Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Out a while

Been out a while. I didn't forget about the crock potting, ladies, but sometimes life smacks you on your bottom and you gotta take a minute to get it together before you can pick yourself back up again.

Today I'm picking myself back up. Almost fully recovered from some strange stomach bug...I won't go into detail for the g rating on this family friendly site--haha! But let's just say that my kids were with my parents for a long weekend, but I was stuck flat on my back in the bed from sat afternoon till just today. I ran necessary errands, but I wasn't really there! There were points when I really just wanted someone to take me to the hospital and hook me up to an iv and just give me a shot so I could sleep it off. Ah...but today I'm just about out of the fog that encompassed most of my "me time".

So no crockpotting till after my new trip that will roll out on Friday morning I think. I'm just going to focus on piecing my house back together after my being out of commission for so long. I'm going to go and enjoy choir tonight, and I'm going to spend time with my hubs a bit. And tomorrow I'm going to interview a new contract worker for the princess and the frog role. I'm going to clean and pack for our trip. I'm just thankful to be getting back to my old self!


w and js mommy said...

excited about reading more crockpotting-excited about choir--excited about your trip-excited for you about your new contract! Love ya