Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Induction into Motherhood

Ah, every woman who has been a mother for any length of time has had one of these days...

The usual can't seem to get anything done due to the constant demands and interruptions, began. No big deal...I can roll with it. Morning nap time is a perfect time for that. Since I just got my sewing machines fixed, I pulled one out and some almost finished outfits from my Grandma, Katie, and decided to get at least one project from the pile done...then a shower.

Of course, I did it exactly wrong and had to redo it, so the short project took longer than I had hoped, but I still had time for the shower. However, I didn't have time to fix my hair like I had hoped (with my new set of rollers). Got M, came home, ate, played with kids, then it was nap time.
I lay W down for his nap as he was bringing me his blankie and saying "sleepy", "rockery" (which means he wants to rock and/or rock and read. M and I were to lay in my bed. She was on absolute nap today due to her sassy, stinky attitude, which I was sure was due to exhaustion as she had tossed and coughed all night. We both slept. I slept a little and she slept alot.

I woke her early enough so that she would be ready for bed at a decent hour and let her watch a bit of a movie while we waited for W to wake up. When 4:45 arrived we decided to wake him up only to find him covered in throw up! Poor guy had coughed himself into a frenzy I suppose. Only thing is, he didn't fuss about it...And then he slept! Sheesh!

So of course I get him in the bath and strip down the bed and put it in the wash. But, as it would happen, he proceeds to poop in the bath as well. Good grief! Funny that hubs would call in the midst of this. Of course I didn't take the call as I had my hands full enough. When I called him back he wondered what I was up to that I couldn't take his call! Haha!

If I could say one good least I had chosen earlier in the day to crock pot dinner, so we still had nice hot dinner when he got home. The house was a total wreck, but food was on the table. Thankfully, I was able to get all the dishes done after supper, so I was able to see the bottom of the sink when I woke up!

Unfortunately my induction wasn't over yet. When I got laundry out after finishing the dishes, I found out that hubs had put crayons in his pocket! Luckily it hadn't escaped the confines of his pocket, but it did ruin those pants. When putting the kids to bed, as you can imagine, I fell sound asleep! I NEVER do that! Hubs woke me up when he was going to bed at 11 something...I couldn't believe I had slept so long! Oh well. I missed him and the whole night, but he said that was ok cause he was able to get lots of work done. We'll try again today.

I wonder how bedtime will go during lenten season when I give up naps! Hmmm...


kathylovemeyer said...

Yes, I remember those days. Motherhood is a Noble Profession:)

btw, I mailed ur toothbrush rug needle. u should get it in Sat. mail:) I have started on a second rug. Just to encourage u the start up on these rugs are a little difficult but once you get past going around a couple of times it is really easy:)