Monday, November 02, 2009 pours

I have no idea where I accidentally ended the "when it rains story", but I think I had just said we had a major car overhaul. Torque converter, transmission, and all kinds of things all around can imagine how that set us back. Still better than getting a new car.

So, we spent an extra day with Cuz in Highpoint, NC. Long night as we were all in the same room and W was in the middle of cutting his 2 top molars. We all woke up several times an hour from about 12:30 am--5:30am. The best part of the week came as mom had to drive us back to SC and decided to stay a bit to help out, at least till our car was ready.

She cooked and cleaned and watched kids, and this was fantastic! This allowed me to participate in things I wouldn't have otherwise been able to. I got to attend a field trip to the apple farm with M. I made a "Princess Ella" appearance at M's fall festival. I went to Mom to Mom but didn't have to put W in the nursery exposing him to more fall germs. No matter, somehow, by Thursday night I was growing VERY ill. No energy, lots of congestion, a complete inability to think coherently. Took W to the Dr. and I went too. I guess I ended up with a URI diagnosis and just a "keep a watch on him" for W. I was feeling a bit better on Friday, but I'm afraid I tried to do too much.

Friday night I took M to Payless to take advantage of the 50% off entire purchase coupon thanks to Southern Savers and ultimately Oprah. I got 2 pair and she got 2 pair and we spent $35! Now that's what I'm talking about! I also managed to get 6 pair of grippy socks at Children's place and used a coupon and ended up paying about $8 and some change! Awesome! But, I was dragging after all that.

Saturday, I literally slept almost the whole day! I tried to get up and help, feeling guilty for not pitching in. But I gave up. Just a little bit up and about and I was out of energy. Thankfully, J stepped in full force. I never ask him to take over, but I'm glad he was willing in this case. Turns out I had fever all day. Sunday was only a bit better. Less fever. A little more out of bed time, but still alot of laying around and going to bed early. By Sunday morn, M was definitely coming down with it too...whatever it really is. She had fever in the early morning hours today as well. So, she is home today, and we are awaiting the Dr.'s phone call.

Luckily, it seems W and hubs have managed to avoid the sickness this time around. Hope that lasts. I seem to be coming out of the fog just a bit today. Still a bit loopy, but definitely fever free.

I attempted to CVS yesterday, but lets just say this is not for someone who is severely ill. I'll try again another day.