Saturday, February 27, 2010

Me time

In Mom to Mom, a support group/bible study for mothers, I was asked what do I do for myself on a regular basis. I really didn't know. I laughed and said I go grocery shopping. Now, I was at least half serious, cause all of ya'll know that I do love to do it when it involves the game of couponing and bargain hunting. But it does usually come with at least one child, so it can be a decent amount of work anyway. So then I said, Mom to Mom. That is my one thing I do for myself (and my family truthfully). As I thought some more about this question, I realized that choir also falls in that category...except it is just for me and my emotional / spiritual health.

But, as you read my blog, you will see that my kids are with my parents for the weekend! I haven't had a break like this in sooo long. So, after getting the all clear from hubs I have been working on some "me" things. Yesterday, I had my hair done for the first time in probably 9 months or more! It looks awesome! I had someone come and clean my house. I have a ton of laundry to finish and fold, but most of the dirty work is done. I tried to quit the gym yesterday (haha this is a reference to the episode when they attempt to quit the gym). I have been having a lot of joint / back pain and thus find it regularly hard to go--not to mention that this gym has no childcare which makes going 10 times harder. I was unsuccessful! In fact, I have a free visit with one of their personal trainers who specializes in injuries! That should be interesting.

This is not a bad thing, and truly is something that I can do for myself...just need to find time to go! Maybe he'll help me figure out ways to reduce the pain and what not! And today I'm headed for a massage (that will hopefully also help with the pain). Later today I'm sure to get that pedicure that I have gift certificate for! J wined and dined me a bit, as we went to a fun swanky little joint in downtown Greer for dinner, BIN 112. Those of you who live in this area...the atmosphere and pricing AND food of course are perfect for any date night when you want to take it just one step further than Texas Roadhouse or Ruby Tuesdays! Your getting the royal treatment, but the prices aren't over the top. LOVE it!

Of to the massage...wonder what else my day will hold...oh yeah, probably finding boxes, paper, and packing them.


Sherrell said...

I know where your back pain comes from... lifting and carrying W!!!! Took something for my back this morning! luv u, mom

W and Js mommy said...

I'm so proud of you for taking "me" time! I'm jealous of the hair time....I need a cute BAD! Excited to try the swanky spot for some eats with my hubs soon! Any suggestions from the menu?? BTW how is the crockpotting going??? Have you watched that movie yet?