Friday, January 22, 2010


The waiting game is no fun, but what i literally just realized is that waiting often signifies anticipation. The only real alternative to that is waiting with anxiety, and I'm not the anxious type. God has led my family through so much where in all we really had to look and depend was on Him, that there really isn't anxiety left. He's got this!

So, I'm waiting...literally...on children to wake up. On a husband to arrive at the airport after being gone for a week. I'm waiting to see if my personal business is profitable. I'm waiting to save enough to buy a house. I'm waiting to see what's going to happen next in our life. And as I wait, I choose to see it as waiting with the excitement that anticipation brings.

I am waiting for the kids to wake up because when they do they are going to be well rested and ready to see their dad. I'm waiting to pick up my husband, and I can't wait to kiss that face whether he has shaved or not! I am excited to see how God pieces together the puzzle of our life over the next year to reveal more of his orchestration and plan.

I wait not impatiently but eagerly.