Thursday, February 04, 2010

Another Day in the Life...

What is it with Murphy's law? All the 15 minute increments in the day and as soon as I'm in the shower the doorbell rings! I knew this would happen. Yard men were coming some time time frame given. Well, a girl's gotta get clean! Sheesh!

At least the yard trimming and such has now been accomplished! I swear for that cost we could have bought the tools and done it ourselves, but it is done and I didn't break a sweat! Since I was once again home bound all morning, I buckled down to clean. This is one of the necessities that housemom/wife just has to get over and succumb to its reality. I do indeed clean all the time. Not that the house is ever clean...fully!

But I got realistic and looked at the minimal amount of time I actually had to get anything done and decided to work one room at a time. Generally. So it was the kitchen. I had done a good bit of work in there yesterday, so I thought it might be easier to make a dent that actually appeared as if I'd done some kind of work. And I did. I finally organized and took care of nitty gritty things that I've been putting off in there. Still not fully clean as you can imagine! One or two more naptimes should do it.

W was so adorable today! I was going to have him skip that morning nap this a.m. as he had slept till 7 this morn, and then get my 2 and the friend that stays with us 2 afternoons a week down for an early nap this afternoon. But little man was saying "nap" and "sleepy" and trying to climb into his bed. I decided I'd better take the hint and put him down. It IS easier to get things done without any little person underfoot. But an hour goes by fast...

Veggie Tales, then naptime up on the docket. I definitely feel a nap in the works for me as well. And I got a package today! From my grandma Katie! she's cleaning out her sewing room and sent all the cutie things in the sizes of my children! I few things for me to finish with buttons and what now, but M is very excited. She's already put one on!

Then the tea party. M's home center now includes a working coffee maker (kids that uses water). So, the 3 kids sat down at the princess table from Uncle John, Aunt Connie, and Cuz B, and ate little debbie's and coffee "water" in their tea party set from one of hubs relatives. I think Gammy and Pawpaw, but I don't remember! She was so excited that this was her first REAL tea party. We will definitely have to do this again, with our tea hats!

Though I intended to actually try to fix my hair today, the yard men threw off the plan! I searched for the faithful Noodle hat and couldn't find it! I laughed off the thought that my hubs may just have discarded it so I'd get the hint, and threw this hair into yet another pony tail! Sheesh. I gotta figure out what to do about that.

I think I may finally get to take my sewing machines to the shop tomorrow! Can hardly wait to get them back! So much to do!

BTW, God has really amazed me and taught me alot about myself this week! Praise to Him for answering some very serious and constant prayers! And for those who faithfully prayed alongside me!