Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scratch That!

Well, today was going to be barbeque chicken for buns...but it turns out the kids are going to meet up with their Nani and Pop today instead of tomorrow, so that means that I'll either be eating on the road by myself, or having a date with my hubs. Either way, that is a no CrockPot ordeal.

Speaking of a day off! It looks like I'll be getting several, and that's just in time! Yesterday was the worst it's been in a long time. W was unbelievable. Hubs thinks he's been acting this way in part because he's super mommy-centric right now. Maybe there's something to it, but there is definitely something else. My only real guess is that he is teething and my other real guess is that he has been reacting to something we are feeding or exposing him to, and/or the shots.

His aunt says the Cuzin C is like bringing home an evil twin after her shots for upwards of 7 days! Yikes! I'd forgotten. We were so careful about splitting up shots and such. Now we are playing a bit of catch up to get him into school. Thinking about taking him to the allergist regardless of the astronomical price of those visits! Time will tell.

There was that moment (several of them actually) late afternoon / early evening, where all he was doing was flopping around like a fish and cry/screaming! When he would use words, I would try to accommodate, but even then he'd get mad about it. Nothing I was doing was right. So after several time outs for unacceptable behavior and the color of my skin turning red and blood pressure rising on my end, I just put him in his bed and pulled the door to. It's a safe place, I can only barely hear him screaming and I can get dinner made and pay attention to my other child who was very obviously vying for my attention in between his shenanigans!

When hubs came home I gave him the very basics..."Your son is in his bed. Believe me that was better than the alternative. Maybe you should go in there, cause clearly I'm not cutting it right now." That was it. So he did go in there and distract w. Oh to be a dad once in a while!

Thank goodness for Choir last night, cause M and I headed to church. Both of us were in brighter spirits just to be getting to make music! And be with people our own age that aren't screaming incessantly. He managed to sleep through the night again for the first time in days, though M appeared in our room twice last night drug seeking! Haha! first she says that her leg and ankle hurt (which is quite likely she's not usually a seeker), so I found some tylenol and sent her back to her bed. Then just as I dozed off she appeared right in front of my face asking for cough medicine. I sent her back to bed and reminded her that you actually have to be coughing alot to receive this med. Haha! I think that middle of the night interruption was more based on habit after being woken up in the mid nite by her brother for several days in a row.

Ah to sleep through the night with no interruptions AND to sleep in if I want, and take a nap if/when I want! It'll be short lived for sure, but I can't wait. Much thanks to mom and dad for this needed break!


Meredith Peel said...

How I wish a)that the dad in this family was willing to step in and help with the baby in a situation like you had with W (he'd gladly take over dinner or cleaning, but not help where i'm at my wits' end); and b)that C was at a stage of growth where Nani and Pop could take her for a few days and let me just be. I would sooo love to nap when I want to, and eat a warm meal at a normal hour, and oh, I don't know, wash my hair and such. :)

Outnumbered! said...

I am really excited about your crock-potting. (How dorky is that?) If you come up with any really good recipes, please let me know. I love to use my crock-pot so dinner is ready when I get home from work, but some of the recipes in the Fix It and Forget It cookbook are not that great.

w and js mommy said...

as for you little monster in training I am here to tell you its a boy least at my house--and JAY is a total mommy's boy--He screams while I make dinner every night--NOTHING will make that kid calm down..nothing--so I make dinner with him on my feet usually. I call it the witching hour between 5-6pm!
I love reading your posts and am looking forward to hear all about your crockpot adventures. Have you seen Julie and Julia?? you would love it!! Its out on video--

w and js mommy said...

I laughed out loud at M's drug requests!!