Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today's Mercyism

So for whatever reason...maybe because it reached 90 degrees, M got naked and ran through the house! This was funny enough, but then she comes into the kitchen where I'm updating the calendar and making the grocery list and says, "Look at me! I'm puck naked!" That was funny enough, but that wasn't all. Later she finally has underwear on, but nothing else and is in the kitchen shaking her toosh and singing hello kitty only saying kitty over and over with a T instead of the K if you catch me drift. J and I just look at eachother and try to enjoy the innocence.

After nap today, apparently she was calling for me from her bed, but I didn't hear. J did and he went in to check on her and keep her quiet so I could rest. He asked her if it was all right if he crawled in her bed and snuggled a bit and she said, "Yeah sure...cutie bootie!" Ha! We are forever smiles and laughs around here! More of these to come I'm sure.


Shelby said...

*laughing* Wish I was there to hear her say "puck naked!" ha ha.. I'm still laughing over that.

so here's stone's little "ism" for today... after bath time, we had him laying on the sink counter wrapped up in a towel, getting ready to put his diaper on. I had called my mom and was talking to her and asked if Stone wanted to talk to "ma-ma." He took the phone, jabbered on about something to do with french fries, cars, and who knows what else and then said, "good bye" and hung up the phone!! Ha ha ha ha! Kevin and I just laughed... luckily, my mom was still there and I asked her if she got all that, and she had no idea what he was saying....neither did we! BUT, he was all serious about what he was telling her AND he put more words together in that one conversation than he has during the past 4 months all together! Our kids!