Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Laugh Out Loud

I titled my blog "Laugh Out Loud" because my original idea for it's title was so funny that I literally laughed aloud on the way to the computer! I was going to title it "Domestic Diva" but if you could see the state of my house after all the work I did yesterday, You, like my husband would surely have to ask, "so what did you do all day?"

Now women, you know that this question is like the no-no of all no-no's! And my husband has been made quite aware of this on numerous occasions over the last 8 years, yet yesterday, he dared to ask it. I want you all to be amazed that I didn't explode and go into a rant about all the wonderful things I do all the time that go entirely unnoticed. I simply said what do you mean. After careful conversation I realized he literally thought that the 2 dishes left in the drying rack were the only dishes he thought that I'd done. And we got a small laugh about it.

The house is pretty much a mess...I was going to list it as being in shambles, but that wouldn't be sooo accurate. It has certainly been worse. Actually what I did yesterday, hopefully, will go mostly unnoticed. I did the pre-spring cleaning sort through of everything in the kids room, and most everything in the play room. Anything they never play with or have outgrown went into trash bags. You understand that if it does go unnoticed, then I did my job. They obviously didn't notice cause they don't play with it and don't even remember that they own one of those whatever they ares. PLUS, if I were to engage the child in this activity (which we have been known to do from time to time) one of two things will happen. He/she will flip out over every thing and swear up and down that they will start playing with it or that it really is supposed to fit that way. OR sometimes, and this always catches me by surprise, she'll get overzealous and start putting things she does actually like in the going away pile!

On a side note, my eldest child has actually confessed to having nightmares that I forced her to give her blankie away to goodwill! Yikes! Though I find that terrifically amusing, i also see how it is a bit sad. Believe me I reassured her, that her favorite things would never go away except with her choosing. Then I assured her that if there ever came a time when she was finished with her blankie that mommy would still be keeping it for her because it is sooooo special.

I didn't intend to blog so long this a.m. My main point in getting on here was to encourage those of you who may feel overwhelmed or stuck in the mess that is known as your house. I don't remember where I heard it, but years ago I heard this message and it has stuck with me. When you are overwhelmed with you housework, put your household helpers to work. What the person meant by household helpers, were the dishwasher, the washing machine, dryer, crockpot...you name it. If it can be done by a machine...get that machine going. So, this a.m., my eldest is off to school, my youngest is still asleep due to a terrific tummy ache that kept all of us up a good bit last night. And though I'm blogging, my household helpers are up and running. If I had a dishwasher I assure you it'd be running. My washer is going. My oven has been used already, my coffee has been made, my dinner is in the crockpot...

Even with a cranky boy and a dr. visit on schedule for this afternoon, I will have a productive day. I'm determined.


Meredith Peel said...

Sitting here relating. There are days I earn the what did you do all day comment from my spouse. Usually they follow a night of waking for 5 feedings (yes, that was last night) and I am too exhausted to worry about doing anything else during the day. Anything Claire might want in those trashbags??? :)