain to a child that it's not ok to push? Sheesh. I know I muddle the line, because I tend to surround myself with people who discipline in the same manner as I do, so I don't mind when others correct my children. They are great learning times for both the kids and the moms!

How off am I on this? Opinions? Clearly I offended someone...that wasn't my intention. Was there a better way. Maybe not going to the library with both kids when my brain is still in a very serious flu fog!

Monday, November 02, 2009 pours

I have no idea where I accidentally ended the "when it rains story", but I think I had just said we had a major car overhaul. Torque converter, transmission, and all kinds of things all around can imagine how that set us back. Still better than getting a new car.

So, we spent an extra day with Cuz in Highpoint, NC. Long night as we were all in the same room and W was in the middle of cutting his 2 top molars. We all woke up several times an hour from about 12:30 am--5:30am. The best part of the week came as mom had to drive us back to SC and decided to stay a bit to help out, at least till our car was ready.

She cooked and cleaned and watched kids, and this was fantastic! This allowed me to participate in things I wouldn't have otherwise been able to. I got to attend a field trip to the apple farm with M. I made a "Princess Ella" appearance at M's fall festival. I went to Mom to Mom but didn't have to put W in the nursery exposing him to more fall germs. No matter, somehow, by Thursday night I was growing VERY ill. No energy, lots of congestion, a complete inability to think coherently. Took W to the Dr. and I went too. I guess I ended up with a URI diagnosis and just a "keep a watch on him" for W. I was feeling a bit better on Friday, but I'm afraid I tried to do too much.

Friday night I took M to Payless to take advantage of the 50% off entire purchase coupon thanks to Southern Savers and ultimately Oprah. I got 2 pair and she got 2 pair and we spent $35! Now that's what I'm talking about! I also managed to get 6 pair of grippy socks at Children's place and used a coupon and ended up paying about $8 and some change! Awesome! But, I was dragging after all that.

Saturday, I literally slept almost the whole day! I tried to get up and help, feeling guilty for not pitching in. But I gave up. Just a little bit up and about and I was out of energy. Thankfully, J stepped in full force. I never ask him to take over, but I'm glad he was willing in this case. Turns out I had fever all day. Sunday was only a bit better. Less fever. A little more out of bed time, but still alot of laying around and going to bed early. By Sunday morn, M was definitely coming down with it too...whatever it really is. She had fever in the early morning hours today as well. So, she is home today, and we are awaiting the Dr.'s phone call.

Luckily, it seems W and hubs have managed to avoid the sickness this time around. Hope that lasts. I seem to be coming out of the fog just a bit today. Still a bit loopy, but definitely fever free.

I attempted to CVS yesterday, but lets just say this is not for someone who is severely ill. I'll try again another day.