Friday, November 13, 2009

A Productive Yesterday

Up bright and early with a serious attack plan for the Publix deals. Never really went at it with such avengance before. I clipped and organized, printed, and listed till 11 or so the night before. The real success came in the fact that they actually had almost everything on my list. They no longer had any free napkins. We don't usually use napkins, but if they are free, I'm sure we would. They don't carry the Smart Balance sour cream either which really sweetened the butter deal...but I needed butter, so I went ahead and got some.

Then in the check out I find out that the Taylor's Publix doesn't take Food Lion coupons cause they are too far away to be considered a competitor. Oh well, so I lost another $1.50 in coupons. Still, when all was said and done, I spent $70 and saved $83. That's more than 50%! Was hoping to do better than that, but then I realized I am still working on that stock pile.

I also did really well at CVS! Not as good as I could have done, but I didn't have the 5$ coupon that I needed. Still I got a gift set for J's Christmas and an anniversary present. A little goody for myself, 2 things of sensitive toothpaste, and hair color. I spent a $25 gift card and then used the extra bucks to pay for the 2nd transaction and then got $9 Extra Bucks back! Awesome!

On top of it all I'm having a ridiculous girl's night out tonight. Though I'm not into and have never watched or read any of the Twilight things... I've been invited to a twilight ball tonight. I'm going if for no other reason than to finally knock the dust of my little black "cocktail" dress. What girl doesn't enjoy getting dressed up now and again.

Then 2 parties tomorrow for the business! Getting ready for that should stay interesting. Most everything is done except one final craft. One busy weekend, sure wish I could squeeze in a date with my hubs...we shall see.