Thursday, May 08, 2008

More "Isms"

Today M's teacher gave me another story that she thought I ought to know and most likely post about my Oh So Precious almost 3 yr old. Apparently a few weeks ago she (M) was telling a story about getting in trouble. "Mommy was really angry!" Ms. Julie says, "Did you get a spankin?" "Yep," says M. "Did you cry?" "Nope. I remained strong!" (truth be told it is rare that she cries when I get onto her). But who taught her "remain strong?" I mean really! Ha!

Also today, we are in the library. This particular library has a good number of kid computers and games. M finds an empty one that is already going (cause she really doesn't know quite how to do all this yet). She's got the hang of the head phones though, cause she immediately discovers those and puts them on. She is so cute sitting there in a row with several other little girls at computers. I feel comfortable enough to scope out some books while she explores this when I hear very loudly, "Huh? What did you say Pooh?!" She is talking very loudly back at the computer and those around her especially the adults are tickled and snickering. So cute moment. Not as funny sounding as I retype it, so it may have been one of those you had to be there moments.

Later today I can hear her playing make believe princess school in her room. This is new. Never heard this one today. She says the only ones there with her at school are her friend Reese and her Cuz S. At least she's excited that he is a prince. She says that Reese is her sister princess and Cuz is her brother the prince! She continues to address them as if they are there (in imagination). In fact, she drags me to the room to "see" Cuz. She even tells me and points to where he is sitting. I was impressed. Imaginary friends are supposed to be a higher level of learning!

Then, I just over hear her telling her daddy during post dinner "Daddy will you play in my room"--time, she says, "Daddy, I'm gonna be a snowman. Can you build me?" This is so cute. For one, where did this come from? What a fun idea. And funny the way she put it all together and verbalized. She always keeps us laughing.