Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ah, it's that time of year again. Seems like it's always that time of year! Just about spring cleaning time, and I have done 2 things over the last little bit to get ready. Friday, I sorted through all of M's clothing, current and next size up, to make sure that they all fit, that we didn't have 8 gazillion of the same things, and that each item either did have a match or needs to be found a match.

I have at least 1 whole garbage bag full of things that need a new home either consigned, given away to another, or goodwilled. That was all I could get done in the allotted amount of time. More of that to come I'm sure. I began W's clothes too. Made it through his current clothes, but not the spring/summer apparel.

Today, as it is flip flop weather, the whole family spend time outside playing on the swingset, with the new hula hoop, with a ball, cleaning up the 10 tons of litter that people throw out of their cars, and J filling in the well some more. Gonna need more dirt/gravel/clay for that one!
This is where the irony comes in. I NEVER clean up the litter that flies into our yard from the busy street! It didn't really take long even though there was alot because we all worked together. When we were all said and done, we came inside to wash off and have a nap. As I was washing my hands in the kitchen sink and looking out the kitchen window, there is a brown bag blowing across the street and into our yard. Good grief!

Next day of flip flop weather, we are going to borrow a rake and pick up and pile up sticks! What are your next spring cleaning plans?

On a side note, thank you Aunt K for the toothbrush rug tool! I'm excited about using it! Will have to get through the busyness of the next little bit till I can be appropriately set up to delve into that project.

On another note, I was shocked to see the bill on my last reciept from grocery shopping. As it is now known, I will be CrockPotting for awhile and have been working on my menus. So I tried to work with what meats were on sale and things I already have. But then I realized that I actually prepared for 2 weeks worth of menus, so I said an appropriate, "Phew!" and remembered that I'm right on target budget wise. Anyone else notice that alot of Aldi's prices went up a packaging as well, so I assume that is to be related.