Monday, November 23, 2009


I finally went to the grocery store and had HUGE success. Yesterday I went to Publix and spent $50.03. This should have been more like $47 something, but it wasn't until I got home to show off the receipt that I noticed that the gal rang up one item 3 times when I only purchased 2 of them. I don't know if I can go back and fix this or not. So it should have been $47.00, but I saved a little more than $85! Now that's nearly 70% or so. AND I didn't get weird stuff. I got very practical items across the board. Cleaning supplies, toiletries, groceries, meat, even the newspaper! It was awesome. Now this trip was a bit of an exception as I had several FREE item coupons from joining the baby club. Also, that same club sent me coupons for $1 off meat, dairy, and produce items (store coupons) that I was able to stack with manufacturers. I had 2 rain check items from the week before that allowed me to get free napkins and less than half price detergent (which I was entirely out of).

It was awesome. Then pair that with the trip to do the Huggies deal at CVS and I also came home with 2 papers, 2 packs of huggies, a huge pack of wipes, and 4 Halloween items on 90% off that cost me $16 and I got back 5 Extra Bucks! My total budget for ALL the groceries was to $75 and I spent $66 and some change. I did good.

Today's great deal was the nearly free Christmas photo cards I ordered. 50 for $3.19.

I am anxious for the holidays and getting to see lots of family, but there is plenty to do here before I go. This was supposed to be cleaning day, but I have gone at it only half probably tomorrow will be cleaning day as well. We have tons of packing to do, one car that needs brakes before the trip, and some Christmas decorations to put up before we go.

Thankfully, I have a few weeks off before the next big party. And it will be a doozie! Twins with 2 princesses! It should be awesome! The last 2 weekends have included 2 parties each, this last one being a HUGE Hannah Banana Rockstar Extravaganza. As fun as it was, I worked every spare moment last week and I'll be glad for the break!

Now off to clean and cook one of my hubs favorite meals; meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and tea


It's a Mom Thing said...

way to go with your couponing. that's awesome. and it sounds like the party business is doing really well, too!