Monday, January 25, 2010

The Diblets

You are now entering the realm of the Diblets.

The Diblets are tazmanian devil horse farmer cowgirls that paint the sky. They paint sun, clouds, and rainbows, but never rain because Diblets are scared of rain. They are nice and rather than make a big mess like your typical Tazmanian devil, they clean up messes! I have also been informed that they place people into trees in their beautiful nice forest with rainbows, waffles, and something else lovely and odd that I can no longer remember.

One Diblet sister wears an irridescent pink cowboy hat, flipflops, a shirt and leggings, and carries with her a foam sword. The other Diblet sister wears bat ears, a black tutu with gold glitter on it. a bathing suit bottom, a pink top that is dirty with various types of stains, and carries her pointer which is actually the arm off a doll she got for Christmas (guess which twisted Diblet sister is mine?!).

This is the land that our house has entered since having picked up M and her friend from school! Such imagination!


Meredith Peel said...

You could seriously write a storybook - complete with some fun pictures! Glad to have you blogging again.