Friday, March 26, 2010

The Post You've all been waiting for I'm sure...

Just kidding. I'm sure that you weren't all waiting on pins and needles for my next post! Haha! Still...we have officially moved. Are we free of the old house We have got a bit of cleaning and work to do before we turn in the keys early next week, but today we got a truck to get the last of the things moved to the new house.

LOVE the new house. So spacious! Love the quirkiness of older homes. So many built ins we don't really need drawers or book shelves! I love the smaller fenced yard. Plenty of space for the kids, but fenced securely enough that I don't have to be a nervous nelly when they are in the back yard. Love the fire place! Nice ambiance! One room is almost entirely empty cause we have no furniture for it. Ah the possibilities!

But in the midst of it all...just before the move we were sick...and I mean really sick, for 4-5 weeks. Pneumonia, stomach flu, norovirus, multiple ear infections for various family members... It's a miracle we got moved at all. It was very Katrina esque the way we had to throw stuff in boxes and into the back of a truck all basically in the same day. The only difference was that we got to come back for the rest later.

If it's going to happen, it will happen to us and thus W broke out in hives all over monday and tuesday...either a dog or chocolate. So now we get to fork it out for the allergist after all. Today, while we were moving and at a friends house, M fell off a ladder to a bunk bed and hit her head on a chair! One staple later, we thank God for urgent care cause it was fast and much less expensive than the ER! To top it all off, Jason is having some pain that we think my be a hernia! Lord, thank you for giving us relaxed and easy spirits! Cause even now I am slightly amused at the timing of it all! And yet He has seen us through and we will surely laugh and marvel at all of this even more later!

On an I LOVE THIS HOUSE note...I used the dishwasher the first night I got here! I moved dirty dishes! haha! I have since used it 3-4 other times and am loving the ease and less time consumption of it all! Yay for the fire place, the dishwasher, the backyard, the built ins, the dining room, J's office downstairs, and the multiple bathrooms! Funny though that I have the same exact oven and stove as my mother in law, and my cookie sheet didn't quite fit! So now we have acquired one just a bit smaller and have made 3 dozen cookies so far! Be glad to get this place organized and everything in it's place!

As if that weren't enough, in my PartyMe Princess Biz I debuted 2 new princesses in consecutive weekends, which means I had to do multiple fittings and sewing to complete each costume on time. And a singing telegram this weekend as well! Yay for business, but I definitely should have taken a couple of weeks off for the move.


Alyson Roth said...

Welcome to your new place! I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures - AND VISIT - soon! Maybe that extra empty room can be the guest/sewing room. I miss you, and am happy you're in a bigger place! xoxo

w and js mommy said...

PICTURES OF THE NEW HOUSE!!!! I'm glad you guys got to move. I too love older houses with all that charm!
Excited for your princess parties and other biz..a singing telegram how exciting! :) Praying for you to stay well...maybe the new house will be germ free and you can open the windows and let some fresh air in! Love ya
**what allergist are you going to?? We really like ours...the scratch test was a nightmare for Jay...let me know how w does

kathylovemeyer said...

Oh, I've been so out of touch since I've been in LA for 29 days total:) I had no emails, no blogs, no computer!! So excited to hear about ur move and house! U gotta post some pics:) I luv keeping up w/the family. Luv you all.