Monday, February 22, 2010

CrockPot Day #1

I almost didn't start this today, cause I had hoped to do a different recipe first, but hadn't managed to CrockPot the whole chicken in order to use the pulled chicken in various recipes. But since this is all I planned for my next 2 weeks worth of menus, I had to try something else.

Helen's Lasagna recipe from the Fix it and Forget it book. I have done this before, so I know that it is soooo very delicious. This will mostly stand alone and will likely feed us twice and still have half or so to freeze! yahoo! By alone, I mean I won't have to cook anything else, unless you count the toasting of the Texas Toast garlic bread that I purchased multiples of when it was on sale for 67 cents. I will include a salad as well and maybe I will cook or let M help me cook some cookies. Also bought for cents.

Tonight after I transfer the remaining lasagna into the fridge and freezer (used a liner for minimal cleanup), I'll crock pot the chicken overnight. Then I can de-bone it in the morning. This lasagna, though I know it is good, is a stretch, cause my hubs is not a big fan of red sauces of all kinds. As for mess making and cleaning up...not too bad. I will say, I'm not sure it was any easier getting this meal ready, than cooking on the stove and such. Actually, since you start with hamburger meat, you have to brown it with onion and garlic first. I ended up with 3 large dishes to clean. Which I did immediately since that is the easiest time to get it done. The trick with the CrockPot is not that all recipes are less hassle then other types of cooking, but rather that you get that part of your day done earlier. You aren't having to time things out just so, and such. And, maybe normal just before supper cooking time is not so great for my kids...they seem to need constant attention which translates into constant interruption and dinner that gets pushed later and later. Now that time can turn into mommy and me time! And dinner will be on the table when hubs gets home AND I will be calm and relaxed instead of rushing about trying to get it all done!

Maybe that's what's most important.