Monday, February 01, 2010

Stormy Weather

Ice storms that is...yes we had some snow but it wasn't much fun for the kids as everything sort of melted together and made most any kind of play impossible. We did some exploration, some swinging, some stomping through the ice and into mud puddles...but not really any pics. We did take pics last night when the kids had a wild dance fest! Funny actually! I don't think I've seen M exercise so much in one sitting... Maybe she's ready for dance class after all.

I ran to CVS since it's across the street. I had some really great coupons that expired yesterday, so I wanted to get the deals, and get out of the house since we've been iced in all weekend. Here is the run down.

Starting with $3 ECB's...

Transaction 1:

Men's Dove Body Wash--out of pocket: $1.57
ECB's : $5.49

Transaction 2:

Men's Dove Body Wash
Colgate Max Fresh
---out of pocket: $1.50
ECB's: $7.49

Transaction 3:
2 packs of huggies
(used $4/20 CVS coupon but forgot ECB's)
out of pocket: $13.96
ECB's: $5

Transaction 4:
4 Ragu
2 Skippy pnut
out of pocket: .52 cents
ECB's (still have $5 from when I forgot to use it earlier) and $3 = $8

Transaction 5:
1 12 pack coke
4 febreeze fab refreshers
3 2 liters
out of pocket: $7.98
ECB's $10

Total visit spending:$25.53
Total Value: $98.29
ECB's: $10!