Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mercy for Mercy

So M had a good and bad day yesterday...but lets keep in mind her world is full of changes right now!

It was her first day of dance class; ballet, tap, and tumbling. She was brave and let me put her hair up. Up to this point pony tails or pig tails always involved a major meltdown. But we prepped her days in advance about this aspect of being in dance. meltdown over the pony tail. Of course, I just couldn't get her hair to all stay in there. Oh well. She enjoyed class. W slept in the pouch sling.

After dance class, we joined itsamomthing and fam for lunch at chik fil a. Managed to only spend $3.66 since I had my calendar coupon for a free sandwich and then got a water. This proved really great cause I ordered her the bigger pack of nuggets and she didn't eat them all, so that was part of her dinner as well!

Play time didn't go well right from the start. we had prepped her and T$ about how they would need to try and play by themselves. Apparently they both have a problem with crying over the playground equipment. M started right away. She fussed until another lady helped her up. Us moms tried to nurse the boys. Then came the giant erruption! M has a fit cause she struggled (but made it mind you) to climb the big steps up into the tubes on the playground. She meltsdown and refuses to try the last step up. She's screaming wanting me to help her up. Well I've already said that I'm not going up in there (not to mention I have w and am trying to nurse). Besides...she just did the first one all by herself and there is only one more (which I know she can do as well if she just tries). The other lady helps her up again. Now she is at the top in those dumb tubes screaming cause she wants down I guess...but refuses to even try to come down by herself. Keep in mind all she has to do is go down the slide, which she just did not too many moments ago.

Nice lady climbs up there to try to coax her down, but she won't budge. It has to be me (imagine time ticking in slow motion at this point cause that's what all this felt like). Nice lady holds w so I can climb up. I get to the top of the step things and she sees me and gets mad (I don't know why) and slides down the slide by herself. I proceed to climb back down the step things and tell her we are leaving. Another meltdown...throwing herself on the floor...

I could go on at this point with more and more play by play but you get the pic. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get w, his bag, m's raincoat, umbrella, ballet bag, our drinks and m who will most certainly get dragged out kicking and screaming... I'm sure I looked at a loss. Itsamomthing helped me stuff w in the sling, and grabbed some of our stuff. By now M is still screaming, but takes my hand when I put it out there so we walk out in a blaze of glory!

Her stocking feet in the rain cause I'm not about to try and put her boots on on top of everything else. She's mad about her feet getting wet (to which I remind her was due to her poor choices). She has the gall to ask for ice cream and has another all out scream fest in the car because I say absolutely not after that inappropriate display! When she finally settles down I tell her she is to take deep breaths and be silent the rest of the way home. She complies (finally!).

Peepee, visit from Mr. Sad Spoon, Naptime...and then emerges the sweet child I was certain I had birthed more than 3 yrs ago.

Tornados in the area sent us playing fort with book, blankets, and pillows (don't forget the weather radio) in the hallway. She actually thought this was quite fun!

AND today was her first day of K-3. Daddy took her, but I managed to snap a quick pic on her way out the door! What a big girl!


kathylove said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh...the challenges of motherhood. Sounds like you kept your cool and got through yet another "I'm not the only child anymore" syndrome:):):) Hang in there you are doing great!

And remember the song (wish I could find the music to share with you):
On a day like this,
On a day like this,
On a day like this
I just need the Lord to HELP ME!

w and js mommy said...

SO really are you the FUNNIEST person I know??? I love it and your complete willingness to put your life out there- YOu HAVE NO IDEA how you minister to me!

It's a Mom Thing said...

Reading your play-by-play, I just had to laugh. Although we didn't think it was quite so funny yesterday. Don't you know God gets so frustrated with us when we throw tantrums like that in our lives. Oh, I'm so thankful for His mercy and your sweet Mercy girl!

I saw her in the hall this morning on the way to class. Such a big girl!

Shelby said...

Okay, first, how cute is M in the pictures! Second, how funny (yet stressful) the story you write.. the play by play.. sounds like my life currently except it's a little boy named Stone! My my, nobody told me how challenging the 3's would be!! Today he refused to take a nap and eat.. then tonight threw a fit after we got him out of the house so he could "have space, run, and play" since we couldn't go to the park due to the flood-like weather we've been having. He got mad because he wasn't ready to leave yet. Sounds pretty familiar, no?!

w and js mommy said...

HEY I TOLD ALL OF YOU THAT I THOUGHT 3 was WORSE than 2!!!!!! I think you 3 were choosing to not hear me.......HAHAHAHHAHAHA I do have to say 4 has been a pleasant surprise back to the sweet little boy I knew was in there. OR Jordan's theory of the alien ship bringing back our REAL son this year! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Outnumbered! said...

Sounds about day you all are going to see me on Nanny 911 w/ R. He is just so out there and has such a strong will and TEMPER! I feel like my sole purpose in life right now is to keep A alive until he can fend for himself.

Meredith Peel said...

Send Mercy to Aunt Minnah! I miss her! (Even when she's a little difficult). I'll take the terrible three's even. She is too cute!