Thursday, January 21, 2010

in over my head!

I am posting when I ought to be cleaning. You married gals know that there are few things that husbands like more than a clean home. If that isn't true for yours, then you are lucky. Well, if I had a video cam that would allow you to peek into our home right now, it would remind you of an episode of the show Clean Sweep. It's not quite Hoarders material, but it looks like we moved in and then took all the boxes, opened them, and then dumped them out all over the floor in all rooms except the bathroom, and the kids room. The kitchen's not so bad...

All the dishes are clean, all the laundry is clean and swallowing the couch whole. I have redone the kids room and have to tackle the organization of all the other kids things that are all over the rest of the house. Our room will never be clean until we get the storage unit because of all the business stuff that is collecting in the vacant space of our room. The kitchen just needs a little elbow grease.

But...M is still awake because W is having a little bit of trouble adjusting to being moved into her room. And Thursday is the only time I care a thing about television...what to do. And J gets home tomorrow night. This could get interesting. On top of all that, I have two parties this weekend for the business.