Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Favorite Things!

One of my new favorite things to do these days is buy groceries! Multiple reasons actually! You know me and my love for hunting the bargain. Well, with southern savers, this girl is now hooked on the oh so great deals of Publix and CVS! The couponing is going fast and easily. Something that once frustrated the heck out of me and took forever, is now easy and only takes about an hour or maybe just a smidge more of the entire week! Perfect to do during morning nap!

Today that is what I did. I prepped for Publix and CVS while M was at school and W was sleeping. I had already done the computer portion. checked the things I wanted and printed the coupons I needed that I didn't already have. yesterday, M and I sat down and cut out the computer printed coupons. She enjoyed the cutting and doing big girl things with Mom and she didn't even realize she was helping me!

So, during nap today, I organized. I looked up the coupons I'd need for the trip and cut them out, organizing them in an envelope with my list. I did this for both stores and put them in my purse. Since W had such a marvelous nap, we were going to make these runs together! This should be interesting and certainly aborted at anytime depending on children's behavior.

They were great! Thank goodness for carts that look like cars, buckles in the carts that look like cars, free cookies and balloons, a short list and a store I'm now familiar with to navigate rather quickly!

So here is the run down...

Publix: spent $25.54 (including tax)
saved $43.07

Aldi was out next stop...there are some things my kids will only eat from Aldi! Heaven forbid we ever move to a place that doesn't have one! So we stopped there and thankfully their prices are always incredible!

CVS: spent $13.54
saved $32.22
Extra Bucks for next time $3

Tons of freebies today too! Two 32 oz Gatorades--free, 7 bars of soap--free, TONS of stuff for less than $.75!

Great run today! definitely doing CVS next week as well for some freebies and ECBs on diapers!