Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Day Off

Oh how I need a day off in a bad way. But this is really about my CrockPotting. Wednesdays are very full. I rush to get out the door for Bible Study in the morning so I don't really have time to do dinner prep. Not to mention, that Wednesday night I have choir rehearsal, so my lackadaisical pace is squeezed not allowing for much dinner time. So, Wednesday is leftover night.

Seeing as my husband wasn't a big fan of either meals I prepared in the pot so far, I'll be making him chicken wings that are simply heated and broiled in the oven, and the rest of us will be eating leftovers. Back to the grindstone tomorrow. 2 recipes on deck for tomorrow. Barbeque chicken for buns and a side. So, I'll be taking the day off from actual cooking. More tomorrow I'm sure.


Meredith Peel said...

i know you're going for the ease of crockpottery right now, but if i'm ever cooking something i know my hub is not a fan of (or suspect he might not just LOVE), i make sure i have something else on the side or for a dessert that he will appreciate. this week i baked a chocolate cake from scratch - didn't even need a special trip to the store, just looked on my box of cocoa. it was easy and a great success and even though the meal wasn't his favorite, he went on and on about that cake!